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Nov 3, 11 Thanks for de-bunking an "urban legend", Kenn! ARSA Jim
Sir, for reasons I won't go into now, for the past 35+ years, I've always been "on
the prowl" for old hit 45 factoids/the "story behind the hits" type stuff. Your
Canadian 45 info certainly contradicts what I'd heard from what I'd taken to be   a
"reliable source". When I finish entering in my recent blitz of WKCI 80's surveys
additions into ARSA, I'm gonna do some new research, and find out where I got that
info from. I think it was from either a book or a documentary done about Florence
Greenberg. She was the only real "woman player" in 1960's major label management,
and someone correctly thought that hers was a story worth re-telling. I'll follow
up, Kenn. PS - I love it. We're actually talkin' music stuff on Chart Chat for
once!!!    :)         -Jim
Nov 3, 11 RE2: The Chumingbirds/The Chummingbirds K.A. Scott
Thanks for the explanation, Jim!  The Chumingbirds single still gets the odd bit of
'oldies' airplay here in Toronto -- even the B-side.  I've never seen the US
version of the single either, but if I ever do, I'll let you know.

Incidentally, I've always heard that it was the Canadian label (Quality Records)
that dubbed the band "Guess Who?", in an attempt to hype the record as being
performed by un-named but famous British Invasion musicians.  The ARSA charts even
bear this out: the track first appears on Vancouver's CKLG chart of December 27
'64, credited to Guess Who?  It doesn't show up on American charts until March of
Nov 2, 11 RE: The Chumingbirds/The Chummingbirds ARSA Jim
Hi Kenn! I had left the db entry that way for that song intentionally and
(hopefully) temporarily, and here's why. It was a highly unusual case, where one of
these "in-house" station creations actually got picked up/released by another
"major" label. At this time, CHUM had some well-known "ringers" on staff (meaning
jocks that had both legitimate singing ability, and previous pro recording
experience/industry contacts.) For the Canadian 45 release (which I have seen a 45
scan of), I also included band member/DJ specifics in the "artist" field. As a
result, that data field is now "full". However, further research also showed a U.S.
release of the 45, on Scepter 1277. My best current info shows the artist spelling
on the U.S. 45 to be "Chummingbirds", with 2 M's. This made sense, because
stations, then and now, don't ever really want to be seen as
legitimizing/supporting/promoting anything created by a radio "competitor", near or
far. Scepter also was likely looking to "downplay/hide" any Canadian
origin/connection for the U.S. release - after all, it was the height of the 1964
"British Invasion!" For example, just the very next year, Scepter label owner
Florence Greenberg picked up another Canadian hit, "Shakin' All Over" by Chad Allan
& The Expressions, for U.S. release. But she insisted on changing the band's name
for her/the U.S. 45 to the much more cutesy/mysterious "The Guess Who?" As a
result, Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman (and a then-very-angry Chad Allan!) got
stuck with a band name not of their own choosing for the next 10+ years! However,
back to the Chummingbirds. I have been unable to date to actually "locate/eyeball"
a Scepter 45, to confirm the band spelling on it. So, until such time as I can
locate either a Scepter 45 or find a label scan, I'd left the entry as you found
it, in "semi-limbo". If/when I do get a U.S. 45 band spelling confirmation, I will
then amend/adjust the 45 db info to reflect it. I figured no one (not even you,
Kenn!) would ever notice the current "song limbo" state here. But I forgot your
middle name was "Super Sleuth!!" :)    A long answer, but I knew you'd especially
appreciate it, my friend. ARSA must reflect the truth!  -Jim 
Nov 2, 11 The Chumingbirds/The Chummingbirds K.A. Scott
Hi Arsa Jim...

  For some reason, this group has two separate listings (under two spellings) for
the same single.  An oversight, or am I missing something?  

  Thanks, as always, for your speedy replies and your dedication to the site!


Oct 28, 11 CKOM Saskatoon RE: 1985-07-05 / CKOM ( Saskatoon, Saskatchewan ) ARSA Jim
Thanks, Kenn! That survey's LPs are now all set.    -Jim
Oct 28, 11 CKOM Saskatoon 1985-07-05 / CKOM ( Saskatoon, Saskatchewan ) K.A. Scott
Hi ARSA Jim...

