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Nov 1, 12 WKIX Raleigh 1964-00-00 / WKIX ( Raleigh, North Carolina ) Gary Pfeifer
  It's been brought to my attention that this WKIX Top 100 Of 1964 is identical to
WABC's Top 100 of 1964.  I went to the referenced WKIX Rewound website and looked
at the other WKIX Year End Top 100's and every one from 1964 to 1974 is identical
to WABC's!?!  What the heck?  Did they just use WABC's surveys, or maybe they were
compiled by the same company??  I wouldn't think WABC's research for their Top
100's would necessarily reflect the regional sales in Raleigh.

  Anyone know anything about this?
Nov 1, 12 1964 K.A. Scott
Hi Lee...

  Just want to congratulate you for entering all those 1964 charts!  Looks like
you're pretty much done now (maybe there'll be a straggler or two) ... and ARSA is
that much better for your work.  Thanks again!
Oct 30, 12 CFMB Montreal RE2: 1983-10-06 / CFMB ( Montreal, Quebec ) K.A. Scott
Hi Gary...

  Going forward, there should only be 1-3 new chart entries per week on these
alternative charts for 1983.  There's also some 1982 weekly charts, the first one
of which will probably have a number of new-to-ARSA entries ... but I won't post
that one for a few weeks, to give you a break!


  - Kenn.
Oct 30, 12 CFMB Montreal RE: 1983-10-06 / CFMB ( Montreal, Quebec ) Gary Pfeifer
 Got that one all done!  Please space the other ones out a bit, unless the majority
of the charted songs are the same.  Corrected the misdirection on "This Is The
Oct 29, 12 CFMB Montreal 1983-10-06 / CFMB ( Montreal, Quebec ) K.A. Scott
Hi Gary...

  Looks like you've got your work cut out for you on this chart!  Sorry about
that....I'll hold off on downloading further charts like this until you've caught
up with the non-magic-dotted entries.  (Note that I've got several 1983 charts from
this same station to enter.)

  Also note the The The's "This Is The Day" currently redirects to the wrong


  - Kenn.

Oct 25, 12 KGB San Diego RE: 1968-10-26 / KGB ( San Diego, California ) Gary Pfeifer
 Yes, an error on my part.  The correct date, of course, is 1966 so I've deleted
this duplicate survey.
Oct 25, 12 KGB San Diego 1968-10-26 / KGB ( San Diego, California ) J. A. Theroux
Either KGB was way behind the times in 1968 or this survey is really from 1966, in
which case this would be a duplication of an already existing KGB survey for
10/26/1966.  Just thought you'd like to know.
Oct 19, 12 RE: Jackson Browne's "Rosie" Gary Pfeifer
  Both are linked to "The Load-Out/Stay" now.  Thanks, Kenn.
Oct 18, 12 Jackson Browne's "Rosie" K.A. Scott
This B-side currently shows 2 chart entries -- both of which are actually for
Browne's "The Load Out/Stay".  Hope this is an easy fix!


- Kenn.

Hi Ben

Appreciate the heads-up and your concern.  This WFUN survey is a copy which was
part of a very large batch of survey copies I acquired some time ago, some of which
were not scanned or copied with the care and clarity as others.  Since I do not have
the original survey to rescan, the posted image is what it is as it will not be any
clearer with a rescan and I know of no way to make it appreciably clearer than it
currently is. Cheers.

    - Lee


the WFUN survey currently posted is totally unreadable even when the image is
clicked on for (slight) enlargement.
just thought you oughta know about it so maybe this problem
can me fixed.

thank you much, Sir.

Oct 16, 12 RE3: WORC Surveys Link Gary Pfeifer
 Thanks for your offer, Lee!  Once the scans become available, I'll contact you if
assistance is needed.

Oct 16, 12 RE2: WORC Surveys Link Lee Tucker

I'd be glad to help out if needed.  These would fit in nicely with the 1-2 I
usually key-in every afternoon and be a pleasant diversion from the straight
chronological format I adhere to in the morning.  Cheers!

     - Lee  

Oct 15, 12 RE2: WORC Surveys Link Martin Nathan
Okay, I'll start uploading the scans , one or two at atime - next day or so
Oct 15, 12 RE: WORC Surveys Link Gary Pfeifer

   Thanks for the link but when I go to it, I get the message "The Item you are
trying to access has either been deleted or is unavailable to you".

  I set up a free account on the site, but still receive the same error message.
Oct 15, 12 WORC Surveys Link Martin Nathan

Here is a link to the folder that has all the WORC surveys

BTW, on  the 8-16-69 survey, the #1 song is by The Majic Ship - that is correct
spelling- I have the 45


Martin Nathan
Oct 15, 12 RE: WORC 1310 Worcester, MASS. Surveys Gary Pfeifer
  Hi Martin,

   Welcome back to ARSA and thank you for your contributions! I will be glad to add
the WORC surveys to my queue to eventually type up and add to the site.  Thanks for
your willingness to share with all!

  The link you provided brings up the WORC 6-19-72 (back) survey but I don't see
how to view/download the remaining. Please advise. Thx

Oct 15, 12 RE: WORC 1310 Worcester, MASS. Surveys Martin Nathan
Here is the link
Oct 15, 12 WORC 1310 Worcester, MASS. Surveys Martin Nathan
I haven't posted here in about 3 years.  I posted some surveys at that time, from
1968.  I don't have the patience
to type a bunch but I do have about 20 surveys from WORC, mostly 1969 and a few
into the 70s that are scanned, and I have a link to them.  If somebody has a few
from WORC late 1969 through early 1972, it would be great.  I'd love to find the
one from about the beginning of 1970 that had Remember Then by Sha Na Na hitting

Here is the link to them
Oct 14, 12 KDEO San Diego 1961-10-13 / KDEO ( San Diego, California ) Gary Pfeifer
 I believe the unidentified "Sad Boy" song is Dorsey Burnette. It's the flip side of
"Feminine Touch" which charted in Sept./Oct. 1961.