Steve Zind

Steve Zind was a part-timer at KWFM in 1974-1975. "My involvement with KWFM was fairly limited. I was news director for a time, which involved putting together a weekly half hour program called Love, News, Confusion. Beyond that I had a regular weekend airshift. This would have been about 1975."

Steve is a graduate of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. In addition to KWFM, his career lists New Times Magazine ("they had a Tucson edition at that time") and radio work at another Arizona rock radio legend, KDKB.

Steve also managed Tucson's celebrated Bob Meighan Band. "Prior to KWFM, I had worked at KDKB (and it's AM predecessor, KCAC) as news director; that's when I got involved with Bob's band. I moved to Tucson when the band moved there from Phoenix. Working with the band and working at the New Times Newspaper were my main sources of 'income' at the time."

Steve trekked to California with the band around 1976 when they inked a recording deal with Capitol Records. (check out the Bob Meighan Band's appearance on the KWFM On The Air album).

While still at KWFM, Doug Jaffe introduced Steve to another Vermont radio legend, Arty Lavigne. In 1977, Steve joined Arty in Montpelier to help start up WNCS-FM. Steve served as Program Director at WNCS for nearly 20 years.

Since 1994, Steve has been with VPR, Vermont Public Radio where he is both reporter and host of SwitchBoard.