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Aug 11, 14 KGFJ Los Angeles 1976-10-25 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Tim Warden
Not so fast! I like 'em! And we're getting a lot of soul singles added in the
Aug 11, 14 KGFJ Los Angeles 1976-10-25 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Geno Rice
Oops. I just noticed the fine print of these Soul surveys from the mid 1970s that
state they are based on national sales and airplay. I thought they were KGFJ
surveys printed in the Soul newspapers. I'll delete them.
Aug 9, 14 WPRO Providence 1967-03-18 / WPRO ( Providence, Rhode Island ) Tim Warden
From the scan, the first 3 words are clearly "The Girl Who", but as Geno points out
the last two words are illegible, although the last word looks like "RedJed" or
some other nonesense.

After some research, I believe that the difficult-to-read #30 is actually Vik Armen
who received some airplay in the Providence market. The only song I can find with a
similar title would be his "The Girl Who Never Smiled".

Until we find a better scan, adjacent week, or indication to the contrary, my
money's on this rarity by Vik Armen.

Aug 6, 14 KFXM San Bernardino RE2: 1964-12-05 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Derek Nichols

Paul at pjmoto dot com

Author of song.
Aug 2, 14 RE3: CKOC Charts Tim Warden
Hi everyone, indeed the max file size you can upload for an image is 500KB. 
Normally, you should have seen an error message printed in red when the upload
failed.  If it failed quietly, I'll have to go under the hood and replace a fuse.
Jul 30, 14 KYAC Kirkland 1970-09-04 / KYAC ( Seattle, Washington ) Geno Rice
Excellent! Thanks.
Jul 30, 14 KYAC Seattle RE2: 1970-09-04 / KYAC ( Seattle, Washington ) Gary Pfeifer
  Never mind....I see the 1460 frequency at the bottom of the chart.  I'll take care
of it.
Jul 30, 14 KYAC Seattle RE: 1970-09-04 / KYAC ( Seattle, Washington ) Gary Pfeifer
 What is the correct frequency?  There's a 1975 KYAC survey here that specifically
shows the 1250AM frequency.  If the frequency changed in the interim, we can set up
another entry with the earlier dial position.
Jul 30, 14 KYAC Seattle 1970-09-04 / KYAC ( Seattle, Washington ) Geno Rice
After entering this survey, I noticed the frequency number is incorrect. Can this
survey be automatically transferred if a new station is created or will I have to
retype it?
Jul 30, 14 RE3: CKOC Charts Lee Tucker

Let me also add my welcome aboard to Kenn & Gary's,  I had similar problems
uploading survey images to ARSA when I first started contributing surveys and Gary
was a big help getting me squared away as my scanned images were indeed much larger
than the 490kb he references.  Not sure what kind of programs you have available
but, after much trial and error, what works for me is to right-click on the image
and open it with Microsoft Picture Manager from where I can crop the image if
necessary and autocorrect it to add brightness and clarity if needed.  After saving
this, I then right-click on the image and open it with Paint where, if necessary, I
can resize the Pixels and reduce the image to less than the 490kb Gary references. 
Best of luck and again, welcome to a fantastic website.           
Jul 29, 14 RE2: CKOC Charts Gary Pfeifer

  Let me add my thanks to Kenn's for your survey contributions.  All are most

   As for the file size limit, through trial and error, I've narrowed it down a
maximum file size of about 490kb.  If you need to resize an image, an excellent
resource is
Jul 29, 14 RE: CKOC Charts K.A. Scott
Welcome aboard, Peter! Can't wait to see what CKOC stuff you have in store for us.

Note that if you've been trying to post your charts as JPEG files, there is a file
size limit -- though I'm not sure exactly what that limit is.  Tim, can you provide
some guidance here?


- Kenn.
Jul 27, 14 WCOL Columbus RE: 1968-07-01 / WCOL ( Columbus, Ohio ) Lee Tucker
Hi Tim

My copy of the image for this survey is also a little blurry but after looking at
it closer, I now believe the survey listing was "1000 Faces" by "1000 Faces" rather
than Long Faces and have edited the survey to reflect this.  In 1968, there an
obscure Psych-Garage Band called The Thousand Faces who release an obscure single
Titled "A Thousand Faces" on Era 3197 and now I believe this to be the song listed
on this survey.  I've attached an image of this 45 as Image #2 for this survey for
you to view and see what you think. Hope this helps and sorry for the extra work.

Cheers - Lee   
Jul 27, 14 CKOC Charts Peter Maurin
Finally posted my first survey at ARSA!  Yeah!

Not all that difficult. Not without some issues though. The only issues I had

1. I uploaded the survey image, but it's not showing up.
2. How can I add the "New Music" to the survey? I see other CKOC charts include
that info. I just can't seem to find it. 

If anyone else collects or knows someone who collects CKOC charts and has some to
trade, please contact me. I have a ton to trade and would like to complete the set
as best I can. 

Jul 27, 14 WCOL Columbus 1968-07-01 / WCOL ( Columbus, Ohio ) Tim Warden
Hi Lee,

I'm trying to research the obscure "Long Faces" entry.  On the scan for the survey,
it looks like the label might be A&M, but it's too blurry to be sure.  In any case,
I can't find any A&M single of that period that would match.  The only thing that
comes close would be Alice Long.  Would you happen to have an original of the scan
that you could confirm the label?  Even better, does anyone have a WCOL from the
previous weeks that might confirm whether or not there is an error?

Jul 27, 14 KFXM San Bernardino RE: 1964-12-05 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) K.A. Scott
I agree with both of you, Tim and Gary -- this seems like a legit, if ridiculously
obscure release.  Let's add it to the database and hope we can get the label/cat#
info to add at a later date.
Jul 26, 14 KFXM San Bernardino RE: 1964-12-05 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Gary Pfeifer

   I've spent considerable time over the past couple of weeks trying to track down
this Spartans track and only came up with the same references you cited.  As it
seems fairly certain that this was a legitimate release, suggest you add it in the
database without the label/number for the time being.
Jul 26, 14 KFXM San Bernardino 1964-12-05 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Tim Warden
Here's another Challenger for you!

From the Tiger Touts of Lee's KFXM 12/05/64 survey we have Mr. Moto '64 listed by
"Spartans".  It's apparently Surf music and not to be confused with Jeff Barry's 
alias The Spartans of 1962. I have not been able to find a listing or image of the
song on the web, but there are mentions, such as this one:  There's also this mention:

It would seem to be an earlier issue of the same recording reissued a few months
later by The Challengers called "Mr. Moto '65".

So what do you think?  Shall we create a new entry for a new group "The Spartans"
and add the song without label/catalog until such time as a copy pops up for

Jul 21, 14 RE: Ray Charles Modern Sounds in Country Gary Pfeifer
 Thanks for the info, Jeff.  I see Volume 1 was released in April 1962 and Volume 2
in October 1962.  I'll do some cleaning up on it.
Jul 21, 14 Ray Charles Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music Volumes 1 J. A. Theroux
Hi Gary,

When I was inputting the KEWB chart today I had to check the album charts for the
correct title of the Ray Charles album and discovered there were two volumes of his
C&W work!  So I had to figure out which one was the correct one and after digging
around on the internet I found that Volume 2 wasn't released until October 1962,
but I also noted there are several charts in ARSA from before then linking to the
Volume 2 LP. I just thought you'd like to know about this.