  Just a quick note that this survey (which has been up for a while) got missed in
terms of adding new albums to the database.

  Hope you're doing well!
Oct 16, 11 RE2: All-time one-day survey record: Oops - I forgot somebody.. Lee Tucker
No apology necessary kind sir as, due to an extensive honey-do list, my
contributions were made very early Saturday AM and were rather meager compared to
those of Rick Hy, John Schwob, Kenn Scott, Paul Haney, Gary Pfeifer and yourself. 
Man, you guys were awesome yesterday - congrats on the new record and glad I could
make a small contribution!
Oct 16, 11 Re: All-time one-day survey record: Oops - I forgot somebody... ARSA Jim
How could I have overlooked the hard working Lee Tucker as part of our
record-breaking Saturday efforts? Forgive my "senior moment", kind sir. Many thanks
to you as well!  -Jim 
Oct 15, 11 ARSA sets all-time record for new surveys entered in a single d ARSA Jim
Thanks to Rick Hy, John Schwob, Kenn Scott and Paul Haney (along with Gary and
myself), we happened to set an all-time record for the most new surveys entered
into ARSA in a single day in our 8-year-plus history on Saturday, 10/15/2011 (76).
It's the first time I can ever remember having to do three different "add 45 flip
side/label/catalog # database updates" in one day (12 noon-ish, 6PM-ish and
11:30PM-ish.) Each time, I found at least one "full page" (20) of newly added
surveys. Man, I think if we were Major League Baseball players, the commissioner
would be making us all pee in a cup!  :)   Once again, a million thanks to all you
guys, for continuing to volunteer your valuable spare time to ARSA so generously!  
   -ARSA Jim   
Oct 2, 11 WHLO Akron RE: 1960-10-01 / WHLO ( Akron, Ohio ) ARSA Jim
Gotcha, Rick. I was the one who misunderstood what you meant there - my apologies to
you! Some old surveys will "joke-spell", or try to incorporate their call
letters/station nickname in song title/artist info. That was your initial point.
Rick, you've always done a great job in correcting what you can correct for me
before I ever see a survey. And while it is true that the "magic dot" does apeear
in error at times, for your purposes, just keep doing it the way you've always done
it. Many thanks as always, buddy!     -Jim
Oct 2, 11 WHLO Akron 1960-10-01 / WHLO ( Akron, Ohio ) Rick Hy
Jim, don't worry, you never offend.  Anything that I can do to make your job easier,
just let me know. I may have made an incorrect assumption ... that once I have keyed
in a song, if the dot appears ... everything is alright. In typing in the charts I
try to make all corrections to minimize the extra work you have to do. That's why I
don't type the charts as is , mistakes and all. Examples of deliberate mistakes on
this chart were "Under the Rainbow" by the Dimensions, S'NOW OR S'NEVER by Elvis
Presley, "What a Dream" by Conway Twitwhistle  and many more like these. They did
this on the chart for some time. As long as I had the chart to show, I thought I
would mention it if someone wanted to check it out while typing them in correctly
so I wouldn't provide more work for you. However you want me to proceed, let me
know. I have many more KRUX charts to key in. Thanks for the heads up ... have a
good day!
Oct 1, 11 KRUX Phoenix 1960-10-01 / KRUX ( Phoenix, Arizona ) ARSA Jim
Rick, I see a "there are many deliberate errors" note on this survey. To my eyes,
seeing a comment like that is a first. I am very well aware that surveys do
routinely contain spelling errors. For those who wish to see the songs "warts and
all", folks can easily browse your label scan. I do usually try to leave songs as
they were originally keyed in. But unfortunately, the ARSA programming logic is
often "thrown off" by mis-spellings. After initial keyer typing, I must often go
back in and change/correct spellings, so that the song will correctly match up with
its 45 database master listing. For example, the Ventures "Walk - Don't Run", as you
typed it in, contained two dashes, not one. Just that ARSA minor difference caused
the song to wrongly match up in the db to "Walk Don't Run '77!" You wouldn't know
that, Rick. I am not trying to irritate anyone here by making changes to their work
after the fact. There is indeed a method to my madness. As I've repeatedly stated,
ARSA algorithms are quite quirky, and require my daily human intervention to keep
correct. Believe me, it would be far easier for me if all mis-spelled survey songs
always correctly matched up in the db, no matter how they were spelled. But they
don't, and they never will - it's just the nature of the ARSA beast. By now, I
would've hoped that I'd gained the trust of ARSA keyers to know that I must modify
song/artist info at times. Simply because it is necessary to keep all db info as
correct as possible. No offense to anyone is ever intended.        -ARSA Jim
Sep 29, 11 WABX Detroit RE2: 1983-10-21 / WABX ( Detroit, Michigan ) ARSA Jim
Paul, Kenn nailed it exactly. Even though an ARSA algorithm temporarily mis-assigned
that 45's data to a different song, not to worry - it won't (and didn't) stay that
way for very long - even if a "black dot" appears. I normally get a few of those
every week; it's just an automatic part of my daily ARSA cleanup routine. And, like
Kenn said, if a couple of days goes by and it's still wrong, then feel free to Chart
Chat me. But, especially during the first 24 hours after you've keyed it in, be
patient, because I'll 99.9% have both found it/fixed it myself by the next morning.
In other news, Paul, I have NO idea how you've found surveys for stations like WNBC
and WBLI. They're both highly desired and highly elusive. Like Kenn, I wanna extend
a major thanks to you for your incredible surveys contributions to ARSA of late.
Thanks to our other terrific "regular keyers" as well. Man, we're on fire!    -ARSA
Sep 29, 11 WABX Detroit RE: 1983-10-21 / WABX ( Detroit, Michigan ) K.A. Scott
Thanks for flagging this, Paul!  The Was (Not Was) single hasn't been entered into
the database yet, but ARSA's 'title recognition' program found what it thought was
a close-enough match and linked it up. 

