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Aug 8, 11 CFUN Vancouver 1960-12-03 / CFUN ( Vancouver, British Columbia ) K.A. Scott
Hi Lee -- I think you made a transcription error here.  The date on the header
doesn't match the date entered in the database ...   

Thanks, by the way, for all your great work on the Vancouver surveys of the late
50s and early 60s.  It's really fun to see these!
Jul 31, 11 RE: WZUU - Milwaukee ARSA Jim
Thanks for the heads-up, Paul. The current computer code for ARSA's master station
list can easily be "tripped up". For instance, if a keyer initially entered in "WI"
for the state (instead of spelling out "Wisconsin", which ARSA requires, but is very
easy not to know), another ARSA station entry will be created. Or, if the city of
license/frequency is initially typed in even one character differently; same deal.
I can correct such details, but I cannot "merge" station entries, as is needed
here; only ARSA founder Tim Warden can. Tim normally does a couple of "sweeps" a
year, to address/clean up such matters, so it could take a while. You'd actually be
surprised how much "bubble gum" is holdin' parts of this ARSA thing together, kind
sir. It's an understatement to say this site's current size has far exceeded
everyone's initial expectations!   
Jul 31, 11 WZUU - Milwaukee Paul Haney
I was browsing the Milwaukee stations this morning and I noticed there were two
separate station entries for WZUU.  These were the exact same station and should
probably be put together if possible.
Jul 30, 11 RE: Thanks a million, Paul Haney!! Paul Haney
Thanks for your kind words, Jim.  I appreciate all the hard work you and the others
put into this site.  The number of surveys here is truly amazing!  The charts have
been "in my blood" ever since I first starting listening to "American Top 40" way
back in 1974.  I'm just happy I can help contribute to this tremendous resource. 
Keep up the great work all!
Jul 29, 11 Thanks a million, Paul Haney!! ARSA Jim
Few, if any, contributors have managed to type in 175 surveys in less time than
"ARSA newbie" Paul Haney has. His level of expertise is not at all surprising,
however, as Paul has also been a key cog on Billboard chart-documenting legend Joel
Whitburn's Record Research staff ( for years now. I know most
of us "chart geeks" already own at least some of Mr. Whitburn's many quality
reference books (I've bought at least a dozen of them myself in recent years), and
I highly recommend all of them. In fact, their just-released "Top Pop Singles
1955-2010" book may be of particular interest to fans of ARSA, as it includes for
the first time some "regional, non-charting" songs, mainly from the 50's. I've had
the pleasure of knowing Paul for a while now, and he is a totally class act. And,
although ARSA is a totally free site with no ads, we've gotten assistance from many
other good folks/web sites/fellow music enthusiasts since 2003, who've helped ARSA
to grow. They deserve our thanks, and I try to acknowledge them as time permits.
So, feel free to browse both the Record Research site, and the many chart "courtesy
of" sites noted at the end of many ARSA surveys that we glean chart info from.
Because we here at ARSA want our contributors/friends to be successful as well!  
Jul 19, 11 KFRC San Francisco RE2: 1971-07-19 / KFRC ( San Francisco, California ) Gary Pfeifer
 The KFRC survey is back up - with the correct survey images this time.
Jul 18, 11 KFRC San Francisco RE: 1971-07-19 / KFRC ( San Francisco, California ) Gary Pfeifer
 Oops...clicked on the wrong files.  Unfortunately, once an image is associated with
a survey, the system does not permit an image replacement.  Even if I delete the
incorrect survey image and upload another, the original incorrect image returns.  

  I've deleted the entire survey for the moment.  Past experience has shown me that
if I wait a day or so when additional other surveys and images are uploaded, it
should allow me to re-enter the survey with the correct image.
