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Jan 18, 12 CKGM Montreal 1982-01-21 / CKGM ( Montreal, Quebec ) K.A. Scott
Hi ARSA Jim...

  Just so you know, there are a couple of "undotted" albums on this chart.

  And again, I'd be happy to take over 90s Canadian singles from you.  Just let me
know what info you need, and how best to enter it into the system.


  - Kenn.
Jan 16, 12 RE: Deputy Kenn???????????? K.A. Scott
Sure thing, Jim!  

I don't have any charts past February of '92, but just let me know what I need to
do in terms of posting the info, and I'll be ARSA's early 90s CanCon guy.   


- Kenn.

Jan 16, 12 Deputy Kenn???????????? ARSA Jim
Kenn, I see you have begun to add in some 1990's Canadian surveys. By this time,
very very few stations were still publishing/furnishing chart info to the public.
Sadly, by this era, surveys were considered to be by the majority of the radio
world as just an "old, passe radio station gimmick." I know we at ARSA all welcome
your latest efforts.
     My issue is time. Not surprisingly, each of these new Canadian lists has
between 6-12 new-to-the-ARSA db songs. Locating label/catalog info for the
Canadian-only charters has always been my biggest research challenge. To date, I've
been up to it, despite documentation for old Canadian songs being far less available
than their US counterparts. But at least I could always count on the pre-1990
Canadian songs having a 45RPM, 7" single origin. But while researching the first
few of your new 90's lists, I see it will clearly be too much for me to tackle.
Most of the new songs are on either a cassette single, a CD-maxi single, a promo CD
single, some still on a 7" single, or none of the above. Each one is simply taking
me *forever*!!!
     Kenn, my friend, I'm currently maxed out, time-wise, on ARSA daily duties. I
just don't have 2-3 more hours a day to dedicate to ARSA, which is my best new
daily time estimate, including your new 90's lists. But these surveys are great,
and they truly need/must be a part of ARSA!!! Would it be possible for me to
"deputize" you, and ask you to do me the favor of at least taking a stab at trying
to locate label/catalog # info for these 90's, Canadian-only chart songs? Let me
know, and thanks!    -Jim
Jan 16, 12 Jermaine & Michael...... ARSA Jim
Paul, I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it is at times for me to be both the
"ARSA database accuracy guy", yet have no access to the "inner workings" of ARSA
computer code. I feel like my head's in the middle of a vice here. Legitimate
concerns (like yours here) vs. an inability to fix it the right way, due to
parameters layed down by our distinguished ARSA CEO = mega-agita. Hey, it's Tim's
shop. I respect that. All I can do every day is the best I can do. Paul, I feel
your frustration as well. The only way I can think of to fulfill your latest
request is to adopt what I feel to be bad ARSA policy/precedent. I have just
"X'd-out" the two other db entries for the song. There's just no other way to for
me to make you happy here. They are both 100% legitimate, and they do both belong
in the db, just as they were. Also, I am terrified that I will now forget to
"re-populate" the title fields after your upcoming "flurry" of surveys. (Can you
remind me when you're done?) Another negative is that ARSA browsers stumbling upon
these two entries will now see "asterisks" instead of a song title (which, of
course, will make no sense at all to them!)
     For the future, Paul, I think it's wisest if you and I wait until the end of a
"survey key-in flurry" to address songs like this. Let the results be wrong in the
short-term, and then I'll go in at the end and do one extensive, manual fix. Peace!
Jan 16, 12 "Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin'" - Jermaine Jackson Paul H.
Hey Jim, there's still a problem with this particular title in the singles database.
 There are now 3 separate entries for this title, and a couple of the newer entries
are being split away from the others.  I'm hitting a period where I'll be entering
this title often, so it would be nice to get them all grouped under one entry.  Let
me know if there is some "trick" I can use while entering this title to get them to
all come out together.  This is one of those titles that was never eligible for the
Hot 100, so it's always been of particular interest to me.
Jan 14, 12 CKGM Montreal 1981-01-15 / CKGM ( Montreal, Quebec ) K.A. Scott
Just a heads-up about the album portion of this chart -- two new LPs to add to the
Jan 10, 12 RE: Question for Paul Haney Paul H.
Thanks, Kenn!  Glad you're enjoying the 1980s charts.  I don't have any Canadian
surveys from before September 1983, so feel free to add those when you can.  I love
those Canadian charts, as they always contain some titles that are new to me!
Jan 10, 12 Question for Paul Haney K.A. Scott
Hi Paul...

  I've been enjoying the mind-boggling number of surveys you've entered from
September 1983 forward.  Will you ever be moving *backward* from that date at any

  I only ask because I'll be doing some microfilm research in the next month or so,
looking up some Canadian charts from '81 and '82. If you already have this era
covered, let me know which stations you already have, so I can concentrate on
digging up info that doesn't duplicate yours.  


  - Kenn. 

Jan 10, 12 WPRO to WPRO-FM..... ARSA Jim
I made the change, Paul. Thanks as always for noticing! -Jim
Jan 10, 12 WPRO Providence 1991-01-29 / WPRO ( Providence, Rhode Island ) Paul H.
This survey is currently filed under the WPRO-AM listings.  Is it possible to file
this under WPRO-FM where it belongs?
Jan 8, 12 CHUM Toronto RE: 1959-04-01 / CHUM ( Toronto, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

 Yup, I *knew* the weird nature of the '59 April Fools Day list would cause some
confusion.  So if you feel that changing the "ARSA date" of the list to April 6th
will help alleviate some of that confusion, that's perfectly fine!

