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Jul 14, 16 RE3: Technical question Gary Pfeifer
 HA! I spoke too soon!  Just found on a Radio Insight discussion board that the
frequency of KYOR-AM was 1450.
Jul 14, 16 RE3: Technical question Gary Pfeifer
 Both of the stations have been added.  Like you, I was only able to find the
frequency of KYOR-FM and not of the AM station.  If the info is found at a later
time, we can add it then.
Jul 14, 16 RE2: Technical question Joel Bernstein
The AM station I want to add is WMNI 920 AM Columbus, Ohio
C&W format. The FM is already in the database.

The other station is KYOR in Blythe, Ca., an AM T40 station. Googling I have only
managed to find the FM frequency, although that is not in the ARSA database

Let me know if and when I will be able to add either or both of these surveys.
Jul 14, 16 RE: Technical question Gary Pfeifer
 Not sure if you'll be able to do it Joel, but if you provide us the station info,
either Kenn or I can get it set up for you. 

  Same goes for stations with an unknown frequency. There are a handful already in
the database.  If it won't allow you, let us know and it will be taken care of.
Jul 14, 16 RE: Technical question Joel Bernstein
And another one: Is there a way to add a station if I have the call letters and
town, but not the frequency?
Jul 14, 16 Technical question Joel Bernstein
How do I add an AM station to the database when an FM station with the same call
letters already exists (or vice versa)? I assume if I just put in the call letters
it will default to the existing band.
Jul 12, 16 8TOP Darwin RE: 1978-07-12 / KRBE ( Houston, Texas ) K.A. Scott
Got it taken care of, Geno.  Occasionally, the station finder glitches if there's
heavy site traffic ... not your fault. Thanks as always for your contributions!

One other thing: please remember to add the country (in this case USA) for all new
station adds, as it makes some ARSA sorting functions easier.  Thanks!


- Kenn.
Jul 12, 16 8TOP Darwin 1978-07-12 / KRBE ( Houston, Texas ) Geno Rice
I added this station as if it were new to ARSA after getting a "no station found"
indicator. You'd think by now, I'd double check before adding a station, but
alas...It turns out there's already a KRBE 104 FM and now the keepers of the
database have to intervene to correct my mistake. Thanks! 
Jul 10, 16 RE: Error in chart data of WWIN 2/14/66 survey Gary Pfeifer
 Good catch, Joel.  Thanks!  The correction has been made. We strive to be as
accurate as possible and your alerting us to any errors spotted greatly aids in
accomplishing that goal.
Jul 10, 16 Error in chart data of WWIN 2/14/66 survey Joel Wagoner

The chart data for the 2/14/1966 WWIN survey lists "For You" by the Spellbinders as
being both #13 and #15.  The image of the survey shows #13 as being "Let's Try" by
the Dynamites.

By the way, I'm amazed at how accurate the chart data generally is in the ARSA
database, given the volume of data and the variability of input formats.

My best,
Jul 7, 16 RE6: Corrie En De Rekels K.A. Scott
*Joel's* entry.  Sorry about that Joel!  Anyway, it's now done.
Jul 7, 16 RE5: Corrie En De Rekels K.A. Scott
Yes, changing the name in the artist database was what I was thinking.  I'll make
the change and link up Josh's entry.
Jul 7, 16 RE4: Corrie En De Rekels Gary Pfeifer
 I'm in full agreement with you, Ken, in that the artists' names should be entered
as it appears on all, or the great majority of their records - in this instance:
Corry En De Rekels.  Of course, sometimes there are small variations on the
official releases and the listings on surveys can vary significantly.  Those would
just need to be modified when entering the survey to match the established artist
name in the database.

  I think it's a fairly easy fix too, Ken. If the name is edited in the Artist
database, I believe it will automatically change all the associated songs with it.
Is that the method you were thinking of, or is there an alternate way?
Jul 7, 16 RE3: Corrie En De Rekels K.A. Scott
Actually, the way the database is set up, it's not that hard to do.  Just waiting
for others to weigh in before any changes are made.


- Kenn.
Jul 7, 16 RE2: Corrie En De Rekels Joel Bernstein
I just tried changing their name in my most recently posted survey, and confirmed
that as things currently exist En De Rekels will not get a green checkmark. In
order to make En De Rekels compatible, you'll have to redo their entire entry.
You'll have to decide whether it's worth it.
Jul 7, 16 RE: Corrie En De Rekels K.A. Scott
This particular singer, as far as I can determine, ALWAYS spelled her name Corry on
every single release.  If RV spells it Corrie, they're simply should be
entered as Corry.  

As for the "en de"/"and the"/"und de" debate?  For this artist, I'd probably go
with "Corry En De Rekels", because that's the name under which the group issued all
of their recordings.  Same as we don't call Los Bravos "The Bravos" -- we go with
the name the group used themselves.  

I'm flexible, if there are other points of view, I'm more than willing
to listen.  The one thing I hope we can all agree on about this issue is that
consistency is important.  


- Kenn.
Jul 6, 16 Corrie En De Rekels Joel Bernstein
are the same group that is already up as Corry and The Rekels and the song just
added already exists under that name. This Radio Veronica stuff is a bit of a pain,
especially since they seldom spell anything the same two weeks in a row. You need to
establish a consistent policy as to En/And, De/The.
Jul 6, 16 Sandra & Andress Joel Bernstein
They were just added as a new artist,but are actually Sandra & Andres and already
have a folder, which includes the song just added.
Jul 2, 16 RE19: 1948 additions Gary Pfeifer
They've all been added. Thanks, Paul!
Jul 2, 16 RE18: 1948 additions Paul H.
Still more from 1948...

That Red Head Gal / Pretty Molly Mine - Benny Strong - Tower 1270

Underneath The Arches / It's All My Fault - Connee Boswell - Columbia 38298

What Did I Do / I Love You Much Too Much - Helen Forrest - MGM 10262

On A Slow Boat To China / I'd Love To Live In Loveland - Eddy Howard - Mercury

Tara Talara Tala / Before Long - Johnny Desmond - MGM 10287

Just A Minute / Bye, Bye, Baby - Count Basie - RCA 3051

Jet Propulsion / Try Me One More Time - Illinois Jacquet - RCA 2892

Rose Of Oklahoma / Believe It Or Not - Cowboy Copas - King 737

Maybe You'll Be There / Don't Tell Me That Story - Eddy Howard - Mercury 5214

Cuanto Le Gusta / Take It Away (Tomalu To) - Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra -
Columbia 38239

Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) / The Matador - Jack Smith - Capitol 15225

Hair Of Gold, Eyes Of Blue / Ball Of Fire - Smokey Rogers - Capitol 15217

You, You, You Are The One / Tallulah Polka - Johnny Eager - Grand 25010

It's Too Soon To Know / I'll Wait - Dinah Washington - Mercury 8107

In My Dreams / The Chocolate Choo-Choo - RCA 3133

You Were Only Fooling (While I Was Falling In Love) / Say Something Sweet To Your
Sweetheart - Ink Spots - Decca 24507