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Mar 4, 12 RE2: Think I know what happened to you, Lee! Gary Pfeifer
Lee, try this. Most photo view/edit programs have the ability to "resize" scanned
images.  I have needed to do this on a number of survey scans before I've uploaded
them.  I use Microsoft Photo Editor and under the Image section there is a Resize
application.  Using this function, you can reduce the size of your image at 50% of
original size, 80%, or whatever percentage works to result in an image size less
than 500 kb. Good luck!
Mar 4, 12 Free "scan tech support", if you like....... ARSA Jim
Lee, getting computers to communicate correctly with stand-alone scanners (that's
what I have, too) can be surprisingly tricky - took me forever! And I never
would've gotten it up-and-running if it weren't for a brilliant, long-time buddy of
mine, who possesses a heart of gold. Hey Lee, why don't you just give me your e-mail
address (put "at" instead of "@" in your response here, so the spambots don't find
ya!) I'll then reply, giving you his name and phone #. He'll be happy to help you
out. You buying another scanner was/is totally unnecessary (*so* glad you didn't -
those chain stores will say anything to make you think your only option is to buy
their current products/go through tons of hassle - not so!) My friend will even be
able to temporarily log on to your computer (with your permission, of course!) Then
just give him a few of your scanner's specific details (like you started to do
here.) All you have to do then is sit back, answer an occasional question, and let
my buddy do his thing. He'll then locate/install the necessary software between
your computer and your scanner. I guarantee that, within half an hour, you'll then
be able to make any scan be any dpi size you want. The best part - cost to Lee
Tucker? Zero! It's 100% up to you whether you take me up on this offer or not, Lee.
Neither he nor I will be at all offended if you don't want to do this. Let me know,
buddy!     -ARSA Jim 
Mar 4, 12 RE: Think I know what happened to you, Lee! Lee Tucker
ARSA Jim:  Thanks for the as always helpful explanation.  You were "right-on" as my
WHB 40 Star Survey scans are at 300dpi/825KB which appears to be the default color
image resolution settings of my scanner.  My scanner is contained within a Brother
MFC-J415W All-In-One Wireless Printer which does not give me the option of changing
the resolution settings before scanning a document and I have yet to figure out how
or if I can customize these resolution settings.  A trip to Best Buy and Target
yesterday enlightened me to the fact that purchasing a stand-alone scanner at
retail is "dinosaur technology" and if I want one I'll probably have to purchase it
on-line.  Not sure where I go from here but if I come up with the capability to
reduce these WHB 40 Star Survey scans, I'll give it a go and get back to you. 
Thanks again.   -Lee
Mar 2, 12 Think I know what happened to you, Lee! ARSA Jim
Lee: I don't know much about scans, either, but I've picked up a little "what
works/what doesn't work" along the way. The error message you got sounded familiar
to me, however - I think I know what's trippin' you up. I read Tim's "how to upload
scans to ARSA" tutorial a while back. A survey scan is basically just a "computer
photo/picture" of it. So, like any photo you or I have ever taken, some can be
"extra sharp/highly focused", while others can be less so, depending on certain
settings on the camera/computer when it's taken. You know, like "hi-definition" vs.
"regular definition" TV. The more "dots per inch (dpi)", the sharper the pic,
basically. Same for our survey scans. For ARSA, Tim wanted to balance two things:
1) make sure the uploaded survey scans info can be easily read by everybody, while
2) not wasting/using up valuable computer storage by having folks upload,
"space-hogging, way sharper than is needed to easily read" scans. Lee, for example,
lucky for us, 98% of the KFXM/KMEN/WCOL/WQAM scans from the sites you've been keying
them in from are already in Tim's "ARSA sweet spot" for scan upload size. This
really isn't all that surprising, because most people like their scans the same way
Tim/ARSA does: plenty easy to read, but not "crazy huge." Almost all the files I
grab/upload for you are already between 100KB and 400KB each. Personally, I think
250-400KB is perfect. I think Tim gives us an extra "size cushion", up to 500KB per
scan. But anything more than that, ARSA will give you the exact error message you
described to me. I bet when you tried to upload your WHB survey scans, your
scanner's settings made the scan too big/too sharp, because the same thing happened
to me when I started. My scanner's "default sharpness was too sharp: 150 dots per
inch (dpi). Typically, folks like pictures they take of their day-to-day lives to
be sharp - sharper than we need for our "survey/text pics." My "which size dpi do
you want?" has 6-7 choices. For me, the two lowest are 75dpi and 100dpi. These are
the only two I've ever used for survey scans. I normally leave it on 100dpi. This
keeps me within Tim's limits 95% of the time. But if it still ends up too big, I
then move it down to the smallest dpi, 75. That always works. Lee, when you get
time, try taking some new WHB scans, at these smaller dpi's. I bet you'll then see
they'll be well within Tim's 400-500KB size limits. Let me know how you make out,
buddy! In the meantime, I'll keep adding them all into ARSA for you.  -Jim
Mar 2, 12 ONE LAST THINGY Ben E. McCoy

forgot to express my appreciation for explaining the
methodologies being utilised by your most active members
for contributing radio surveys to ARSA -- from all-over it seems.
will keep this in mind for any future concerns what catches
my attention.

