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Aug 9, 10 KNBQ Tacoma RE: 1982-08-09 / KNBQ ( Tacoma, Washington ) Gary Pfeifer
 Glad you enjoyed seeing the Tacoma survey.  There are many other surveys from
Seattle, and a few from Tacoma, here on the website.  Go to the Surveys section and
type Seattle, or Tacoma, or Washington into the Search Box to see and access a
listing of them all.
Aug 8, 10 KNBQ Tacoma 1982-08-09 / KNBQ ( Tacoma, Washington ) Adam Nickle
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I live in the Tacoma area and have been looking for
Seattle-Tacoma surveys for a long time, to the person who posted this, if you have
any other Seattle or Tacoma surveys, please post them.
Jul 15, 10 KIKX Tucson 1968-05-15 / KIKX ( Tucson, Arizona ) Gary Peters
I LOVE it!!!

My favorite Cowsill record......number ONE!!!!

It was such a bomb locally here in Toledo......sad to say.
Jul 14, 10 RE: Back to the grind later ths week... K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  Welcome back!  Glad to hear that all is well -- and I hope your pressing life
issues weren't *too* serious.  


  - Kenn.  



Jul 14, 10 Back to the grind later ths week... ARSA Jim
As some of you may have noticed by now, I haven't been able to perform any of my
normal ARSA daily maintenance duties for the past couple of weeks. All is well -
just other very pressing life issues. They're thankfully winding down, and I should
be back to my "normal ARSA self" any day now. Please be patient, as I'll soon be
catching up on adding all the usual ARSA tidbits for the most recently added
surveys.   -Jim  
Jul 6, 10 WBCN Boston RE: 1984-07-06 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) A.R. Paine
Glad to hear that you're enjoying the WBCN Top 10s, Kenn, the Friday countdown show
that was hosted by 'Captain' Ken Shelton.  Incidentally, Rubber Rodeo's '86 LP
"Heartbreak Highway" was produced by... Ken Scott!
Jul 5, 10 WBCN Boston 1984-07-06 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) K.A. Scott
Really enjoying these Boston surveys!  Rubber Rodeo at #1...what a great forgotten
80s band and track.  Thanks for posting!
Jun 24, 10 WNIA Buffalo RE: ONE THOUSAND Gary Pfeifer
 Many thanks, Rick, for sharing all your fine surveys with us and for all the
efforts involved inputting them to the site!  Much appreciated! Looking forward to
whatever out of town surveys you'll be sharing next.
Jun 23, 10 WNIA Buffalo ONE THOUSAND
Well it took about a year, but today I added my 1,000th survey from Buffalo. I still
have a few more to go but thought it was a good time to say "Thank You" for this
site and all of the work you do on it. I apologize in adding to that work as I have
made a few discoveries along they way. First, as a young teenager in the 50's and
60's I was a count down junkie and wrote down many many countdowns  ... title only
surely thinking I would never forget or ever need to add the artist. Now, If I
didn't know the artist and it didn't make the Billboard or Cash Box charts, I was
stumped. Thanks to you for finding out all of the missing artists. I often wonder
what your sources are. Secondly, I am now acutely aware of the many typos that
appear on these charts that I was not aware of before thanks to your dot system.
Thirdly, the mistakes and abbreviations of album titles that I couldn't correct
since I was never a big album buff. This just added more to your job .... sorry. 
My favorite Buffalo station was WBNY ... a teen oriented station that was unusual
and trend setting for 1957. WKBW began in 1958 and was sometimes known here as the
50,000 watt juke box. I think the most unusual survey in the Buffalo collection was
the WYSL Instant Request List. Listeners read a piece of product copy on air in
order to request a song on the list. Another perk of living in Buffalo was the
proximity to Toronto and radio stations CHUM and CKEY. For a rock and roll music
lover, growing up in the Top 40 era was the best possible time.
I have a few more Buffalo surveys left to download and then I will begin to share
my out of town collection.  Onward to 2000 !
Jun 22, 10 Mantovani.... ARSA Jim
My apologies to our always-amazingly-all-over-it, primary Canadian survey
contributor Kenn for my error in initially concluding that the 1959 albums
"Mantovani Showcase" and "All-Americsn Showcase" LPs were one the same. Further
research has determined that the "Mantovani Showcase" album was the first-ever LP
issued on London in both stereo and mono. To "celebrate" this fact, London
apparently chose to issue this particular LP using a special, unique inventory #,
that didn't correspond to the normal 1959 London LP numbering system, used both
before and after it. Instead, this initial London stereo LP # (which I've always
opted to use for ARSA purposes, as opposed to its often-differently-numbered mono
LP counterpart) is LP # "SS 1", which I will enter into ARSA as "London 1". Man,
tryin' to get inside the heads of these label execs, more than 50 years after the
fact, sometimes has me reaching for the Pepto.....    :)        Jim
Jun 9, 10 CKEY Toronto RE: 1962-08-20 / CKEY ( Toronto, Ontario ) Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks, Kenn.  I removed the incorrect survey image, but I can not locate a
correct image file for the 8-20-62 date.  I may have gotten it from a photocopy. 
If you can find one, please feel free to upload.

