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Jul 31, 12 2UE 230769 Terry Stacey
Hi gary...I notice there are four tracks on this chart that have not been indexed
cheers Terry
Jul 27, 12 CKFH Toronto RE: CKFH ( Toronto, Ontario ) Gary Pfeifer

  Glad you enjoying the website.  We'd be most appreciate of any surveys you are
willing to share! Many thanks!  
Jul 27, 12 CKFH Toronto CKFH ( Toronto, Ontario ) Adam Thomas
Good stuff. Got a few old 'FH charts will scan & send
Jun 26, 12 RE: KDON Gary Pfeifer
 That's very odd indeed as the programming will noramlly alert one when attempting
to add a survey that already exists in the database.  I can't delete them but will
alert Tim who can remove the duplicates.  Thanks for bringing this to our
Jun 26, 12 KDON K.A. Scott
Not sure why, but most of the surveys for KDON have duplicates.  There are two exact
same versions of the surveys for November 20, 1966; September 22 & 29, 1967; and
July 31, 1970.


- Kenn.
May 24, 12 KFXM San Bernardino RE2: 1963-06-15 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Lee Tucker

Thanks; got it and will do.  If a significant number of songs on any KFXM 1964
survey do not receive the ARSA Magic Bullet, I won't key-in another KFXM survey
until you folks have processed these so they receive the ARSA Magic Bullet.
However, when looking at their 1964 surveys, I don't think that there will be
nearly as many entries that do not receive the ARSA Magic Bullet as KFXM's earlier
surveys as the number of DJ picks, "Bubbling Under" type extras, and Spotlight
Albums is significantly fewer than those contained in their earlier surveys. In
fact, starting in July, 1964, their "Extras" are reduced to only DJ Personal Picks
and a few Spotlight Albums, so hopefully the number of entries not receiving the
ARSA Magic Bullet won't be significant.   -   Lee  
May 24, 12 KFXM San Bernardino RE: 1963-06-15 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Gary Pfeifer

  You are welcome to add the 1964 KFXM surveys.  However, if you find that each
survey contains a significant number of songs not receiving the magic dot, I would
ask that you please slow down your input rate in order to give us time here to
process those songs.  Thanks.
May 21, 12 KFXM San Bernardino 1963-06-15 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Lee Tucker

Back in March, you and I reached an agreement that I would defer contributing
Pre-1964 KFXM surveys until you did your "behind the scenes" thing  to set the
stage and contacted me to begin contributing them again.  I'll soon be finished
contributing my 1963 survey and will be moving on to contributing my 1964 surveys
which would include almost all of KFXM's 1964 surveys (sans the 7 ARSA already
has).  Any problem with me contributing these?  -  Lee 
May 12, 12 RE: WRONG SURVEY IMAGE -- KYA Gary Pfeifer
 Yes, I had accidentally uploaded the incorrect survey image. There's a glitch
somewhere in the programming that it stills shows the incorrect image for a period
of time even if the file is deleted and the proper one is uploaded.  The correct
images are showing now.  Thanks for helping keep things straight!
May 12, 12 WRONG SURVEY IMAGE -- KYA Ben E. McCoy
to let you guys know:  the WCAW survey has been erroneously posted for the latest
KYA Radio survey!
May 3, 12 WCAO Baltimore 1962-06-30 / WCAO ( Baltimore, Maryland ) Lee Tucker

Just a heads-up; the Vincent Edwards album did not receive the ARSA "Magic Bullet"
Apr 25, 12 WINZ Miami 1984-08-24 / WINZ ( Miami, Florida ) Paul H.
Jim, just a heads-up for you...on this survey (at #19), "Egypt, Egypt" by the
Egyptian Lover is sorting with the Egyptian Combo song "Rockin' Little Egypt".
Apr 23, 12 KMEN San Bernardino 1963-09-06 / KMEN ( San Bernardino, California ) Lee Tucker

Just a heads-up that the Bobby Bare and Inez Foxx albums did not receive the "ARSA
Magic Bullet."
Apr 22, 12 RE: scanning surveys [chartquest1954/frank merrill] Gary Pfeifer
  Hi Frank!

   We traded some emails and surveys a number of years back. Good to see you here! 
If you are unable to key in the survey data yourself, then the best thing would be
to send me, and whoever else maybe interested in volunteering, scans of the
surveys.  There is no hurry whatsoever and when you do so, please keep them to a
reasonable number of surveys.  I already have hundreds in surveys in the queue
waiting to be entered.  Also keep in mind, the method I use is to enter surveys
with survey dates that correspond to the current date. This methodology works best
for me in spreading the keying effort out and provides more variety of stations
too.  I'm also usually about 4 - 6 weeks ahead of time in preparation - right now I
am preparing surveys for early June.  So, if you were to send me surveys with March
and April dates, for example, you won't see them here until next year.  So it may
be best to forward surveys with dats 60 to 90 days ahead of the current date. 
Anyway you choose to do it, everything will eventually be entered here.  Thanks

  As for how to set your scanner settings to result in 500kb and less file sizes, I
am not the right person to ask as I am a real novice at that also.  Perhaps someone
else can give you some tips.  If not, just some trial and error attempts to result
in files sizes that approximate 500 kb.  You can send me files larger than that too
and I can resize them down with the programs I have.  About 99% of the scans I have
uploaded are .jpg files. 

