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Sep 22, 11 CKY Winnipeg RE: 1982-05-01 / CKY ( Winnipeg, Manitoba ) K.A. Scott
Nice catch, ARSA Jim!  It was completely my oversight, and has now been fixed. 
Thanks for letting me know!
Sep 22, 11 CKY Winnipeg 1982-05-01 / CKY ( Winnipeg, Manitoba ) ARSA Jim
Kenn, just a quick question. In the past, your CKY surveys have always included 10
45s and 10 LPs. This one only has the 45s. Is this one unique, or did you
mistakenly leave out the LPs?    -Jim 
Sep 17, 11 1983 surveys! K.A. Scott
Loving all the 1983 surveys, Paul!  Looking forward to whatever other 80s gems you
can provide, especially for Canadian stations.
Sep 13, 11 RE3: 99 Luftballons/Red Balloons - Nena Paul H.
Not a problem, Jim.  I totally understand keeping the two versions apart.  I don't
know why my name wasn't attached to the original post, but it was me!

Paul Haney
Sep 13, 11 RE2: 99 Luftballons/Red Balloons - Nena K.A. Scott
I'm with ARSA Jim on this one -- it's fascinating to see which stations played the
German version and which ones played the English version.  And it's pretty easy to
browse both sets of data to get the full picture for this dual-language hit.  

Of course, that's just my take on it!  I'll be happy to go along with whatever
official decision is made....

Sep 13, 11 RE: 99 Luftballons/Red Balloons - Nena ARSA Jim
First off, I've removed the extra "o" from the German version db entry - thanks. And
I certainly see your point here (no name on the initial post - Paul Haney, maybe?)
My gut feeling here, however, is to leave this one as it is. Both the stock and
promo 45s did include both the German and English versions on them. Tim has also
long preferred that I include B-sides of all 45s in the ARSA database, so I do. I
think it's actually quite interesting to see which stations chose to played which
side on-air, back in the day. After all, that's why Epic made the 45 that way in
the first place - to offer all a choice. (The German/English "hybrid" was an
in-house edit, and was never officially issued by Epic that way - there's no real
way to address any airplay that mix got on here.) Also, ARSA is not Billboard. I
don't think that our mission here is to necessarily unify/combine/lump all English
version chartings into the German version db listing. We're now 27 years after the
fact. Those who'd like to determine the song's total 1984 chart impact can quite
easily just browse/combine both versions' data. In fact, ARSA may be the only place
in 2011 that provides such detail on "who played the German version" vs. "who played
the English version". Just my take......  -ARSA Jim
Sep 13, 11 99 Luftballons/Red Balloons - Nena 0
Hope I'm not opening a big can of worms for Jim here, but I have a few concerns
about this particular song.

The actual spelling of the German-language version is "99 Luftballons" (with just
one "o"), even though it's in the database as "99 Luftballoons" (with two "o"'s). 
There is also a separate entry for the English-language version called "99 Red
Balloons" (which is spelled correctly). Stations played either the German or
English version, or a combination of both, or even a third "hybrid" version!

If it's not too much of a headache for Jim, it'd be nice to see everything combined
under one listing.  After all, it really is the same song.
Sep 11, 11 RE: WKBR... ARSA Jim
It's now been corrected, Geno - thanks!    -ARSA Jim 
Sep 11, 11 WKBR... Geno Rice
should be 1250, not 1240.

Don't have the privilege level to edit station data.