Jun 8, 10 CKEY Toronto 1962-08-20 / CKEY ( Toronto, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi all...

  Somehow, the wrong survey image got posted here.  You'll see that the uploaded
survey is for August 2, 1963, not August 20, 1962.

  Don't know if you still have the correct 1962 survey in your files, Gary, for a
re-post.  If not, let me know, and I'll see if I can source a chart for you... 


  - Kenn.

May 28, 10 WSGN Birmingham 1967-05-19 / WSGN ( Birmingham, Alabama ) Rob Ellis
Tim, Gary someone - I've tried several times to add a scan for this chart and it
gives me this error message:

No such file or directory in /home/warden/public_html/arsa/surveys_edit.php on line

Checked several times, JPG appears fine - what am I doing wrong?
May 24, 10 CKLW Windsor RE: 1973-01-02 / CKLW ( Windsor, Ontario ) Gary Pfeifer
  I've made the correction.  Thanks!
May 23, 10 CKLW Windsor 1973-01-02 / CKLW ( Windsor, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi all...

  For this particular chart, the data entered doesn't match the posted image, and
seems to be from a different chart -- that of January 23, 1973.

  Hope it's an easy fix!


  - Kenn. 


May 15, 10 RE3: Phantom Stations and Duplications Tim Warden
Quite right!  I made the correction -- thanks!
May 13, 10 RE2: Phantom Stations and Duplications J. A. Theroux
I may have found one more: KGY is listed as 1240 AM and 550 AM, I believe the 550 AM
is incorrect.  The survey reads KGY Live 55 but I believe it is a reference to the
number of song titles on the survey and not its frequency.  I could not find any
evidence that KGY was ever on the 550 AM frequency.
Apr 17, 10 RE: Phantom Stations and Duplications Tim Warden
Thanks Jeff -- They've all the duplicate & phantom stations have been corrected.
Apr 14, 10 Phantom Stations and Duplications J. A. Theroux
I found 4 additional radio station duplications in ARSA - WBZ-FM 106.7 FM in Boston,
WKCI 101.3 FM in New Haven, WLAN 96.9 FM in Lancaster and WZZP 106.5 FM in
Cleveland.  I also found 2 phantom stations - KIXY 940 AM in Amarillo is actually
KIXZ, and WILS 890 AM in Chicago (there is of course WLS 890 AM in Chicago and WILS
1320 AM in Lansing, MI in the database).

Sorry for all the nitpicking,
Apr 5, 10 KGFJ Los Angeles RE6: 1965-04-04 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Gary Pfeifer
 I see what you're referring to now, Jeff.  I was looking at the surveys page rather
than the stations page.  Don't know why the KRLY-FM and KEWB-FM would show up twice.
 Will look into it.