  And again, let's stick with US and Canadian Top 40/rock charts for the time

  Hope this helps, Frank.

Apr 21, 12 scanning surveys [chartquest1954/frank merrill] frank merrill
Oops, my bad - this is Frank Merrill a/k/a chartquest 1954.

Typing the surveys in is absolutely NOT an option for me, and will never be an
option - with the large quantities I can only consider whatever method involves the
least work to proceed.  A few minutes (or worse) per survey isn't something that
will happen at all.  I'd be better off making color photocopies and mailing off a
bunch of those, but color copies get expensive for something that is entirely

So with that option gone for a different reason, it looks like scanning is the
default method.

I'm not sure how to tell in advance what the file size will be, when preparing a
scan?  There are a LOT of things I still don't know about operating computers. 
(Another "obvious" thing I can't handle, though it has nothing to do with this, is
how to set up spreadsheets.)

I don't know when this will happen yet, but it's something that I feel is very
important.  VERY few markets are represented here, so far, among the surveys
EARLIER than 1960.  I can provide such places as Kearney NE, El Dorado AR, DeLand
FL, Winnipeg, Washington DC, Wausau, Jackson MS, Chattanooga, El Paso, Portland,
Louisville, Idaho Falls, Salt Lake City, Hartford, Shreveport, Tulsa, etc.  (As far
as old Canadian stuff, the music industry there was barely developed that early, so
early Canadian charts ALMOST look American...)

As far as file size in comparison between jpg, gif, png - does one tend to be
clearer or better than the other when observing the 500k size?  Again I'll still
need to figure out how to avoid duplicated effort because of making files too
large.  Those last two options may have been among the multiple options, I forget,
but I seem to remember that pdf uses more resources and it's conspicuously missing
from what you accept.  

Apr 21, 12 RE: survey scans to come eventually///ramblings Gary Pfeifer

   Don't see a name attached to this so I don't know who am I addressing. :)  Thank
you for your interest in ARSA and generosity in being willing to share with us your
extensive survey collection!

  To answer a few of your questions:

  If you wish to actually type up the surveys and enter them into ARSA, you will
need to contact Tim Warden ( and he will set you up to do so
and can probably send along some instructions.

  If you wish merely to contribute the survey scans, you can send them to myself or
Tim and we'll get them entered.  Survey scans can be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format. 
The maximum file size is 500 kb.

  I am glad you recognized in advance potential problems and additional work effort
that would be involved in adding some of the very obscure survey like C&W's from the
50's, surveys from Rhodesia, etc.  I would STRONGLY suggest that if you become
active in contributing to ARSA to PLEASE concentrate on Top 40 and rock surveys at
this time.  There will need to be further discussion as to how to handle those
oddball surveys or even whether they should be included here.  There are some
French surveys that I have from Canada that I have never added here due to the
problems they would cause.  Hope you understand.
  Thank you again for your interest and most generous offer.

Apr 21, 12 survey scans to come eventually///ramblings 0
Hi Jim and all, my ISP has finally told me that they may soon be running fiber-optic
out my way (in the country).  I've been waiting for this for years.  At that point,
I may finally consider sending in scans of a large quantity of surveys.  I have
always been deterred from submitting scans, because they take so long to upload to
the internet with the slowish bit rate I still have here.  I have a huge number of
surveys, and a mere sixteen months from now I will be the first person IN WORLD
HISTORY to have collected surveys **actively** for a half century.  I know of one
guy who has collected longer than I have (starting in 1961), but he has been almost
entirely inactive for 16 or 17 years now.

I have acquired many surveys which are otherwise entirely unknown to the hobby, and
some of it has required persistent, deep, and rather frustrating amounts of digging.
 My focus has always been on surveys before 1960, though I collect them from years
all the way to the end.

I don't know how soon I may start sending in scans.  I hope it's possible before
year's end, though I don't have any idea whether that's possible.  "Soon" can mean
anything between next week, and next year, for all I know.

Two of my most prized additions of late are KPOJ Portland OR from 1957, and
CMBC-690 Havana CUBA from 1958 - both of these found on ebay, and both of them
contained within listings which were incredibly inept and only found via sheer dumb
luck.  Both are worthy of their own little tales.