best regards,

b. mccoy.
Mar 2, 12 WQAM Miami 1963-04-27 / WQAM ( Miami, Florida ) Lee Tucker

Thanks for the kind words.  My initial contribtions to ARSA were from WHB, my
hometown coming of age station in Kansas City, MO.  I have the actual station
distributed copies of most of these WHB surveys that I contributed and when I
contributed them to ARSA, I attempted to upload a scanned image of them ; however,
I continually received (and continue to do so) the following message:

"Warning: unlink(): No such file or directory in
/home/warden/public_html/arsa/surveys_edit.php on line 310"

I'm unclear as to what this means and have not pursued it, but it is the reason I
do not/have not attempeted to upload any scanned survey images.  I really
appreciate your efforts in adding the surveys images after I key-in the data as I
think it adds a lot to the overall survey and I hope you continue to do so as your
busy schedule permits.  Have a great weekend.    
Mar 2, 12 WQAM Miami 1963-04-27 / WQAM ( Miami, Florida ) Ben E. McCoy

the FIRST page of the current WQAM survey (dated 4-27-1963) that you posted is
UN-R-E-A-D-A-B-L-E! the image is so fuzzy and unfocused as to be illegible.

so could you please RE-POST that FIRST page here?

thank you in advance.

best regards,

ben e. mccoy.
Feb 15, 12 Thanks, Joel! ARSA Jim
Mentioning ARSA on your site would be no problem at all. Thanks for thinkin' of us! 
   -ARSA Jim
Feb 12, 12 Link to Facebook? Joel Wagoner

There is a Facebook page for people from my hometown of Midland, Michigan.  Many of
my fellow Midlanders post various reminiscenses of our town to it, including
occasional posts about the radio stations we grew up listening to.

With your permission, I'd be happy to post to this Facebook page a link to ARSA's
website with the suggestion that anyone who'd like to submit surveys from
mid-Michigan radio stations is welcome to do so.

If I still had any, I'd have submitted them long ago.  I don't, but maybe some of
my fellow townsmen do.

My best,
Feb 8, 12 Rod Stewart..... ARSA Jim
Man, how did I never know/notice that before???? Thanks as always, Paul!   -Jim
(PS-you may wanna check out our "other board of interest", sir. I'm tryin' to help
our buddy Todd finish up a big project; just a few stragglers remain!  :)
Feb 7, 12 "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" - Rod Stewart Paul H.
The correct title of the Rod Stewart song is "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" not "Do Ya
Think I'm Sexy?".
Jan 29, 12 Lee: WABC "disclaimer?"..... ARSA Jim
Lee, I wouldn't bother to include the blurb I did for WABC 12/19/60 and/or 12/30/60,
since the site (and therefore, you) aren't including scans when you
add the WABC lists into ARSA. I think, short-term, it's only important to include
that if both a typed list and a survey scan appear together in ARSA. Thanks for
askin', though!    -ARSA Jim  
Jan 28, 12 No preference..... ARSA Jim
Gary, now that I think about it, I believe that you and I input surveys to ARSA
using different methods. I enter text manually, but you process pre-formatted
survey text into the system. So my outlined workaround likely wouldn't save you any
real time after all. I have no personal preference, except what is easiest for you,
sir!   -Jim
Jan 28, 12 RE2: Gary, new KISN 1-27-1971 survey has wrong scan attached... Gary Pfeifer
 The correct KISN survey scan is now online.  

 Jim, thanks for your tip.  My work-around tactic to an incorrect survey scan was
to delete the scans, hit apply changes, then wait a day or two to upload the
correct survey. Your suggestion provides a good alternative but both methods
require us to remember to take some action a day or so later.  No biggie tho and
I'm happy to do so.
Jan 28, 12 WABC New York 1960-08-06 / WABC ( New York, New York ) Lee Tucker

On future WABC surveys that I key-in to the ARSA data base, would you like for me
to add the same disclaimer that you posted on the 12/19/61 WABC Survey (**The
fantastic website uses the day the new WABC was first
unveiled on-air as their "survey date". As more survey scans are added to ARSA,
this may create some confusion, since the printed lists show a date a full 11 days
later.***) to the headline section?  This would certainly be an easy thing to do if
it would help avoid future confusion.
Jan 28, 12 Early WABC Survey Dates 0

