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Mar 2, 14 WBLK Buffalo / Depew RE: 1983-02-28 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) K.A. Scott
No worries, Rick!  I look forward to seeing what other goodies you'll be posting for
us in the future.  (I'm most interested in the "Golden Horseshoe" area --
Toronto/Hamilton/Buffalo and environs -- but enjoy seeing charts from all over the
place, and from all different eras....)   


- Kenn.
Mar 1, 14 WBLK Buffalo / Depew 1983-02-28 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) Rick Hy
Thanks Kenn for catching that. Must have been a senior moment. The 2/26/84 chart is
correct as is. However I just put in the wrong Michael Jackson record on the
2/28/83 chart. It should read BILLIE JEAN, not THRILLER. Thatís been corrected.
But, I couldnít figure out why the scan didnít come up as well. So, I re-scanned
the chart. Iím glad you are enjoying the WBLK charts and are keeping me honest. I
wish I could say that I did the switch to see if anyone was really reading the
charts, but , no, that wasnít the case. Thanks, and keep up the good work. 
Feb 28, 14 WBLK Buffalo / Depew 1983-02-28 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) K.A. Scott
Hi Rick...

  Love these WBLK charts!  But can you check your source material on this one?  The
single is the #1 slot the previous week was "Billie Jean"; this week "Billie Jean"
has fallen off completely and the album track "Thriller" is at #1.  That seems
fishy to me....


  - Kenn.
Feb 26, 14 KLIV San Jose RE2: 1970-09-03 / KLIV ( San Jose, California ) J. A. Theroux
Thanks, Gary!
Feb 26, 14 KLIV San Jose RE: 1970-09-03 / KLIV ( San Jose, California ) Gary Pfeifer
  The 1969 self-titled Boz Scaggs album has been added and the two album entries now
properly match up.  Thanks for pointing this out!
Feb 26, 14 KLIV San Jose 1970-09-03 / KLIV ( San Jose, California ) J. A. Theroux
I noticed that the self-titled Boz Scaggs LP on this survey and the previous week's
survey directs to the Boz Scaggs & Band LP, but that LP wasn't released until late
1971.  I believe this is the Atlantic LP that was released in 1969 (Atlantic SD
8239) which is currently not listed in the ARSA database.

Thanks, Jeff
Feb 25, 14 KLIV San Jose 1970-12-10 / KLIV ( San Jose, California ) J. A. Theroux
In honor of what would have been George Harrison's 71st birthday, I posted a
December 1970 KLIV chart with him at the top of both the singles and LP charts.
Well done, George!

Also of note: At #19, the original version of Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo by Johnny
Winter (Columbia 4-45260).
Feb 22, 14 CFMB Montreal 1983-03-17 / CFMB ( Montreal, Quebec ) K.A. Scott
Hey Frank...

  It took a while, but here's a scan of a CFMB chart for you.  Enjoy!


  - Kenn.
Feb 9, 14 Looking for 1964-1965 WLOF (Orlando FL) Surveys Dennis Chapman
Growing up in Orlando, FL, I was a rabid listener of WLOF Channel 95 - a great AM
station that broke many records not played anywhere else and it inspired me to
pursue a career in radio.  Arsa has a complete 60's collection of WLOF surveys from
Oct 1965 on, but I'm looking to complete them for all of 1964 and Jan-Sept. 1965. 
Anyone able to assist? 
Feb 7, 14 RE2: More KLIV surveys J. A. Theroux
Thank you, Gary!  I understand it may take a while before I can get access to enter
my surveys so I will be patient.
Feb 5, 14 RE: More KLIV surveys Gary Pfeifer

   I've gone through all the KLIV surveys I was supplied and uploaded all that were
not already in the database; therefore, please feel free to enter the 1970 surveys
you've acquired.  No duplication of effort but I appreciate your asking first! 
Thank you in advance for your efforts!
Feb 5, 14 More KLIV surveys J. A. Theroux
To Gary and Rich Stivers,

I've run across a source for KLIV surveys not yet posted in ARSA, the period is
from April to December of 1970.  They were published in a local newspaper, I have
scans of these surveys and I would like to upload them into the ARSA database (I
will email Tim Warden for access rights).  I know you have a number of KLIV surveys
to enter into the database, I just want to make sure you don't already have these so
that I'm not doubling your efforts.