Jul 18, 11 KFRC San Francisco 1971-07-19 / KFRC ( San Francisco, California ) J. A. Theroux
Good to see another Bay Area chart on ARSA, but the attached image is of an August
1970 KFRC chart.
Jul 18, 11 WOKY Milwaukee RE: 1964-04-12 / WOKY ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) Gary Pfeifer
  I've made the correction.  Thanks for helping keep this website as accurate as
Jul 18, 11 WOKY Milwaukee 1964-04-12 / WOKY ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) Paul Haney
I believe the correct date for this survey is April 11, 1964 (it's at the very
bottom of the survey).
Jul 17, 11 WIBG Philadelphia All-Time Top Hit Countdowns & ARSA - a "sticky wicket".... ARSA Jim
Greetings, gentlemen. Surveys have been getting keyed into ARSA at an especially
rapid rate of late (which is a very good thing!) Thanks mainly to Lee Tucker's
tireless key-in efforts, our once-rather-thin inventory of 1957-1960 era surveys
has now become a real strength of the site.
     Tim has set up the ARSA 45s database where the "year" notation is fairly
important info. In other words, if "Hey Jude" were to appear on a 1976 survey
entered in tomorrow, I'd have to add in a 2nd ARSA 45 entry for it (with a "hit
year" of 1976) for the system to handle it correctly. Tim's programming code
expects singles to appear on surveys from its db-specified hit year, +/- a year
either way (to allow for the full chart runs of hits peaking in Dec. & Jan.), or
the "magic bullet" will not appear. That's why you'll now find, for example, a
bunch of different-yeared "Jingle Bell Rock" ARSA 45 db entries. Obviously, the
most popular holiday classics charted in many different Decembers, and that's the
only way ARSA can currently handle cases like this.  
     I bring all this up because today Lee entered in a published-in-August-1960,
WIBG "All-Time Top 99 Records". Sstations have been both counting-down-on-air and
publishing lists like this for many years now, especially after the "American
Graffiti" movie made the oldies "cool" again, around 1973. Luckily for ARSA this
time, the WIBG "All Time Top Hits" list that Lee just keyed in really wasn't that
at all; turns out most of the 99 songs were from either 1959 or 1960. Due to this
strange fact, ARSA WAS somehow able to properly process all of the songs on it.
However, for example, if Elvis' 1956 hit "Heartbreak Hotel" had appeared on Lee's
list, ARSA would've "kicked it out" (a 1956 hit appearing on a 1960 survey),
requiring me to add a 2nd, "current in 1960" 45 db entry for "Heartbreak Hotel".
And that really wouldn't be accurate, because Lee's 1960 "Top 99" list isn't
reflecting "1960 current hit" WIBG airplay; it's simply paying homage to big hit
songs from the past.
     Perhaps Tim can someday/somehow modify ARSA to allow/accommodate such
specialty, "All Time Hit" surveys to be entered into ARSA. But I also know that
Tim's "ARSA/Life To Do Lists" are usually pretty full. Again, I feel like I'm being
a "wet blanket" here. But I'm really not. As the "ARSA daily db maintenance guy",
I'm normally the first person to notice things like this. And after 7+ years, I
also understand Tim's ARSA setup very well, and I know that ARSA can't correctly
process a typical, spanning-many-years "All Time Hit" survey, as Tim has it
currently set up.
     Hey, I get human nature, and I understand that it's both fun and a nice change
of pace to want to add in a "specialty-type" survey into ARSA once in a while - it
breaks up the "same-old, same-old" routine. But the fact is that ARSA will often
have trouble processing these "special" surveys correctly. Because of this, I am
requesting that going forward, keyers ask first, via Chart Chat, before they enter
a non-standard survey into ARSA. That way, if ARSA can't handle it, we save you the
time/effort to key it in, and save the ARSA system some potential mega-headaches.