Thanks so much for the clarification you recently provided concerning the disparity
between the early WABC survey dates reflected on the WABC tribute
site and those shown on the actual printed survey.  I first noticed this anomaly
when comparing the WABC surveys Gary Pfeifer had already contributed to the ARSA
database with those I had downloaded from the Musicradio77 website and was planning
to contribute.  Not possessing the inside knowledge you shared with us, I attributed
these date anomalies to a comment Ken Williamson made on the 7/16/60 WABC
survey("While things do improve as the weeks, months, and years go by, WABC will
always be known for anomalies in their surveys.") and the date anomalies contained
in the 11/17 - 12/29/60 WABC surveys previously contributed.  I have a few
remaining 1960 and all of 1963 & 1964 WABC surveys remaining to contribute and will
continue to date them as shown on the WABC website as you suggest unless you advise
otherwise.  Thanks again.  
Jan 28, 12 A note about early WABC survey dates..... ARSA Jim
The folks at the fantastic WABC tribute site remember well the
exact day each week that the new WABC survey was revealed to listeners on-air. For
this reason, at least during its early years, the WABC survey dates used by their
site do not, in fact, match up with the dates shown on the WABC printed lists.
Their website's date does certainly make perfect "real-world" sense, however, for
their site's purposes, and I can see why they've done it this way. But back in the
day, most Top 40 stations didn't want their printed, sent-out copies to appear
"old" or "stale" when customers grabbed their free copies at the local record store
each week, so most preferred to show a "for the week ending" date that was usually
around a week into the future, so the chart info would still appear "fresh" to the
public. In WABC's case, this "time gap" was a bit longer than usual, a week and 1/2
actually, or 11 days after its "on-air reveal" date. I only mention this now on
Chart Chat because while that site's "WABC chart date philosophy" make perfect
sense for their purposes, it will cause confusion for the ARSA site going forward,
especially as we add in more and more actual vintage WABC survey scans. For
example, I just added in a WABC scan for "week ending December 30, 1961". However,
the date Lee Tucker used for this same list (not his/anyone's fault) is the
" survey date" of 12/19/1961. This is the "on-air reveal date"
that, as I mentioned, the musicradio77 website folks consider to be the "more
accurate" date. Lee would never have known about this, but that's what I'm here
for, buddy! Lee, just keep doing it the same way you have been, for now, as you
continue to add more 1960/1961 WABC lists into ARSA. But at our site, our "normal"
has always been to have the "date shown on the printed survey" be exactly the same
one used when it is manually keyed into ARSA. As it stands now, we have two
different dates being utilized with the early WABC lists, that's all. At some point
down the road, I'll do some sort of "WABC mass survey date unification", moving from
the dates to the "printed survey date", simply to keep things as
logical as possible for us here at ARSA. It's all good; these sort of things are
bound to pop up from time to time when nearly 25,000 surveys are now being "housed"
here. And thanks again to Allan Sniffen & "The Survey Guys" (as they're known) for
allowing ARSA to incorporate their invaluable data here. Just a heads up here to
anyone who may be interested!    -ARSA Jim  
Jan 28, 12 Gary, a "tip" for next time.... ARSA Jim
Gary, Tim's been great over the years at encouraging me to just "play around with
ARSA stuff." I was a computer programmer for 10 years back in the 80's, so I've
always kept the instinct to be able find a "workaround/shortcut," be it for human
error or an ARSA "bug". (Tim has a word for this ability, but I forgot it.) These
"side doors" I've found have saved me from bothering Tim a ton, since '04. Next
time this happens to you, try this. First, delete the entire "Scan 1" survey string
(the KISN 1967 scan info, in this last case; in essence, restoring it to blank. Then
hit "apply change".) Then, temporarily bump the survey date at the top up by one
day. Hit "apply change" again. The date is now one day incorrect; not to worry.
ARSA matched up the unique call letter/date combo with the 1967 scan info. Because
you've now altered that combo, ARSA will now let you load in the 1971 KISN scan.
This will save you from having to re-enter it all the chart data again in a few
days. Instead, in a few days, when the system clears, all you'll then have to do is
to remember to go back in and move the survey date back one day, to its original
date. This should hopefully save you some time and bother, kind sir.    -Jim 
Jan 27, 12 RE: Gary, new KISN 1-27-1971 survey has wrong scan attached.... Gary Pfeifer
 Thanks. I removed the incorrect survey for now and will upload the correct one in a
day or so.  If I try uploading it now, the incorrect one will still display for some
Jan 27, 12 RE: Gary, new KISN 1-27-1971 survey has wrong scan attached.... Gary Pfeifer
 Thanks. I removed the incorrect survey for now and will upload the correct one in a
day or so.  If I try uploading it now, the incorrect one will still display for some