Sep 10, 11 RE: On The Dark Side - Eddie ARSA Jim
Paul, I've just manually manipulated all the current db entries; all the '83 & '84
chart data are now where they should be. Just know I am powerless to fix the true
culprit here (the algorithm). Therefore, it is quite likely that some future "On
The Dark Side" survey entries will still go over to '83. If/when you notice more,
let me know, and I'll do another "manual db dialysis treatment" of the ARSA
bloodstream for ya!    -Jim
Sep 10, 11 On The Dark Side - Eddie & The Cruisers / John Cafferty Paul H.
This song was a hit twice.  In 1983, the artist was shown as Eddie & the Cruisers
and in 1984 it was shown as John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band.  I noticed that
some of the 1984 "John Cafferty" entries are mixed in with the 1983 "Eddie & The
Cruisers" entries.  It would be nice if these could be sorted out.
Sep 9, 11 Congratulations to ARSA and to Gary our #20,000 man!!! John Schwob
Thank you, Gary, for your words.  I expected you to be humble, and not unexpectly,
you were.  But the number of surveys you have entered boggles all of our minds. 
The variety of the surveys that I see each day makes entering surveys a true "labor
of love".  I relive the memories of the music and then I see at the top or near the
top of some radio station's chart a song I never heard of. I am then motivated to
go to youtube and listen to it.  And occasionally I have heard a real gem.  Having
been a student of the Billboard Charts for over 50 years, I marvel at how each
station's charts differ from the "Billboard Average" and yet, put together all of
the charts that we see on ARSA, probably average out to what Billboard reported. 
And I would be remiss if I did echo Gary's comments about ARSA Jim - truly one of
the heroes of ARSA - entering our newly found songs and fixing our errors virtually
in real time.  I thank and welcome all of our new survey "enterers" who have added
richness to the variety of surveys.  And finally, to Tim, my total gratitude for
the idea to create such a rich repository of memories.  And now for true
confessions!!!  I am ashamed to admit that after I had entered 1,000 surveys
myself, I discovered the "auto-fill" option.  Wow has that saved time!
Sep 9, 11 RE: 20,000 Surveys! ARSA Jim
Thanks a million for the kind words, Gary, and for your massive personal ARSA
contributions since Day 1! And speaking of "lettin' the cat out of the bag", have
any of you ever wondered why there's never been ANY annoying ads, requests to
defray costs/send money, or charge you to join/browse ARSA in the first place?
Well, the answer to this is simple: founder Tim Warden would NEVER allow it! Tim
has very quietly and generously insisted on incurring any/all ARSA expenses
himself, since the very beginning. Not to mention the countless hours Tim has spent
over the past decade, just building ARSA for all of us in the first place! Man, how
lucky are we? Tim, you are the very best!!!! And Gary, I 100% echo your sentiments
that this is truly a team effort! Hey, we're all busy. ARSA is lucky that a number
of good (and VERY loyal) folks continue to volunteer some of their valuable spare
time to help us out. Luckily, it seems that every city had their resident "survey
geek", who both saved/are now willing to share their old local radio charts, for
all to enjoy. I still think that the ARSA "query/report features" Tim built in are
amazing. But without a large cross-section of surveys to reference, the results
wouldn't really mean much. But they do, thanks to all the kind key-in help and time
contributions of so many. I again want to note the generosity of countless other old
music survey websites on the web, who kindly allow ARSA to include their info here
as well. You know, I always get a big kick out of seeing an older, obscure artist
be able to reference ARSA info on his own personal site. Yea, maybe their song(s)
didn't chart nationally. But I think the fact that any local chart action they got
from "back in the day", is still documented somewhere, is significant. These lists
are often the only remaining physical evidence of that, aside from an old 45 copy
they may still own. It sort of "legitimizes" them, don't you think? (at least when
they brag to their grandson about "their days on the road, with _________!") Onward
and upward, friends!    -ARSA Jim
Sep 9, 11 20,000 Surveys! Gary Pfeifer
  Here we are at 20,000 surveys!!  It took over six years to reach 10,000 surveys,
but with the current accelerated pace of survey contributions, the second 10,000
took only a little over 2 years!  I had the honor of entering survey #10,000 a few
years back and really felt that the privilege of adding #20,000 should go to one of
our newer contributors who are entering surveys at a lightning fast pace!!  However,
I saw a few of you in Chart Chat were urging me to enter #20,000 so Iíll graciously
accept again this time, but will defer the entering of the next big milestone
surveys to someone else.  In any case, BIG props and THANK YOU's to those who have
entering surveys at such a rapid pace (Lee Tucker, Paul Haney, Kenn Scott, Rick Hy)
and everyone else who's ever contributed a survey to this website!  When Tim first
approached me in 2003 with his idea for a survey repository website, neither one of
us could ever have imagined it would grow to this size!!  THANK YOU Tim for your
vision and to everyone who has helped it grow!!

