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Apr 30, 15 RE: The phantom singles! K.A. Scott
Hmmm .... the word processing editor here won't let me post the name of the label
we've sorted all the Unidentified Recordings under.  That means there's a couple of
spots in my previous post where the words "Unidentified Recording" should appear
that are just blank!

To make thing clear (I hope) the label name is "Unidentified Recording", but with
angled brackets (like these < >) around the name, rather than quotation marks.

Hope that hasn't made this all too incomprehensible!  

Apr 30, 15 The phantom singles! 0
Hi all…

I wrote a little while ago about phantom singles. So ... what’s a phantom single?

Gary, Tim and I try to track down label and catalogue info for every single and
album that’s entered on this site.  We’ve gotten pretty good at deciphering some
totally weird entries on the original published charts, but with well over 50,000
charts here on ARSA (and dozens more being submitted every day!) it’s going to
happen – we’re occasionally going to come across some completely obscure “phantom”
singles.  Phantom singles are what we call singles that appear somewhere on an ARSA
chart, but that we can find no evidence of actually existing...

So that we can keep track of these singles, we’ve set up a home for them.  If you
browse the label , you’ll find all the phantom singles (and
coming soon -- phantom albums!) we’ve been unable to track down.   

Here’s a quick summary of our initial  list

1959	Loni Kol -- Now There Are None
1959	Doc Stein And The Brain-Surgeons -- You Go To My Head
1960	Patty Wheeler -- Love's A Game Of Chance
1960	Chang Kai "Joe" Smith -- I Got Those No-Show Blues
1960	Chuck Jones and the Rays -- Wendy
1960	Bobby Smith Trio -- Heartbreak Hotel
1960	O'Bannon -- Tarzan
1961	The Sundowners -- The Song Is Ended
1961	Johnny Tillotson -- Just About Ready
1961	Ernest Ball -- It's A Long Way To Tipperary
1961	Adlenne Evans -- Georgie
1961	Chuck Sedaka --	You'll Never Know
1961	Mitch Miller -- Twist Along With Mitch
1962	Bobby -- P.T. 110
1962	Paul Conrad -- Like Stomp
1962	Paul Conrad -- Danger
1962	Bobby Ray and the Gents -- Gent's Walk
1962	Don Costa -- Walking
1963	The Strato-Coasters -- The Three Guitar Theme
1964	The Staccatos -- Nightmare
1964	Bobby Darin -- Try Me
1965	Esther Phillips -- Don't You Know
1966	Johnny Cash and Lan Roberts -- Egg Suckin' Dog
1966	The Limit -- Melitla
1969	The Loved Ones -- Magic Baby
1971	Younger Set -- Good Good Loving
1971	Tony Rossini -- Thanks
1971	The Main Ingredient -- Wait A Minute
1971	Jodi Gales -- Care Free
1975	Shirley (And Company) -- Oil
1976	Bruce Springsteen -- Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
1982	Air Fair -- Why
1985	Bruce Marshall & The Clue -- Never Talk To Strangers
1989	MC Spider -- A Poem Is A City

Some of these entries are probably straight-up mistakes made by the original
compilers of the printed surveys.  Other entries may have been tapes or acetates
given to local stations that were never released commercially as records. 
Occasionally, we can find a later compilation appearance of one of these songs, but
not an original release that lines up with the survey date -- for instance, The
Strato Coasters “Three Guitar Theme” saw the light of day on some surf compilations
from the 1980s and later, but we can’t find a 1963 release for its appearance on a
KXFM chart from that year.  

Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus Is Comin To Town”, meanwhile, doesn’t appear to
have been released even as a promo before 1981 – were its pre-’81 chart appearances
from a bootleg?

Still other entries may be jokes or spoofs.  We’re pretty sure Ernest Ball’s “It’s
A Long Way To Tipperary” is an April Fools joke of some sort, as it appeared for
only one week on the CFAC chart of April 1, 1961.  But as this is both a real
recording artist and a real song (although we can find no evidence that Ernest Ball
ever actually recorded it), we’re keeping it in the database for now.  We’re also
keeping the almost-certainly-a-joke-entry “Twist Along With Mitch” in ... at least
until we’re *sure* it’s simply a joke. 

And of course, some of these singles may be in-house novelty recordings that were
never commercially released. 

Nevertheless, we’re also certain at least a few of these are legit records that
just haven’t shown up yet in any discographies or collections that we have access
to.  So we’re putting ‘em in the database under the “”
banner – maybe you can help solve the mystery behind one or more of our phantom

So....if you’re in the mood to do some discographical research, the current list of
ARSA's “phantom” records will always be available under the label .  (NOTE:  Include the angular brackets <> on each side when searching
for the label.)  And if you find any solid info about these records, feel free to
post it right here on Chart Chat.   

Happy hunting, good luck, and thanks!


- Kenn.
Apr 26, 15 KSEA San Diego 1972-05-21 / KSEA ( San Diego, California ) Geno Rice

Could you please delete this survey? It obviously has the wrong date as the survey
for 5/24/1972 just became available. Thanks, Geno.
Apr 24, 15 WOHO Toledo RE2: 1962-04-22 / WOHO ( Toledo, Ohio ) Geno Rice
Thanks for the information. I'm planning on going at the end of May. 
Apr 22, 15 WOHO Toledo RE: 1962-04-22 / WOHO ( Toledo, Ohio ) K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  They are indeed from The Toledo Blade.  Near as I can figure, the WOHO surveys
were published there every Saturday from August of 1961 through mid-May of 1962. 
I'll get about to posting more of 'em in the next little while, but I'm missing Feb
3, March 17 and 24, and anything else in 1961 or '62.  So if you can find those
surveys in the library, go ahead and post 'em!

  - Kenn.

