Perk Clark

Perk produced a public service show called Love News Confusion. The show featured news and interviews with the cultural icons, news makers and artists of the day. Perk's guests ranged from Ravi Shankar, Howard Baker, John Mayall, to Cheech y Chong.

Perk notes, "My personal favorite interview now exists as a CD: a killer discussion with John McLaughlin, who presented a number of stunning insights into his spiritual and musical paths."

As Lee Dombrowski recalls, "Love News Confusion was a show originally designed as an FCC-required public service show, but Perk brought it to new levels of great radio! His in-depth interviews surpassed anything of it's kind on the air back then and quite probably surpasses most of what is now airing on radio. Perk's style and direction of Love News Confusion was ahead of it's time. It was one of the many elements that made KWFM a one of a kind station. Thanks Perk!"

Today, Perk runs a successful practise as a psychotherapist in Tucson. You can visit his website at