  So, what survey for #20,000?  I really didn't have anything "special".  Survey
#10,000 was a KTKT to acknowledge our founder Tim and also the very first survey
ever entered.  So why a seeming mundane WDRC survey, added a few days ahead of time
no less, for #20,000?  A number of years back, ARSA Jim shared with me a complete 10
year run of WDRC surveys that I could add to ARSA.  He wanted no credit for the
surveys so you don't see the "courtesy" line at the bottom of any of the WDRC
surveys I've entered.  But I'm letting the cat out of the bag now.  And what could
be more appropriate than to use survey #20,000 to acknowledge the extremely
dedicated and continually astounding work of ARSA Jim!?  The behind the scenes work
that Jim has taken on and accomplished in an exemplary manner is just incredible! As
many of you have noticed, it seems at times that Jim must live on here!  Entering
all those new songs into the database, researching and entering the appropriate
label information, fixing mismatched songs, cleaning up the singles and albums
databases and a million other things we don't see but make this website the great
place it is.  A sincere THANK YOU from me, Jim!  Tim's initial vision would not
have achieved the successful levels it has now without your help!

  Again, THANK YOU to everyone to has contributed to or just enjoys visiting this
  On to the next milestone then - which I guess would be #25,000! And it will be
someone elseís turn to add that special survey!
Sep 9, 11 WHB Kansas City 1973-08-31 / WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) Lee Tucker
This will be my last input/contribution until Gary Pfeifer has contributed survey
#20,000 to the ARSA database. Congratulation Gary, and thanks so much for your
assistance early-on in getting me hooked-up with Tim Warden so I could begin
contributing and for all of your early assistance & guidance.  Also,
congratulations to ARSA for the significant milestone you should reach sometime
today or tomorrow.   
Sep 8, 11 Oh, those nasty algorithms.... ARSA Jim
I've fixed it, Paul. ARSA is a million % more correct in this regard than we were
even 2/3 years ago, thanks to recent programming updates by Tim. (Veteran ARSA
folks remember many such previous headaches not so fondly - sigh...) ARSA has been
dogged by situations like this since it began - especially when a song has two
separate, close-in-year 45 db entries, like "Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming" does. As you
well know, surveys often contain typos/mis-spellings. ARSA has no "bought-in"
computer code; it's all Tim's work. He's had to build in many custom algorithms,
which evaluate survey song title/artist info that is similar to, but doesn't
exactly match, existing songs in the 45s db. ARSA's "best guess" system is now over
99% correct, but stragglers/errors do still exist. For example, a "rainy day
project" for yours truly is to make sure that all of Chubby Checker's 1960 & 1962
"Twist" survey data is exactly matched with its correct 45 db listing. I've gotten
good at "manually forcing/jerry-rigging data", though. So please let me know of any
others that you believe that are really out of whack, requiring "immediate ARSA Jim
intervention." I'll get to them ASAP! Thanks!         -Jim   
Sep 8, 11 Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' - Jermaine Jackson Paul H.
If possible, I was wondering if the two entries for this could be merged in the
database?  It would be nice to see all of the entires for this song (all from the
same 1984 time-frame) listed together.
Sep 8, 11 Thanks, bonus sets of eyes! ARSA Jim
Thanks as always, Paul and Kenn. Continue to keep your eyes peeled/let me know of
any LPs that I may overlook!  -ARSA Jim  
Sep 8, 11 CKY Winnipeg RE2: 1981-09-19 / CKY ( Winnipeg, Manitoba ) K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  Thanks, as always, for your hard work and detailed explanations!  I figured you
just missed the LP info, so no worries.  With the phenomenal amount of material
being added to the database these days, it's bound to happen once in a while!  (I
always try to enter the LP info on any given survey, and of course many 80s surveys
for AOR stations are ONLY of LPs.)  

  Oh, and I've entered a few scanned surveys, but I get most of my survey info from
microfilmed newspapers held at various libraries.  Unfortunately, there's no way to
effectively scan the microfilmed images -- at least not a way that I can afford! 
Still, anytime I come across a scannable survey, I try to add it to ARSA.  
Sep 8, 11 KDWB Minneapolis / St. Paul 1977-04-19 / KDWB ( Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota ) Paul H.
As long as the subject has been brought up, I've noticed that the Maynard Ferguson
album on this survey hasn't been added to the database yet.  Thanks as always Jim,
for all of your hard work "behind the scenes" of this fantastic site!