You Only Heard It On 92 KWFM

We're compiling the Top 92 KWFM-Only classics based on your votes. These were the artists and tracks that weren't likely to be programmed on the typical AOR station. Needless to say, the local Top 40's wouldn't touch 'em... Send us your favorite "Only On KWFM" classics on a postcard addressed to KWFM Classics, P.O. Box 13, Tucson 85702... or maybe just click the "Add" button below.

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Apr 1, 04 Stanley Clarke School Days School Days
Not exactly Top 40 material, but not quite "Freeway Jam" or "Stairway",
either! — Tim
Apr 1, 04 Frank Zappa Zoot Allures Disco Boy
Every bit as avant garde as Mr. Zappa, Bob Cooke spun this disco bashing
tune after announcing a "first" on KWFM : a cut from a recent Bee Gees
album.  The later was ceremoniously destroyed, the diamond noisily
raked across the vinyl. — Tim
Apr 1, 04 Charles Bevel Meet Mississippi Charles Bevel Overheard
I heard this on Karen Stern's show one afternoon in 1980.  Rare tune,
rare artist.  Not the standard fare of your typical AOR station. — Tim Warden