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Feb 17, 10 DIG THOSE CRAZY FINS! Ben E. McCoy
well doggies, Roy, you seemed to have marched to your own drummer with that great
big black car of yours...

yeah, i also liked those old classic-finned Chevy Bel's over the subsequent chopped
stuff coming off the auto aesembly lines that were favoured by the mid-1960's.

and fer sure, had i been sitting in one of those cars equipped with a Vibrasonic
system, going back to class that day never would have happened for me. what a great
way to recall the Proby-esque sounds of that era.

keep 'em flying, Roy, the flags of non-conmformity!

Feb 16, 10 RE: K.Y.A. NEWSPAPER Roy Ballard
hi ben.
here's my p.j. proby story: i was hitchhiking to campus at uc santa barbara in 1965
and jumped into the back seat of a friendly driver's car. the sound, my god, what is
this sound? the sound enveloped the entire had no idea where the sound was
coming from... it was echoing everywhere!

the guy had a "vibrasonic" echo chamber sound system in his car and p.j. proby's
"somewhere" was on the radio. i was late to class because i didn't want to get out
of the car!

well, i eventually got a '59 chevy bel-air (big back fins) and the first thing i
did was install a vibrasonic sound system. hey, i googled "vibrasonic" today, and u
can buy them on craigslist still for your car! 

my buddies made fun of my chevy bel-air cuz it was a dumb 4-door, but it was way
cooler than my best friend's studebaker lark!

as mr. hope said, "thanks for the memories!"    roy
Feb 16, 10 K.Y.A. NEWSPAPER Ben E. McCoy
hi there, Roy:

just wanted to express my appreciation for your ongoing efforts on publishing a 2nd
page accompaniment to the 
KYA radio surveys you post from their newspaper's era...
have found so many nostalgic memories i'd forgotten about while reading through the
second pagers.
the current posting about P.J. Proby really takes me back
to a time when so many poets-turned-sognwriters charted some
exceptional recordings of artistic merit.
thanks again for the extra effort you have done
posting those KYA newspaper extras!!

best regards,
ben e. mccoy.
Feb 15, 10 RE: SURVEY POSTING ERROR Gary Pfeifer
 Correction has been made.  Thanks!
like to bring this to someone's attention:

notised the recent posting of the 2-15-1969 survey for
CKXL, Calgary-Alberta, has a second page apparently posted in error for radio KGB,
San Diego dated 2-14-1964.

Feb 9, 10 Ted Kennedy - Canada Top 40 Kevin Wallace
That would be great Kenn - my e-mail is

I believe the book uses the Billboard Canadian charts aswell as the RPM charts?

I'm aware of the RPM site,but as you say it is not very user friendly,however I
have battled my way through it.

Thanks for your help! - Kevin

Feb 9, 10 KSJB Jamestown RE: 1967-11-26 / KSJB ( Jamestown, North Dakota ) Gary Pfeifer
 Good catch, Jim.  The 11-26-67 survey is in error and should be deleted, but I
don't see an option available to me to do so.  I will contact Tim, unless you have
a way of deleting it.
Feb 9, 10 RE: Ted Kennedy - Canada Top 40 K.A. Scott
Hi Kevin...

  I don't actually own this volume, but I can look up the info you've requested in
it the next time I'm at the library.  (Probably in the next week or so.)  Just let
me know where to send it!

  YOu may also be interested in RPM Canadian chart site at  It's a little eccentric in terms of navigation,
and there are some charts and years mislabelled or missing, but it's still a great
research site.


  - Kenn.
Feb 9, 10 Ted Kennedy - Canada Top 40 Kevin Wallace
To Kenn Scott - I believe you may have this book in your possession? - would you be
interested in selling? - if not could you forward the Beatles stats to me please.

