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Jun 29, 11 Entering survey "snippets" into ARSA ?????? ARSA Jim
I noticed today an ARSA first. Our kind, long-time Australian ARSA contributor,
Terry Stacey, has entered in a couple of "very partial" New Zealand surveys. Terry,
my gut feeling is that this is probably not a good idea, going forward. I just think
that when folks see a survey listed in ARSA, they've come to expect a full, intact
list to browse. Might entering in just a small fragment of a survey's songs open up
a "Pandora's Box", and possibly cause some users more frustration (at what's
missing) than enjoyment? Now I do know that Tim, Gary, myself, and all involved
here at ARSA have always appreciated any sort of time/survey contributions that
folks can make. And I don't mean to be a "wet blanket" here, Terry. But I believe a
bad ARSA precedent might be being set here. Do we want thousands of such "fragment"
surveys entered into ARSA? Your notations certainly help to clarify what you're
done here, but to me, it still looks quite strange to the eye to see a list set up
this way. My personal feeling is that, going forward, we should probably stick to
only entering in full/complete surveys into ARSA, as we've all done since 2003. But
I'm not sure. And I'm certainly not the primary "ARSA policy-maker" here - Tim is.
Other contributor/user opinions are certainly welcome here. So what do you guys
think? As always, thanks, everybody!    -Jim
Jun 22, 11 WMGM New York 1960 WIBG Survey Lee Tucker
Jim - Thanks for the heads-up; I actually caught the WIBG "misfile" when I
downloaded the survey as "Surrender" being #1 in 1960 seemed rather odd.  I have
that WIBG survey filed in my 1961 surveys and will add it to the ARSA data base
(unless someone else adds it first) when I get to updating 1961.  It's a real
pleasure to be adding these surveys to the ARSA data base.  I downloaded most of
them after selling most of my 20,000+ 45 RPMs (which I had sorted chronologically)
when the wife and I downsized after I retired (they took up an entire bedroom +). 
Adding these surveys to your data base now gives them another purpose for me and
actually helps me "re-live" having the 45s as I can visualize most of the labels
and sleeves as I add the titles to the data base.  The good Lord willing, I have
many more 50s, 60s, 70s, and even some 80s surveys I will be adding to the data
base chronologically over the next few years.  BTW, I am still seeking WHB (Kansas
City, MO) 40-Star Surveys, especially the 1963-early 1968 era, and any help anyone
could give me in finding these would be greatly appreciated.  
Jun 22, 11 Note to Lee Tucker.... ARSA Jim
First off, Lee, thanks a million for all the work you've been doing of late, adding
into the ARSA database many interesting late 50's/early 60's surveys that have been
previously uploaded elsewhere on the 'Net. Thanks to both the kindness and spirit of
cooperation of these good folks/fellow volunteers/music survey enthusiasts, ARSA's
databases can now be as "information inclusive" as possible, for all chart lovers
to now be able to reference/enjoy.
Just a heads up, Lee, that a survey you'll soon be keying in, WIBG for 3/20/1960,
has a date typo over on the philaradio site. The correct year for this survey is
actually 1961. Please make a note of this/fix the year, when you key it into ARSA.
Thanks!   -Jim 
Jun 19, 11 WAKY Louisville 1960-01-30 / WAKY ( Louisville, Kentucky ) Bob Harlow
I believe #9 "What Did I Do Wrong" is by The Fireflies Ribbon 6904.
 the flip side was "I Can't Say Goodbye" That was the side that charted on
Billboard on 1/25/60 .It got to #90. 