Thanks!   -ARSA Jim
Jul 12, 11 RE: Watergate/Watergrate....Thanks, Paul! ARSA Jim
Paul, the very first ARSA survey to include this song, entered way back in 2004, had
that specific song title mis-spelled on it. ARSA workhorse Gary Pfeifer has always
entered in the chart details exactly "as is", errors/typos and all, which I suppose
really is part of the original "survey charm." ARSA had then automatically loaded
the bad spelling into the master ARSA database that way. And in the years since, I
had failed to ever notice/fix the missing letter. So many thanks, sir, for both
noticing the missing "r" (which has now been fixed) and also for your recent Twin
Cities 1970 survey contributions!  -ARSA Jim
Jul 12, 11 "Watergrate" - Dickie Goodman Paul Haney
I was looking over the Dickie Goodman single entries this morning and I believe that
his 1973 single is titled "Watergrate" not "Watergate".
Jun 29, 11 Entering survey "snippets" into ARSA ?????? ARSA Jim
I noticed today an ARSA first. Our kind, long-time Australian ARSA contributor,
Terry Stacey, has entered in a couple of "very partial" New Zealand surveys. Terry,
my gut feeling is that this is probably not a good idea, going forward. I just think
that when folks see a survey listed in ARSA, they've come to expect a full, intact
list to browse. Might entering in just a small fragment of a survey's songs open up
a "Pandora's Box", and possibly cause some users more frustration (at what's
missing) than enjoyment? Now I do know that Tim, Gary, myself, and all involved
here at ARSA have always appreciated any sort of time/survey contributions that
folks can make. And I don't mean to be a "wet blanket" here, Terry. But I believe a
bad ARSA precedent might be being set here. Do we want thousands of such "fragment"
surveys entered into ARSA? Your notations certainly help to clarify what you're
done here, but to me, it still looks quite strange to the eye to see a list set up
this way. My personal feeling is that, going forward, we should probably stick to
only entering in full/complete surveys into ARSA, as we've all done since 2003. But
I'm not sure. And I'm certainly not the primary "ARSA policy-maker" here - Tim is.
Other contributor/user opinions are certainly welcome here. So what do you guys
think? As always, thanks, everybody!    -Jim
Jun 22, 11 WMGM New York 1960 WIBG Survey Lee Tucker
Jim - Thanks for the heads-up; I actually caught the WIBG "misfile" when I
downloaded the survey as "Surrender" being #1 in 1960 seemed rather odd.  I have
that WIBG survey filed in my 1961 surveys and will add it to the ARSA data base
(unless someone else adds it first) when I get to updating 1961.  It's a real
pleasure to be adding these surveys to the ARSA data base.  I downloaded most of
them after selling most of my 20,000+ 45 RPMs (which I had sorted chronologically)
when the wife and I downsized after I retired (they took up an entire bedroom +). 
Adding these surveys to your data base now gives them another purpose for me and
actually helps me "re-live" having the 45s as I can visualize most of the labels
and sleeves as I add the titles to the data base.  The good Lord willing, I have
many more 50s, 60s, 70s, and even some 80s surveys I will be adding to the data
base chronologically over the next few years.  BTW, I am still seeking WHB (Kansas
City, MO) 40-Star Surveys, especially the 1963-early 1968 era, and any help anyone
could give me in finding these would be greatly appreciated.  
Jun 22, 11 Note to Lee Tucker.... ARSA Jim
First off, Lee, thanks a million for all the work you've been doing of late, adding
into the ARSA database many interesting late 50's/early 60's surveys that have been
previously uploaded elsewhere on the 'Net. Thanks to both the kindness and spirit of
cooperation of these good folks/fellow volunteers/music survey enthusiasts, ARSA's
databases can now be as "information inclusive" as possible, for all chart lovers
to now be able to reference/enjoy.
Just a heads up, Lee, that a survey you'll soon be keying in, WIBG for 3/20/1960,
has a date typo over on the philaradio site. The correct year for this survey is
actually 1961. Please make a note of this/fix the year, when you key it into ARSA.
