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Dec 27, 14 KOL Seattle Surveys Andre Skrastins
Thank you so much for occasionally posting a new (missing) KOL survey in your
archives. I check every few weeks to see if there's an update. I was a big fan of
KOL Seattle during the period 1965 to 1969, so it thrills me to find a "new" old
survey. -Andre S. 
Dec 24, 14 KLIV Surveys - June 1963 to June 1965 Rich Stivers
Just a reminder, I have 95% of the KLIV Surveys from June 1963 to June 1965. If
members can work on surveys other than these KLIV surveys, I can fill in most of
the gaps. I don't want to duplicate anyone's effort and vice versa. Now that I have
more time to devote to this, the surveys should be posted at a faster rate.

I want to thank all of the members here who are posting so many surveys. My fellow
DJ friends and I find this site invaluable in doing Oldies research.

Holiday Cheer,
Dec 18, 14 RE: WWRL surveys Gary Pfeifer
 Geno - Thank you very much for all your efforts in entering a tremendous number of
survey during this past year! Much appreciated! Enjoy your vacation and we'll use
that two week period to try and catch up with all the songs that need to be entered
into the database from the WWRL surveys. :)  Happy Holidays to you!
Dec 18, 14 WWRL surveys Geno Rice
Thanks for bearing with me while I input the rest of the 1969 WWRL surveys. I'm
slated to take a two-week vacation soon and I just want to finish 1969 before I go.
I have plenty more from 1970-1972 to input when I get back. Happy Holidays everyone!
Dec 10, 14 KDWB Minneapolis / St. Paul 1988-01-08 / KDWB ( Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota ) Paul H.
Gary, I noticed that you haven't yet added "Rock And Roll All Nite" by Poison
(debuts at #33 on this chart) to the database.  As far as I know, this song was
only available (at the time) as an album cut on the soundtrack to the movie Less
Than Zero.
Dec 9, 14 KTKT Tucson RE: 1979-11-09 / KTKT ( Tucson, Arizona ) Gary Pfeifer
Thanks, Paul - got them corrected.  Those errors had seen sitting there for 9 years!
Dec 9, 14 KTKT Tucson 1979-11-09 / KTKT ( Tucson, Arizona ) Paul H.
Gary, a couple of things you may want to fix on the chart data for this survey: The
song at #14 ("No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" by Streisand & Summer) is actually
one song, not two (you have it listed twice, like a 2-sided hit).  Also, the song
at #20 ("This Night Won't Last Forever") is by Michael Johnson, not Jackson (it's
listed correctly on the actual survey).
Dec 7, 14 RE: 1960's K.C and Chicago music surveys CARY LINIGER
They could be worth quite a lot. I sold a late 60's WHB 40 Star Survey on EBAY for
about $62.00.
Dec 6, 14 1960's K.C and Chicago music surveys James Harriman
Growing up in K.C. in the 1960's I acquired many whb and kudl radio surveys. My best
friend was from Illinois and gave me wls surveys and a couple from Rockford, Il.
There are all from 1966-1970 ranging from excellent condition to fair condition.
Probably have 50 of them. Are they worth anything? I would like to sell them!
Dec 6, 14 KTCR Minneapolis / St. Paul RE3: 1974-06-15 / KTCR ( Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota ) Paul H.
Gary, I also agree that the title should be changed in the database (it IS shown
correctly on the actual KTCR surveys).  I remember this record very well from the
first Country book I worked on at Record Research.  I was shocked when I first
played the record and realized that the label had the title incorrect.  All of our
books since have shown the title as "It'll Come Back".  When Sovine re-recorded the
song for Gusto in 1980, the label did correctly show the title as "It'll Come Back".
Dec 5, 14 KTCR Minneapolis / St. Paul RE2: 1974-06-15 / KTCR ( Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota ) Gary Pfeifer
  I agree with you, Kenn. A change to the title in the database with a notation
would seem to be appropriate considering the unique circumstances pertaining to
this title.  Strange that the record label did not correct the error at some point.
Dec 5, 14 KTCR Minneapolis / St. Paul RE: 1974-06-15 / KTCR ( Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota ) K.A. Scott
Hmmm...appears you're right, Paul!  I think ARSA usually goes by the title listed on
the actual record, but this would appear to be a special case -- I looked at the
Billboard charts printed in 1974 and even they list the song as "It'll Come Back". 
With this being the case, I suspect most contemporary radio charts would fall in
line and list it under this 'correct' title ... so probably ARSA should too, maybe
with a notation , e.g. "It'll Come Back (misprinted labels give title as "I'll Come

Gary, Tim, do you agree?

Dec 3, 14 KTCR Minneapolis / St. Paul 1974-06-15 / KTCR ( Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota ) Paul H.
The Red Sovine song that debuts at #44 on this chart is titled "It'll Come Back"
(even though the actual 45 shows the title [incorrectly] as "I'll Come Back").
Dec 1, 14 WJLB Detroit RE: 1967-12-25 / WJLB ( Detroit, Michigan ) Geno Rice
OH, way to go Kenn! Thanks, they're excellent.
Dec 1, 14 WJLB Detroit 1967-12-25 / WJLB ( Detroit, Michigan ) K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

Managed to decipher a couple of those semi-legible low-res entries for you -- take
a look at the chart entries and see if you agree!


- Kenn.
Dec 1, 14 WGH Newport News 1964-11-29 / WGH ( Newport News, Virginia ) Rick Hy
Wow ... that was way off .  Thanks for catching that. Donít know how that happened !
Dec 1, 14 WGH Newport News 2019-06-04 / WGH ( Newport News, Virginia ) Geno Rice
Hi Rick, the chart date you entered is incorrect. 
Nov 23, 14 RE: Statistics page question Gary Pfeifer
 Paul - I had reported that glitch to Tim previously.  I'm sure it's on his to-do
list when he gets the time.
Nov 23, 14 Statistics page question Paul H.
For Gary and/or Tim:

When I go to the statistics page and click on surveys for 2000 and 2001, I get the
message "not found".  I know there are a few surveys for those years (I can find
them using other methods)...just wondering why they don't show up when all the
other years seem to work for that particular page.

Nov 19, 14 CKGM Montreal RE3: 1984-09-26 / CKGM ( Montreal, Quebec ) K.A. Scott
(At least, I *think* the LW errors were on the printed copy of the survey....maybe I
was just having a very bad keyboard day.  I thought I had the original CGFM survey
in my files, but no such luck!  I'll have to check next time I'm at the reference