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Oct 7, 15 CJRW Summerside RE: 1972-12-09 / CJRW ( Summerside, Prince Edward Island ) Gary Pfeifer
 Thought that would get your attention, Kenn!  Now to keep our eyes open for the
remaining territories you listed! 
Oct 7, 15 CJRW Summerside 1972-12-09 / CJRW ( Summerside, Prince Edward Island ) K.A. Scott
After 56,000+ surveys, finally our first one from PEI!  Now we've got at least one
survey from every US state and Canadian province.

Next on the wish list. I suppose...surveys from NWT, Nunavut and Yukon, and from
Australia's Northern Territory!  
Oct 6, 15 RE: WTAC Survey of 6/30/1966 Gary Pfeifer
 Hi Joel,

   Looks like I blundered on that one.  Will need to reput everything which I'll do
as soon as I have time.  Thanks for the catch!  
Oct 6, 15 WTAC Survey of 6/30/1966 Joel Wagoner
Hello, I just noticed that the survey for WTAC for June 30, 1966 includes a photo of
the correct survey for June 30, but the songs listed in the chart data are from the
survey of July 21, 1966.  Just thought that you'd want to know.
Sep 17, 15 RE: KACE charts Gary Pfeifer
Thanks, Paul!  Took care of it.
Sep 17, 15 KACE charts Paul H.
There is a small typo for the recent KACE chart additions...the state is misspelled
as Calirfornia, should be California.
Sep 15, 15 RE: Ed Bangs Gary Pfeifer
 Hi Ed and welcome to ARSA!  Happy to have you here!  Thank you for your offer to
share some of your WBZ and WMEX surveys.  If you want, you can email me the survey
images at and I'll add the surveys if we don't already have them
or add the images if we just have a text version. Enjoy the website!
Sep 15, 15 WQAM Miami 1966-10-15 / WQAM ( Miami, Florida ) Frederick C Gier
Guantanamera should not be part of the LP title
Sep 15, 15 Ed Bangs ed bangs
Hi new to ARSA I have quite a few survey's mostly 66-67 of WBZ and WMEX in Boston
looking to share Arsa has most in printed format I can upload copy of original 
survey's when available always learn something new from this site Alex McNeil does
a great radio show  most Saturday's on WMBR MIT Radio in Cambridge called 88
rebound which counts down the Top 40 songs from a given week and station  and
usually uses survey;s from the ARSA collection check it out on the web
Sep 11, 15 RE: Hello Everyone! Gary Pfeifer
  Welcome aboard, Ted! Happy to see you here!  Thank you for all the charts you've
already shared with ARSA and those yet to come!
Sep 11, 15 Hello Everyone! Ted Hammond
I finally decided to create a profile. It will be a while before I try entering
charts, as I have been extremely busy. But I've watched the site for several years
and have contributed charts, and found other charts online that Gary has compiled.
I have watched many stations go from a handful of charts to over one hundred, and
others on their way to a much more significant presence. I've noticed that
Wikipedia articles about singles now sometimes cite radio station survey peaks now,
particularly WLS and CHUM. You have all done a great job in archiving this part of
History, and have a lot to be proud of. Hopefully, I can be a small part of that in
the future. Congratulations on currently having the equivalent of "well over a
thousand years" of radio station record surveys!
Sep 8, 15 KHJ Los Angeles RE: 1967-12-20 / KHJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Gary Pfeifer
  All taken care of, Geno! Thx! 
Sep 8, 15 KHJ Los Angeles 1967-12-20 / KHJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Geno Rice
Hi All,

I've just added the second image with the Hitbounds that need to be inputted. I
also initially forgot to add the second Beatles song (Hello, Goodbye) at TW
position #2. Thanks!
Sep 7, 15 KTKT Tucson RE: 1965-02-19 / KTKT ( Tucson, Arizona ) Gary Pfeifer
  The album was correctly directing to Earl Grant in the database. so I just had to
make corrections to the text.  Thanks!
Sep 6, 15 KTKT Tucson 1965-02-19 / KTKT ( Tucson, Arizona ) Frederick C Gier
The LP Trade Winds by Karl Grant is actually by Earl Grant.
Sep 4, 15 RE3: Should KGMQ be KQMQ? Geno Rice
My trusty North American Radio-TV Station Guide copyright 1973 shows 93.1 FM in
Honolulu listed as KGMB-FM. There is one KGMB survey in ARSA dated 1972.
Sep 4, 15 CHUM Toronto RE: 1968-09-21 / CHUM ( Toronto, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi Frederick...

  I think you may be right, but I'm not 100% sure of when the Canadian release of
the Jools & Brian LP took place.  I'm going to do a little more digging and see
what I can turn up.  
Sep 3, 15 CHUM Toronto 1968-09-21 / CHUM ( Toronto, Ontario ) Frederick C Gier
Based on the date, the Driscoll/Auger LP on this survey should be Open, not the
Jools & Brian collection that wasn't released for another few months
Sep 3, 15 WISM Madison RE: 1969-03-29 / WISM ( Madison, Wisconsin ) Gary Pfeifer
 Got the Leonard Cohen corrected.  Thanks, Frederick!
Sep 3, 15 RE: Should KGMQ be KQMQ? Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks, Kenn & Joel, for the additional info.  It appears that KGMQ changed call
letters to KQMQ sometime between Oct. 1974 and June 1976 then.  I haven't been able
to find anything pinpointing the date yet.  The surveys we have in the ARSA database
are properly identified as KGMQ then and no chnage is needed.