Thanks to your catching this, ARSA Jim will enter the Was (Not Was) single into the
database ASAP -- knowing him, probably before nightfall -- and then link the correct
single to the chart.

As always, loving the 80s charts, Paul!  
Sep 29, 11 WABX Detroit 1983-10-21 / WABX ( Detroit, Michigan ) Paul H.
The song at #37 on this survey ("Smile" by Was (Not Was)) is showing up in the
singles database under "A Smile And A Ribbon" by Prudence!
Sep 28, 11 RE2: Deleted survey Geno Rice
I accidentally added a new survey on top of an existing one, and the red "delete"
button I thought referred to the new offending survey, but apparently the delete
button deletes both the new and the old.

I will type the survey back in, but this erases the previous contributor's credit,
which I very much regret, which is why I asked if it could be restored.

Maybe the database permissions could be tweaked to forbid deleting another
contributor's survey.

Sep 27, 11 RE: Deleted survey ARSA Jim
Geno, I'm not very optimistic that your deleted survey can be brought back. The
delete key means what it says, and for this reason the system usually asks "Are you
sure you want to delete this?", meaning that two replies are needed before it
actually deletes. Now I don't know for sure. Tim would be your only chance here.
But I truly suspect it would take Tim far more time to try to recover it than it
would for you to just re-key it all in. I know you were hoping for a different
answer, Geno. You might wanna give Tim some time to reply, though. He's a very
smart guy, and he just may have a way to recover it, although I really do doubt it.
   -ARSA Jim
Sep 27, 11 Deleted survey Geno Rice
Sorry I deleted WGH-1966-02-13 by mistake.  Can you restore it?

Sep 22, 11 CKY Winnipeg RE: 1982-05-01 / CKY ( Winnipeg, Manitoba ) K.A. Scott
Nice catch, ARSA Jim!  It was completely my oversight, and has now been fixed. 
Thanks for letting me know!
Sep 22, 11 CKY Winnipeg 1982-05-01 / CKY ( Winnipeg, Manitoba ) ARSA Jim
Kenn, just a quick question. In the past, your CKY surveys have always included 10
45s and 10 LPs. This one only has the 45s. Is this one unique, or did you
mistakenly leave out the LPs?    -Jim