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Feb 4, 15 WTRU Muskegon RE: 1971-02-21 / WTRU ( Muskegon, Michigan ) Gary Pfeifer
 Date corrected.  Thanks!
Feb 4, 15 WTRU Muskegon 1971-02-21 / WTRU ( Muskegon, Michigan ) Geno Rice
Hi Gary, the ARSA date needs to be corrected to 1971-02-12. 
Feb 4, 15 RE: Adding on to a previous input Gary Pfeifer

   After a certain period of time, I lose the ability to delete surveys which I
didn't input to begin with.  Only Tim can delete the WWRL survey at this point in
time.  I'll email him and request he do so.
Feb 4, 15 Adding on to a previous input Geno Rice
Hi Gary,

I found pages 2 and 3 of WWRL 1975-00-00. I'd like to add them to the survey (page
1) there already, but when I hit "Add or Edit Singles" it takes me back to the
Display Chart page. I also do not have the ability to delete the survey to begin
anew. Could you delete the entry and I'll start it anew in a day or two?  Thanks,
Jan 30, 15 American Bandstand Top 10 Charts Robin Ore
Does anyone know anything about the American Bandstand weekly Top 10 charts?  Dick
Clark used to have a Top 10 chartboard, and he would do a countdown, pulling out
the slats reviewing each record, maybe only playing the # 1 record.  I don't think
they did a countdown every week.  I do remember seeing a Beatles countdown back in
1964 or 65, and one in particular in 1970 had Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song at # 1,
which it did not achieve on Billboard, Cash Box, or Record World.  Would be nice to
have these...
Jan 28, 15 The term, Hit Parade. Tom Mac
Or, "Your Hit Parade."

That seems to refer to pre Beatle hits but not after that.

After that it was just, "hits."
Jan 28, 15 The Beatles Hits on KFXM 5-22-64 Tom Mac
Also called Beatles bunch.

41 Beatle songs in total including "Cry For A Shadow."
Jan 23, 15 Re: WIXY's gone Bananas Gary Pfeifer
 Geno - For ease of matching the survey songs with the database, I would suggest you
input the songs with the proper title.   Please include the image and add an
explantion like you did here about the inclusion of the word banana in many of the
song titles on the actual survey.  Thanks.
Jan 23, 15 WIXY's gone Bananas Geno Rice
As I'm adding new WIXY surveys taken from the Cleveland newspaper, I've come across
two weeks where the station held a strange contest: 1973-08-24 and 1973-10-12. Many
of the song titles have been changed to include the word "Banana." Should I add
these two weeks, inserting the correct titles into ARSA, and leave the images off?
Or should I include the images with an explanation?
Jan 22, 15 KLIV San Jose RE: 1971-00-00 / KLIV ( San Jose, California ) Gary Pfeifer
   Since the 1971 and 1973 releases had the same label and number (San Francisco
64), both entries have been merged into one in the database.  Thank you, Jeff.
Jan 22, 15 KLIV San Jose 1971-00-00 / KLIV ( San Jose, California ) J. A. Theroux
Now that a new entry for Tower of Power's "Sparkling In The Sand" with a 1971
release date has been created to differentiate it from the 1973 rerelease, the
other 1971 KLIV surveys that contain this song should be redirected to the 1971

Thanks, Jeff
Jan 21, 15 "When I'm With You" - Sheriff Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Paul. And thank you to Kenn for taking
care of it!  Been a VERY busy day - this is my first time on the net today.
Jan 21, 15 When I'm With You K.A. Scott
I managed to fix this -- should be all sorted now!

Noticed that in addition to Sheriff's 6-year-old "When I'm With You", some of those
same surveys (the ones from WKTI Milwaukee) also have the 5-year-old recording "Red
Red Wine" by UB40 charting, AND the 7-year-old single "Tempted" by Squeeze.  All at
the same time!


- Kenn.  
Jan 21, 15 "When I'm With You" - Sheriff Paul H.
Hi Gary,

Some of the late 1988 surveys have this song sorting with the 1983 original release
instead of the big hit 1988/89 re-issue.

Jan 9, 15 WCFL Chicago RE: 1970-02-02 / WCFL ( Chicago, Illinois ) Lee Tucker
Hi Geno.  Thanks for the catch and the correction has been made.
Jan 8, 15 WCFL Chicago 1970-02-02 / WCFL ( Chicago, Illinois ) Geno Rice
Hi Lee, the artist for #32 should be corrected to Thelma Houston. The Fifth
Dimension's version came out later in 1970.
Jan 4, 15 Miracles - Come 'Round Here Gary Pfeifer
  The 1965 WIFE survey which is linked to this Miracles song is a John Frank
prepared survey where there is no survey available to confirm the entry. I am
almost certain tho that this was an inadvertent error which occurred during the
typing up of the survey.  Without the survey image, we can't be 100% certain what 
Miracles song was included.  However, reviewing all the Miracles songs that charted
in 1965, the only one that fits the June 1965 timeframe is "Ooo Baby Baby".  

 Unless anyone has another suggestion (or until an image of the 6/27/65 WIFE survey
is found),  the entry on the WIFE survey will be changed to "Ooo Baby Baby" and the
release date of "Come 'Round Here" will be revised to 1966.

   Thanks for the catch, Geno!
Jan 4, 15 Miracles - Come 'Round Here Geno Rice
Clarification to my previous comment: The Miracles' song is listed on the 1965 WIFE
survey as "I'm The One You Need", but according to Wikipedia, this song was
recorded on September 13, 1966.
Jan 4, 15 Miracles - Come 'Round Here Geno Rice
Hi Gary, the Miracles' 1966 single, "(Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need" is
wrongly dated 1965 as it is mysteriously linked to a 1965 WIFE survey which does
not list that song.
Dec 31, 14 KTKT Tucson RE: 1978-03-17 / KTKT ( Tucson, Arizona ) Gary Pfeifer
 Thanks, Paul.  Corrections have been made.