Apr 22, 15 WOHO Toledo 1962-04-22 / WOHO ( Toledo, Ohio ) Geno Rice
These WOHO surveys are great. Are they from the Toledo Blade newspaper? The reason
I'm asking is that I was going to try to locate the WOHOs on the microfilmed Toledo
Blades the next time I go to the Cleveland Public Library, but I won't if you have
them all. ~ Geno
Apr 14, 15 RE: Two B.W. Stevenson songs titled K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  I agree with your research -- I also couldn't find any evidence of a B.W.
Stevenson track called "River Of Sorrow".  The song title *was* entered that way on
the KUPD survey of November 3, 1973, but it was two entries below David Bowie's
"Sorrow" -- I suspect the KUPD staffer who was typing up the survey had the word
"Sorrow" on the brain, and typed it twice by mistake.

  Accordingly, I've made the correction in the database.  Thanks for posting about


  - Kenn.
Apr 14, 15 RE: Two B.W. Stevenson songs titled Geno Rice
Yikes, that should be "identical"
Apr 14, 15 Two B.W. Stevenson songs titled "The River of..." Geno Rice
ARSA has one entry for a 1973 B.W. Stevenson song titled "The River of Sorrow." I
think that's a typo as there are no other results doing Google and YouTube
searches. The correct title is "The River of Love," which ARSA has listed as a 1974
song with the identicle label & number as "Sorrow". 

Could Sorrow be eliminated and the year of Love be changed to 1973, as a few dozen
surveys have this song at the end of 1973? Thanks ever so much. ~ Geno
Apr 4, 15 LM Radio Lourenço Marques RE: 1971-04-04 / LM Radio ( Lourenço Marques, Maputo ) K.A. Scott
Thanks!  I want to ensure that we have a reasonable shot at tracking down the listed
singles before I enter any more of these -- the current headscratcher on this survey
is "Good Good Lovin'" by The Younger Set.  Possibly a local act?  Or maybe the group
name (and/or song title) has been slightly garbled?  

Which reminds me -- there are also a few unidentified recordings from other ARSA
surveys that we'll be highlighting here soon. Keep your eye on "Chart Chat" over
the next little while as we roll out info on some entries we can't quite
triangulate yet ... maybe you can help us track down a few super-obscure "phantom"
singles and albums!   


- Kenn.
Apr 4, 15 LM Radio Lourenço Marques 1971-04-04 / LM Radio ( Lourenço Marques, Maputo ) Geno Rice
Oh, how cool is this! 
Mar 27, 15 RE: K.A. Scott
It's fixed now, Paul!  Current entries are now aligned correctly, and future entries
should match up to the correct title.  Thanks for pointing it out!


- Kenn.
Mar 27, 15 "As" - Stevie Wonder Paul H.
For some reason, the Stevie Wonder songs "What Christmas Means To Me" (from 1971)
and "As" (from 1977) appear to be linked together in the database.  Kinda hard to
explain, but something just isn't sorting correctly with those titles.  Hopefully
this can be sorted out.
Mar 20, 15 RE: WORC Surveys Gary Pfeifer
  Hi Martin,

    Glad you've joined us again and found some WORC surveys to your liking!

    As for the large size WORC surveys you have, consider scanning it in two parts
- top half/bottom half.  I'd had to do that on some of mine.  If not, the scan you
posted the link to is certainly readable enough to prepare an entry for, but I'll
wait a bit if you can get a higher quality scan.
Mar 20, 15 WORC Surveys Martin Nathan
It's been a awhile since I've posted here.
I've posted a few WORC surveys in the past,
and it's great to see that the number of them
has accumulated a lot since the last time I
checked.  It's especially great to see 2-15-69
and 7-15-69.  I'm always on the hunt for
WORC surveys from that period.  Anything from
late 69 to early '72 is greatly appreciated.
I have several WORC surveys from 1967 and 68,
but they are too big  for the scanner.  I
took a picture of one with my camera.  It's
readable, but not quite up the quality needed
for posting, so I set up a link so it can be

thank you Martin Nathan Worcester, Mass.
Mar 20, 15 WEBB Baltimore RE: 1966-08-15 / WEBB ( Baltimore, Maryland ) K.A. Scott
Ha!  No sooner had I typed this than it was done.  Thanks!


- Kenn.
Mar 20, 15 WEBB Baltimore 1966-08-15 / WEBB ( Baltimore, Maryland ) K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  Loving the R&B charts you've been entering recently!

  Are you aware that you can (and really should) enter both sides of a two-sided
hit into the database?  For the #2 entry on this chart, enter it as two separate

 2	3	 	Manhattans	Can I
 2	3	 	Manhattans	That New Girl

 This way, it's easy to look up which stations were playing "That New Girl" via the

 Thanks, and looking forward to seeing what other charts you've got for us!


  - Kenn.

Mar 16, 15 RE2: KYNO 1970-09-08 add-ons Lee Tucker

It appears that I'm not the only one who is unable to return to a survey I
previously contributed to make corrections or add previously unavailable data or
images.  For me anyway, this is a relatively new issue as in the past I have been
able to return to surveys I had previously contributed and edit them as previously
unavailable data or images became available.  Is this a consequence of the new ARSA
editing program and, if so, is there any way around this?   Thanks.

Mar 15, 15 RE: KYNO 1970-09-08 add-ons Tim Warden
Sure -- no problem.
Mar 15, 15 KYNO 1970-09-08 add-ons Geno Rice
Hi Tim,

As new information comes to light, can I ask you to add songs to surveys that I
inputted long ago? For example, the three Boss hitbounds for KYNO 1970-09-08 just
became available, but I'm closed out from making the entries. They are:

Carpenters - We've Only Just Begun; 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Our House
Jackson 5 - I'll Be There.

Thanks ever so much.