  CHUM also issued April Fools Day charts annually through the mid-sixties.  I
don't have access to all of them, but the 1965 chart is somewhere in my files, and
will be entered into ARSA at some point. I'll post a note on Chart Chat when I do,
so that if the entry requires any modifications, you can make 'em as necessary.


  - Kenn.
Jan 7, 12 CHUM Toronto 1959-04-01 / CHUM ( Toronto, Ontario ) ARSA Jim
Kenn: I see you just added in a CHUM chart for 4/13/59. I also noticed that you did
a masterful job 18 months ago, of changing "joke titles" to actual song titles for
a special "April Fools Day" CHUM 4/1/59 list (which both ARSA and I truly
appreciate you doing, so the titles/artists matched up in our database!) On a
serious note, however, I noticed that the chart positions on the 4/1/59 CHUM list
DO seem to be consistent and accurate with both the week previous CHUM survey
(3/30/59) and week after CHUM survey (4/13/59). My only issue is this: when
browsing the ARSA 45 db for songs on these lists (let's say "The Magic Of You" by
Tommy Ambrose, for example), the ARSA 45 db showed the song's CHUM chart date
sequence as 3/30/59, 4/1/59 and 4/13/59. The first two lists have just TWO days
between them, not the normal 7. And then there's a gap of 12 days until the 4/13
list. It is easy to understand why CHUM showed the 4/1/59 date; their April Fools'
gag would've made NO sense if they used the next sequential CHUM week date (4/6)
while typing in all joke titles!) However, when folks browse the ARSA 45 db for
"The Magic Of You", the CHUM dates don't make sense to the eye, due to CHUM using
the "joke date" of 4/1, not the "correct, but unused by CHUM" survey date of
4/6/59. For this reason, I have gone ahead and changed the "ARSA system internal
chart date" from 4/1/59 to 4/6/59, just in this one instance. This way, folks
browsing either your scan or your typed list for this specific week will still
grasp the gist of CHUM's "joke chart concept", whereas users browsing individual 45
song data will now see the "true" sequence of CHUM data weeks, so the chart runs now
make sense.
     A pretty confusing explanation, I admit. The joke nature of this 53-year-old
CHUM list, joke date included, has caused a unique set of circumstances for ARSA.
This is my solution. If you don't follow me here, Kenn, don't sweat it; just trust
me - at least I know what I'm talking about, and I speak ARSA fluently (hey, I
always wanted to learn a second language!)   :)  Have a good one.   -ARSA Jim
Jan 6, 12 Thanks, Paul..... ARSA Jim
Just got back on-line (Fri 8PM) after replacing the ol' wireless router, which died
Wed. night after 7+ years of faithful service. Will correct the Lennon spelling
while also catching up on all ARSA happenings during the last 48 hours, good
buddy.....     -Jim
Jan 5, 12 "I'm Stepping Out" - John Lennon Paul H.
Hey Jim, a quick correction for you.  The 1984 John Lennon release is titled "I'm
Stepping Out" not "I'm Steppin' Out".
Jan 4, 12 RE: ARSA Jim
Thanks, Paul - all set. Behind the scenes, I've been experiencing FAR more "ARSA
algorithms agita" than normal with the yearend lists I've been adding in of late.
Lots of manually "hand-forcing" data to where it "should" be sent has been going on
at my end this past week. For some reason, a current ARSA algorithm values a "more
exact song title match" over a "closer year match" for 45s with similar titles/more
than one ARSA 45 db appearance. In this case, A Rocky "title clarifier, in
parenthesis" that I had to add in for the original 1977 hit title (because some
stations showed "Theme From Rocky" on their 1977 charts as song title, not "Gonna
Fly Now", and those wouldn't match up in ARSA without the clarifier) then made ARSA
think the '79, non-hit "Gonna Fly Now" 45 issue was a better title match! (sigh!)
Thanks for noticing, good buddy!    -ARSA Jim
Jan 4, 12 "Gonna Fly Now" - Bill Conti Paul H.
There are 2 instances of "Gonna Fly Now" showing up under the artist Rocky II (Bill
Conti) in the singles database.  They are on the year-end surveys for WICC and KBEQ
for 1977, so they should be listed under the original "Gonna Fly Now" by Bill Conti
from 1977.
Jan 3, 12 CHUM Toronto RE: 1985-12-28 / CHUM ( Toronto, Ontario ) ARSA Jim
Thanks, Kenn! You snuck that list in while I was in the middle  of a run of entering
in some labor-intensive yearend Top 100 lists. Done! Thanks as always for the
heads-up.  :)   -Jim  
Jan 3, 12 CHUM Toronto 1985-12-28 / CHUM ( Toronto, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Another albums-only survey for you, ARSA Jim ... with only one LP to add to the
Dec 28, 11 CHUM Toronto RE: 1975-12-27 / CHUM ( Toronto, Ontario ) ARSA Jim
Thanks a million, Kenn! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your astute grasp of
some of the more complex ARSA "inner workings". And also for remembering I'd put
out that earlier request, about ARSA LP info being 100% dependent on me having to
eyeball each and every ARSA survey to notice any/all album database stragglers.
This process is even riskier for me during "eggnog season!" Happy New Year to you,
Kenn, and to all ARSA contributors and users everywhere!  -ARSA Jim 
Dec 28, 11 CHUM Toronto 1975-12-27 / CHUM ( Toronto, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi ARSA Jim...

  Just giving you a heads-up on the album chart included with this entry -- as
you've explained, the ARSA program doesn't automatically "see" the missing album
entries the way it does with singles.

  Hope you (and everyone here) had a great holiday season!