Jun 18, 11 WNDR Syracuse RE: 1960-06-18 / WNDR ( Syracuse, New York ) ARSA Jim
Hi Rick! Yes, only the Top 95 songs display if you browse a survey, but all 100
songs ARE entered into the ARSA singles database as normal, despite this, so please
go ahead and keep entering in all 100 of the songs. Remember, Tim wrote 99% of the
original ARSA computer code way back in 2002/2003, so the "95-song ARSA visual
chart limit" is likely just an ancient- philosophy-at-the-time of "we'll never see
a chart with more #'s on it than that" on his part. Keeping that in mind, I think
Tim did an amazing job building the ARSA system. All custom work by him; no
"bought-in" programs. With over 18,000 surveys in ARSA now, it's really not
surprising that sometimes lists "expand the known 2003 ARSA universe". Have a good
weekend, sir!    -Jim  
Jun 18, 11 WNDR Syracuse 1960-06-18 / WNDR ( Syracuse, New York ) Rick Hy
Hi Jim,   Here's another WNDR survey dated a week later from the last one I keyed
in. Hope you are still around to check it over!  I have a question about the next
WVET survey I have to key in. It is also a list of 100 songs with flip sides
listed. I noticed with the last survey I sent that on the chart display it only
went up to #95 and I had keyed in all 100 songs plus flip sides. Does the display
only show the first 100 songs listed regardless of how long the actual list is? If
so how would you want me to key in the next chart ... with all 100 songs listed
without the flip sides or include the flip sides no matter how many rows they take
up ? This whole list is mimeographed .. the top 40 tunes and the second sheet isn't
called extras ... it's called additional programming and the songs are grouped by
categories ... instrumental, male vocals, female vocals and vocal groups. So the
listings from 41-100 are not an attempt at rankings but simply a listing of
additonal programming at the station.
Rick Hy 
Jun 12, 11 WNDR Syracuse 1960-06-11 / WNDR ( Syracuse, New York ) - Suspicious....... ARSA Jim
Considering this was right around the time of the big "payola" scandal in Top 40
radio, how about this highly suspicious "chart coincidence?" The short-lived "VIM"
(Variety In Music) record label, with home offices right on Broadway in NYC,
managed to chart an astounding FOUR current releases on this particular WNDR
survey. Until this list, none of these songs have ever appeared, on even a single
ARSA survey! And all ended up as total "stiffs" (non-hits). If interested, here are
the specifics: ((#57) VIM #505: Buddy Lucas Band-Begin The Beguine/Night Train (both
sides charted!), (#10) VIM #507: Little Jan And The Radiants-Heart And Soul/If You
Love Me (both sides charted!), (#23) VIM #508: Bebo Singleton-Dolores/Dreams Oh
Dreams (both sides charted!), and (Pick Hit) VIM #509: Fabio & Bruno-Do You Know.)
Kinda makes you wonder what on earth VIM #506 (Scotty Carroll-"Perfidia/Rainbow
Kisses") did wrong to not also appear, denying the label a string of 5 consecutive
VIM 45 releases charting on this very same survey! I have a sneaking suspicion that
the label rep from VIM, circa mid-1960, probably splurged/wined/dined the then-WNDR
PD & MD with a bit more than just a free steak dinner to garner all this WNDR chart
action for VIM label product! Now I'm not making any direct accusations here, but
trust me when I tell you that this is just about as obvious a case of "chart funny
business" as I've ever seen in my years with ARSA, so I just thought I'd share.
Please don't shoot the messenger; just reporting what I see. Of course, neither
Tim, Gary, this survey's keyer (Rick Hy) or myself ever received anything! But if
any of us go missing, consider this note a possible clue   :)    -Jim
Jun 8, 11 WVET Rochester 1960-01-08 / WVET ( Rochester, New York ) Rick Hy
Hi Jim ....  The WVET chart from #41-100 was a typewritten list of survey extras.  I
didn't down load it because it is an 8 !/2 by 14 sheet which I can't scan in one
sheet. I will however scan it for you in two parts.  I doubt WVET had a top 100
countdown show ... they probably held it to just the top 40. The song "Washington
Calling" by the Newsmen is as it was listed on the chart. I have a couple other
WVET charts with this top 40 and 41-100 extra format. Eventually the station just
produced typewritten lists until it changed format. Sorry I don't have any more
info on that specific song. 