Many Thanks,Kevin 
Feb 8, 10 KSJB Jamestown 1967-11-26 / KSJB ( Jamestown, North Dakota ) ARSA Jim
Gary, while doing some routine ARSA maintenance tonight, I stumbled onto the fact
that this exact same list appears twice, but because of a two-day difference in the
survey's date, it didn't show up as a dupe. Maybe you'll want to check into this at
some point - thanks!   -Jim
Jan 30, 10 RE: KGB Duplicate Gary Pfeifer
 Looks like that was a blunder of mine from 5 years ago. Thanks for catching it.  I
tried correcting it also and it won't take either.  I will get in touch with Tim.
thanks Geno, for the clarification on the KGB/KHJ charts.

keep 'em flying,

Jan 30, 10 KGB Duplicate Geno Rice
Hi All, 
There's a duplicate survey KGB-1967-11-01.  One of them should be station KHJ. 
Tried to change the station in Edit Survey but it would not take.
Jan 30, 10 RE: K.G.B. CHARTS DUPLICATED Geno Rice
Sorry I'll fix it.

Jan 30, 10 K.G.B. CHARTS DUPLICATED Ben E. McCoy
the last two postings for KGB Radio show charts for
dates 11 October 1967 and 25 October 1967, yet
the published survey for October 25th is a duplicate
of the 11 October survey previously posted.

thought i should bring this to someone's attention.
thank you guys!
Jan 25, 10 CHUM Toronto RE2: 1974-01-26 / CHUM-FM ( Toronto, Ontario ) ARSA Jim
I have also experienced similar frustrations in the past, when ARSA pre-post survey
information is initially entered in error - often, it can't immediately be
changed/corrected, for some reason. My workaround has always been to just wait a
week or two, and then try again to make the exact same change. I have no idea why,
but the change will then often "take", for some unknown reason! But, since I've
already had do a special "CHUM workaround", to leave the redundant "FM" band name
in the call letters field for CHUM-FM (despite the existance of a separate "Band"
field already inside ARSA, so ARSA can distinguish it from CHUM AM - an error also
waiting to be fixed), goodness knows what will happen here, when "bad ARSA code
meets more bad ARSA code". Due to Tim's ARSA time constraints, maybe he would
consider giving me a special "second programming code access key", just for such
VERY minor code fixes. I did it for a living for 10 years, and I am very confident
that I could quickly repair lots of these very minor ARSA issues. But, it can be
quite dangerous to have more than one person have this kind of powerful system
access, and to set all this up for me may create more work for Tim than it would
end up saving him! Knowing this, I will respectfully and totally defer 100% to
Tim's wishes here, either way - I'm just throwing the offer out there. By now,
Tim's had six years to evaluate my ARSA efforts/competence. I only make this offer
now in an attempt to help ARSA become less quirky, and to make Tim's ARSA life
easier.   -Jim  
Jan 25, 10 CHUM Toronto RE: 1974-01-26 / CHUM-FM ( Toronto, Ontario ) Gary Pfeifer
 This was my error when inputting the survey.  I attempted to edit the survey and
change the call letters but the revision isn't saving.  Tim or Jim?
Jan 25, 10 CHUM Toronto 1974-01-26 / CHUM-FM ( Toronto, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi all..

  This survey, currently listed for CHUM-FM, is actually for CHUM AM.  (I tried to
change the station heading myself, but this doesn't seem to work.  I'm assuming
only Gary, Tim or Jim can make the change.)  


  - Kenn.

Jan 24, 10 Thanks Greg Wolf
Thank you Gary, Roy and A.R. I will take a look at what you all have suggested.Like
I said before great site.

Have a great day!
Jan 24, 10 RE: EZ / MOR Surveys Or Playlists Roy Ballard
hi greg! welcome to arsa. to be honest, i had to google "mor" to find out it meant
"middle of the road" (maybe we need a "mor" political party?)

anyway, i remember that many stations put "ez" in their call letters to designate
easy listening music. i found these on arsa which might help you: weez, knez, kezy,
wpez, kkez (search on stations).  looking at a few surveys, i see manilow and neil
diamond even tho the format says t40. i don't think arsa allows searches on

one more thing. someone mentioned that they didn't have access to a scanner, so i
thot it would be a good time to plug i've received 2 free working
scanners from this network of people that give free old stuff away instead of
sending it to the landfill. it's lots of fun and there are local freecycle groups
all over the world. u can either post "offer" or "wanted" to the group, e.g.
"wanted scanner for win xp".   cheers!  roy