May 1980

Do you remember what we were playing in May, 1980? Help us set the record straight!
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  Alice Cooper Flush The Fashion Clones (We're All) WB
  DB Cooper Buy American Ram On WB
  Def Leppard On Through The Night Rock Brigade Mercury
  Dixie Dregs Dregs Of The Earth Road Expense Arista
  Gentle Giant Civilian Underground Capitol
  Ian Hunter Live/Welcome To The Club We Gotta Get Out Of Here Chrysalis
  Graham Parker The Up Escalator No Holding Back Arista
  Squeeze Argybargy Pulling Mussels From The Shell A&M
  Squeeze Argybargy Another Nail For My Heart A&M
  Squeeze Argybargy Wrong Side Of The Moon A&M
  Wishbone Ash Just Testing Helpless MCA
  Jojo Zep & The Falcons Screaming Targets