Rick Hy  
Jun 7, 11 WVET Rochester 1960-01-08 / WVET ( Rochester, New York ) ARSA Jim
Hi, Rick! Jim here. A quick question for you. While I was looking for any possible
additional label/title/artist details tonight for one of the songs (#71) that you
typed in (the one you show as "Washington Calling" by "Newsmen" - all the others I
was able to match up), I noticed only 40 total songs listed, on your two total
scans for this survey. Yet I noticed you typed in a full 100 songs, not just the 40
I see scanned, which has no mention of the "Newsmen" record on it. Now I know you
listened to live/jotted down/saved your original handwritten lists, for a ton of
"Buffalo And Surrounding" markets, for over 50 years now, which I think is just
fantastic! I do have two questions for you, though. 1) Did you make your "best
guess" as to #71's title/artist details? (likely because the DJ didn't specify them
live on-air.) 2) I have never heard of any Top 40 station EVER count down on-air as
many as 100 songs, for just a "normal" weekly survey. I've only heard as many as
1-500 songs announced on-air for "specialty-type countdowns", such as the "Top 100
Songs of 19**", the "Top 500 Songs Of All Time", or the "Top 100 Party Songs" -
something like that. Yet WVET must have, because how else would you have obtained
your "bonus" details, for songs 41-100? Did WVET really spend 6-8 hours a week,
just counting down their weekly survey, from 100 to 1, on-air? I'm curious, my
friend. Thanks for any new details!    -Jim   
Jun 5, 11 RE: WIL-FM Duplicate Station Listing ARSA Jim
Hi John! Simply FYI, only Tim can make this sort of "station consolidation"
correction. (I did update the dupe WIL entry to "Missouri", but there are still the
two different WIL-FM entries.) And you're right when you say that you adding in a
two-letter state acronym (like "MO", for Missouri) does gum up the works a bit,
because that isn't how Tim initially set ARSA up - the full state name must be
typed in. Hope all is well, sir!   -Jim
Jun 5, 11 WIL-FM Duplicate Station Listing John Schwob
I made a mistake entering a survey for WIL-FM 92.3 in St. Louis.  The August 30,
1970 survey that I accidentally added this as a separate station listing possibly
because I typed in "MO" for Missouri instead of "Missouri".  Can you combine this
with the other WIL-FM station surveys?  I realize now I should have entered WIL and
chosen the FM version with the next "drop down".  Sorry, guys.
May 28, 11 KGB's Top 100 of 1968 Mark A.
I am obsessively seeking (San Diego) KGB's Top 100 songs of 1968 list information.
(My lengthy earlier post here somehow aborted before posting, so I'll keep this one
brief.) If anybody has information of where I could get information about that
specific song order, please let me know, even if you remember even just one song
and its specific ranking for that year on KGB.
May 15, 11 WILS Lansing 1976-03-22 / WILS ( Lansing, Michigan ) Dave Timpe
I was up in Escanaba in 76, but when I came home for a weekend, I'd catch up on what
was going on in AOR on WILS-FM.  This is about what I remember them playing.  Didn't
know they were publishing charts in that era.
May 15, 11 My Mom threw all my charts away Dave Timpe
It happened while I was in Vietnam.  I got home and they were gone.  Otherwise, I'd
have WILS charts going back to the late 50s through about 67 or so, and WJIM from
63 to 67-ish.  Also, the odd CKLW "Big 8" chart, and a few from others less well
known, like WMRT, Lansing (now WITL), which only put out charts for a year or two. 
I might have a funky aircheck or two out in storage, but I'd have to find some way
to play a quarter-track tape.  My deck's tape transport is shot, and I don't think
parts would be easy to find.
May 15, 11 WILS Lansing 1964-03-16 / WILS ( Lansing, Michigan ) Dave Timpe
At this time, Hank Stevens would have been the morning man, 6a-10a, Gene Healy 10-2
(or 3), Erik-O (Erik O. Furseth) 2 (or 3) to 6 or 7, ab Carey 6 or 7 to Mid.  I
don't think Jim Eaton was the overnight man (who mainly played jazz, and probably
wouldn't have picked Bob & Earl), but I can't remember his name.
May 15, 11 WJIM Lansing 1964-05-01 / WJIM ( Lansing, Michigan ) Dave Timpe
Can't remember a WJIM chart ever looking like this one, at least not the ones that
were put in record stores.  I think this might have actually been put up in the
control room or maybe it was sent out to distributors.  The 64 charts looked about
the same as the 65 one that's posted here, as I recall.
