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Posted by: steve howser

Posted: Apr 25, 16 @ 16:09

City: bellbrook

[steve underscore howser82 at yahoo dot com]

 Tim. Just got off the phone with JB. He agrees with me that all of us (former
jocks,sales,mgmt. personel) have put one hell of a burden on you, Tim Warden
(though he {you}loves it) with keeping this site updated and ongoing. I don't think
it's too much to ask those of us, including listeners from "the day" to
celebrate TIM WARDEN for his tireless efforts in keeping us connected. How about we
figure out an appropriate 'thank you!' to Tim for his dedication to the K-DUB
site??? JB, (Jim Brady) is pretty jammed at Brady Recording Studios in Tucson. So
post. your ideas  over the next 60 days and let's see what pops.