Thanks!   -Jim 
Jun 19, 11 WAKY Louisville 1960-01-30 / WAKY ( Louisville, Kentucky ) Bob Harlow
I believe #9 "What Did I Do Wrong" is by The Fireflies Ribbon 6904.
 the flip side was "I Can't Say Goodbye" That was the side that charted on
Billboard on 1/25/60 .It got to #90. 
Jun 18, 11 WNDR Syracuse RE: 1960-06-18 / WNDR ( Syracuse, New York ) ARSA Jim
Hi Rick! Yes, only the Top 95 songs display if you browse a survey, but all 100
songs ARE entered into the ARSA singles database as normal, despite this, so please
go ahead and keep entering in all 100 of the songs. Remember, Tim wrote 99% of the
original ARSA computer code way back in 2002/2003, so the "95-song ARSA visual
chart limit" is likely just an ancient- philosophy-at-the-time of "we'll never see
a chart with more #'s on it than that" on his part. Keeping that in mind, I think
Tim did an amazing job building the ARSA system. All custom work by him; no
"bought-in" programs. With over 18,000 surveys in ARSA now, it's really not
surprising that sometimes lists "expand the known 2003 ARSA universe". Have a good
weekend, sir!    -Jim  
Jun 18, 11 WNDR Syracuse 1960-06-18 / WNDR ( Syracuse, New York ) Rick Hy
Hi Jim,   Here's another WNDR survey dated a week later from the last one I keyed
in. Hope you are still around to check it over!  I have a question about the next
WVET survey I have to key in. It is also a list of 100 songs with flip sides
listed. I noticed with the last survey I sent that on the chart display it only
went up to #95 and I had keyed in all 100 songs plus flip sides. Does the display
only show the first 100 songs listed regardless of how long the actual list is? If
so how would you want me to key in the next chart ... with all 100 songs listed
without the flip sides or include the flip sides no matter how many rows they take
up ? This whole list is mimeographed .. the top 40 tunes and the second sheet isn't
called extras ... it's called additional programming and the songs are grouped by
categories ... instrumental, male vocals, female vocals and vocal groups. So the
listings from 41-100 are not an attempt at rankings but simply a listing of
additonal programming at the station.
Rick Hy 
Jun 12, 11 WNDR Syracuse 1960-06-11 / WNDR ( Syracuse, New York ) - Suspicious....... ARSA Jim
Considering this was right around the time of the big "payola" scandal in Top 40
radio, how about this highly suspicious "chart coincidence?" The short-lived "VIM"
(Variety In Music) record label, with home offices right on Broadway in NYC,
managed to chart an astounding FOUR current releases on this particular WNDR
survey. Until this list, none of these songs have ever appeared, on even a single
ARSA survey! And all ended up as total "stiffs" (non-hits). If interested, here are
the specifics: ((#57) VIM #505: Buddy Lucas Band-Begin The Beguine/Night Train (both
sides charted!), (#10) VIM #507: Little Jan And The Radiants-Heart And Soul/If You
Love Me (both sides charted!), (#23) VIM #508: Bebo Singleton-Dolores/Dreams Oh
Dreams (both sides charted!), and (Pick Hit) VIM #509: Fabio & Bruno-Do You Know.)
Kinda makes you wonder what on earth VIM #506 (Scotty Carroll-"Perfidia/Rainbow
Kisses") did wrong to not also appear, denying the label a string of 5 consecutive
VIM 45 releases charting on this very same survey! I have a sneaking suspicion that
the label rep from VIM, circa mid-1960, probably splurged/wined/dined the then-WNDR
PD & MD with a bit more than just a free steak dinner to garner all this WNDR chart
action for VIM label product! Now I'm not making any direct accusations here, but
trust me when I tell you that this is just about as obvious a case of "chart funny
business" as I've ever seen in my years with ARSA, so I just thought I'd share.
Please don't shoot the messenger; just reporting what I see. Of course, neither
Tim, Gary, this survey's keyer (Rick Hy) or myself ever received anything! But if
any of us go missing, consider this note a possible clue   :)    -Jim