May 15, 11 WJIM Lansing 1965-11-26 / WJIM ( Lansing, Michigan ) Dave Timpe
I was a part-timer (Jim Davids) there at the time.  Somebody in the office typed
them up, and may never have actually listened to the station (it definitely played
second fiddle to TV in Hal Gross's scheme of things).  Hence the typos.  Most of
their charts also featured a song lyric on the flip side.
May 6, 11 PS to Michael.... ARSA Jim
Sir, I just did an ARSA Chart Chat search on your name. and this is approximately
the 5th different time that you've asked basically the exact same question here on
Chart Chat, from as far back as 2007! I also see, back in 2008, that I gave you a
very similar explanation to the one I just gave to you earlier today, to your
then-very-similar question. (This issue did sound vaguely familiar to me.) At the
time, it sounded like you understood where ARSA was coming from. But, now here it
is, 3 years later, and you ask the exact same question, still again! I just don't
understand this. I can only conclude that you have been/are extraordinarily unhappy
with ARSA's current database 45 philosophy. And to such a passionate, determined
degree that I've never before personally witnessed on here, Michael! 
     I know on-line complete 45 discographies are lacking on the Web. I am very
sorry about this, Michael. Of course, you are always more than welcome to start
your own "45 discography" website, no? There is a big need for this sort of
database on the 'Net. I know I, for one, would bookmark it as a favorite. Please
note that ARSA founder Tim Warden is a database designer - perhaps he can
advise/assist you in even setting something like this up.   
     I truly just don't know what else I can say to you at this point, Michael. I
have tried my best to as honest, cordial and respectful to you as possible. Just
know that I will no longer be replying to you, in regard to this matter. I can only
now offer you both my sincere best wishes and my prayers to you, going forward. 
-ARSA Jim  
May 6, 11 RE: Adding uncharted singles to list ARSA Jim
Hello, Michael. I don't ever remember seeing you ask this question here on "Chart
Chat" before. I am Jim, and I have maintained both the ARSA 45 and album databases
for over 7 years now. To me, your post actually sounds a bit angry (although
sometimes typed messages give off a "wrong vibe.") ARSA does not exist to be a "45
label discography" storehouse, although by adding label/catalog/flip details to
songs appearing on surveys added to ARSA, we do end up including quite a few of
them. And yes, for security reasons, "change" access to the ARSA databases can only
be authorized by our ARSA site founder, Tim Warden.
     Michael, I already personally own just about every 45 label reference
book/resource known to man. I also know that there are many thousands of 45s,
issued back in the day, that are not currently included in the ARSA 45 database.
Michael, I believe ARSA to be a mis-match for your particular main interest, that's
all. ARSA's scope is charted singles. Not just national hit, Billboard-type
charters, but also songs that only charted locally as well. While some
"non-charting 45 to date" are currently in ARSA, it is often due to the fact that I
own a "soon-to-be-entered" chart, for which the song does/will soon appear.
     ARSA has long had a solid structure in place. We are a small, devoted group of
volunteers, who deal with documenting/preserving old radio surveys. That's our
scope/mission. And we are plenty busy at it, just staying on top of what the site
currently offers. I believe we are the best on the "Net at what we do. I understand
there are bound to be folks who stumble upon ARSA, kinda-sorta like us, but would
really much prefer us to expand what it is we mainly do, to better reflect their
own personal music interests. I certainly understand that. But Michael, there are
already at least two other organizations, where fully documenting 45
releases/discographies are/have been their primary scope, for many years now. "The
Directory Of American 45 R.P.M. Records", by Ken Clee/Stak-O-Wax (who I've long
respected/supported), as well as There are surely others. I'll
bet if you volunteered your time/efforts over there, you'd be far better matched up
with your specific area of interest.
     Michael, I hope you understand. In a perfect world, ARSA would love to be all
things to all people. But that is just 100% unrealistic. We are what we are. We do
what we do. If you feel you would like to address this matter further, within ARSA,
might I suggest you contact site founder Tim Warden directly. Best regards, "ARSA
May 6, 11 Adding uncharted singles to list Michael Fiedler
I am still looking for the answer to this:  How do you add non-charting single 45's
to this database?