In December, somebody listed a homemade Elvis Presley scrapbook, which was put
together by a school girl in the Fifties.  Included in his 28 or 30 PHOTOS from the
scrapbook were articles, ticket stubs, an autographed napkin, even some of her
report cards...BUT NOT the surveys from KPOJ and KXL.  (Of the two, KPOJ was by far
the more-wanted one.)  I only found this because one of my ebay searches included
KPOJ specifically - I have THREE call letters specified searches (5 stations each,
for 15 of my most wanted surveys).  I only found it because the seller description
said something like "KPOJ and KXL song listings" and my [KPOJ +4] search caught it.
 His photos included ALMOST EVERYTHING in the scrapbook - other than not including
the KPOJ and KXL photos, I'm not even sure that he failed to photograph ANYTHING
else.  Clearly he considered these surveys to be something even worse than
junk...yes even of less interest than REPORT CARDS.

The CUBA thing was even more inept than the KPOJ listing, if that's at all
possible.  I contacted the seller earlier this year, after noticing that he had a
LOT of original Cuban newspapers, and asking him PLEASE to look out for any radio
station surveys from Cuba from before Castro.  I told him that I would offer at
least $1,000 - and, even more likely $2,000 - for ANY original Cuban survey.  So
what happens about three or four weeks later?  He lists a Cuban survey FOR WHAT IT
IS, and lists it so entirely ineptly that only ONE of my 46 survey-related searches
disclosed it.  In fact it was the "hit list" search I have, which is usually the
most unproductive of ALL my 46 searches.  Even worse, he had it on only a THREE DAY
listing.  I could have so easily missed it, because sometimes I don't get to my
ebays for three days.  Of course I bid on it (I actually think I put down something
ridiculous like $8,000)...and I won it for $26.  This guy could have had $2,000
instead, and I almost missed it entirely because of the totally inept way it was
listed.  Not that I'm complaining, mind y'all, but that was too close for comfort.

AT LEAST he didn't put it up as a BUY IT NOW.  That method is the bane of my ebay
existence.  I'm not aware of anything that I've missed because it was BUY IT NOW,
but it would be very easy for that to cause me to miss something, and the surveys I
need are most likely to be listed by some backwoods seller who only happens to have
some weird survey on hand unlike the other 99.9% of the paper he deals with.

As far as what I'm trying to accomplish with my collecting goals, I consider the
Cuban survey (with traditional Cuba music, not rock and roll) to very possibly be
the best find of my lifetime.

OK, BACK TO THE SCANS TOPIC: Is there a tutorial anywhere about the limitations on
file size and such, and what kind of dpi resolution I should use, etc.?  Is there
an ARSA form that I fill out for each, or any particular place where I send the
scan, etc.?  Is there a type of document it's best to "save as"?  (.jpg and .pdf
and other options exist, I think.)  If/when I'm able to start doing this, I want to
do it right, to cause the fewest problems and incompatibilities as possible.

I'm also thinking that it might be worthwhile having a separate survey section for
surveys which are too complex and/or cumbersome to cross-index all the music on
them into the ARSA database, is that a thought?  I'm thinking, for instance, of old
C&W surveys, or if I decide to scan KPOK 
Scottsdale AZ (from 1958, a Top 25 Easy Listening albums survey!!), or perhaps a
Dominican Republic or Rhodesia survey, etc.  (Yes, I have stuff like this.)  ARSA
members aren't likely to care all that much if a song done by a merengue group from
Santiago de Los Caballeros, D. R. is indexed or not.  I started reading a little
into the Chart Chat archives and I noticed a similar issue coming up about modern
Canadian surveys - if there was a section of stuff not being indexed it would still
allow the surveys to be posted, but without causing loads of grief on those who do
the background documentation. 

Apr 10, 12 KFRC San Francisco RE: 1979-08-24 / KFRC ( San Francisco, California ) ARSA Jim
You're 100% right, Paul. The MD at my college station ended every one of his shows
with "Breakfast In America" in 1979, and it was played everywhere on the AOR side
back then. That entire LP had to be one of the 3-4 strongest start-to-finish
efforts in music history. A&M should've released at least 2 more singles from it,
but pre-"Thriller", three 45s seemed to be as deep as the labels would go, per LP.
(FYI, I was always partial to "Just Another Nervous Wreck"!) I've just added in a
new, 1979 "LP cut" entry for "Breakfast....", and its lone current Top 40 chart
appearance is now properly reflected. I love adding stuff like this into the ARSA
db, Paul, as I believe such details to be of particular interest to those who use
the site. Gracias, mi amigo!      -Jim 
Apr 10, 12 KFRC San Francisco 1979-08-24 / KFRC ( San Francisco, California ) Paul H.
"Breakfast In America" by Supertramp (listed as a "pick hit" on this survey) is the
studio version NOT the live version from 1980.  I heard the studio version on the
radio so often in the late summer/early fall of 1979, that I thought for sure it
would be the 3rd single from the album (instead they released "Take The Long Way
Apr 10, 12 WKCI New Haven RE2: 1984-00-00 / WKCI ( New Haven, Connecticut ) Paul H.
Hey Jim, it appears that the "I'm So Excited" entry on this chart has migrated back
with the 1982 mix.  If it can't be fixed at this time, no big deal, just thought
I'd give you the "heads up"!