Jeff Theroux
Feb 3, 14 WFIL hit parades Craig Pucci
Dear Sir or Madam:
   Does anyone have an image or images of the March 4, 1968 hit parade of WFIL of
Philadelphia, PA? I seek this particular one for quite some time and I cannot find
this hit parade anywhere. If so, please notify me whenever you can because your
cooperation will be tremendously appreciated. My email address is

                                  Thank you and God bless,

Jan 31, 14 RE: The Charts for the last week of January 1964 Gary Pfeifer
  Interestingly, Bobby Vee, of all people, seems to be one of the very first to
react with his obviously Beatles influenced "I'll Make You Mine" hitting the WABC
and CKLW charts as early as Jan. 28, 1964.
Jan 30, 14 The Charts for the last week of January 1964 James White
A glance at charts for this week across the country tell quite a story:   The
Beatles were hitting the charts and moving up quickly.  The British Invasion had
begun, but most of the other artists on those charts didn't have a clue as to what
was in store over the next several months.  By the end of March, the Beatles held
down the top 5 spots nationally, and Peter & Gordon, The Dave Clark 5, The Rolling
Stones, Chad & Jeremy, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Hermans' Hermits, The Searchers, and
more, were about to take over the American airways. 
Jan 18, 14 CKCH Hull 1958-01-18 / CKCH ( Hull, Quebec ) K.A. Scott

It's interesting the things you discover as you enter charts.  The following
singles charted nowhere else, but keep popping up on CKCH's playlist week after
week in late '57, early '58:

The Jordanaires - Any Which Way
Nick Greene - Later For You Baby
Peggy Lee - Listen To The Rocking Bird
Sue Raney - Please Hurry Home
Wanda Jackson - Cool Love

All were issued on Capitol. What an *astounding* coincidence! ;) 

(Tommy Leonetti's "I'd Climb The Highest Mountain" also keeps popping up on CKCH
and nowhere else, but it was on Vik, a subsidiary of RCA.)
Jan 18, 14 Re: Herman's Hermits or Earl-Jean? J. A. Theroux

Thanks for not only taking the trouble to respond to my 2 cents but also for
editing the charts with I'm Into Something Good based on my suggestion. Thanks also
to you and John Frank for providing all these great surveys, I do appreciate it a

Jan 15, 14 Re: Herman's Hermits or Earl-Jean? Gary Pfeifer

    All the surveys you've indicated that are associated with the Herman's
Hermits/Earl-Jean question are part of an enormous treasure trove of surveys very
graciously provided by John Frank.  I am slowly going thru these and adding ones
not already in the system.  Although some have survey images included, the majority
do not and are just a pre-typed up survey. All the KLIV, KIMN, and WSAI surveys
you've mentioned do not have images available.  So there is no way right now to be
100% certain.  

   However, based on the fact that the Herman's Hermits version doesn't start
showing on US charts as Pick Hits until September, I am very inclined to believe
that the July/August already charted version is indeed the Earl-Jean song.
Considering the herculean task John took on in typing up all the surveys he
provided, there are bound to be typos/errors - I've caught a few other also.  Since
these all come from John's surveys, it's likely to be an recurring error.  I'll edit
them to Earl-Jean.

  And John, if you're reading this, first, again MANY THANKS for all the surveys
you've generously shared with us! It's going to keep me busy for a while adding
them! :)  Also, if you have any way of confirming or disproving the above
assumptions, please let us know.

Jan 15, 14 RE: Herman's Hermits or Earl-Jean? J. A. Theroux
The previous post is by me, Jeff Theroux.  For some reason my name did not get
associated with it.
Jan 15, 14 Herman's Hermits or Earl-Jean? 0
Hi Gary,

On the KLIV surveys recently posted for July and August 1964, I'm Into Something
Good is listed with Herman's Hermits as the artist. I think this version is
actually Earl-Jean's version, based on the fact that her version was still on the
charts around this time and the Herman's Hermits version may not have been released
in the US until about September of '64.  Also, two KLIV surveys from November 1964
posted here in ARSA indicate that the Herman's Hermits version was a hitbound one
week, then entered the charts at #18 the next.  I suppose it's possible that KLIV
could have been the first station in the US to break Herman's Hermits, but I highly
doubt it.

While researching this on the ARSA database I noticed that two other stations, KIMN
and WSAI, have I'm Into Something Good on their charts in the same July/August '64
period with Herman's Hermits listed as the artist, but then they also have it
listed in October/November '64 charts, when the majority of the chart action
occurred for this single.  I just thought that was a little odd.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents for today, thanks.