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Jul 14, 13 OOPS! Ben E. McCoy
bad arthritis, funny typo:  that 'word' should read
as "DISK" jockey, just so there's no misunderstandings!

Jul 14, 13 KJAY – 1430 THE “SOUL OF SACRAM Ben E. McCoy
Gary Pfeifer:

first Lee Tucker, now you!  where in the heck did you end up with a copy of that
really historic R&B music survey from K/JAY, West Sacramento, a virtually unknown
500 watt, daytime-only medium-wave outlet???

again, this was another station i had worked for way back when, but (during my era)
there were no surveys published anymore from this broadcaster.

it really seems so weird and coincidental (to say the least) for you two ARSA
veterans posting a radio survey apiece which were part of my old career as a dick
jockey... simply amazing stuff, guys, wowee!!!


ben e. mccoy, ret.
Jul 14, 13 CIHI Fredericton 1980-12-12 / CIHI ( Fredericton, New Brunswick ) Derek Nichols
Thanks Gary, Kenn,

If that is how ARSA wants it that is how I will do it.

I think it is good though to have my notes about this song somewhere, which is why
I made one about this song on the chart if first appeared as a double song. 

While this song was a double sided single release in the USA (like Kenn's Queen
example), in Canada, from it's independent band release on Extreme ER-1 in 1979, to
the re-release on Extreme/WEA in 1980 the song was not a double sided single but
listed as This Beat Goes On-Switchin' / Switchin' and then the re-release as This
Beat Goes On-Switchin' To Glide / My Habit. Complicated even in Canada with the
promo release of Switchin' To Glide to radio before the full re-release of the

Luckily for our neighbours south, a 12" promo was released to radio with both songs
on both the a and b side so that there weren't flipping issues while playing :)

However, I do not wish to get too nitpicky.  I am involved in other online
databases, that go way too far with preciseness and it drives me crazy.  

I just find the issue interesting, especially due to the intricacies of
licensing/copyright in various countries.

Thanks for the comments
Jul 13, 13 CIHI Fredericton RE: 1980-12-12 / CIHI ( Fredericton, New Brunswick ) Gary Pfeifer

   Looks like Kenn has already aptly handled this one.  I agree that the easiest
way to handle the Kings song is to create indivual entries for "This Beat Goes On"
and "Switchin' To Glide".
Jul 13, 13 CIHI Fredericton RE: 1980-12-12 / CIHI ( Fredericton, New Brunswick ) K.A. Scott
Hi Derek...

  I know this medley quite well -- a classic piece of CanCon! I've had to enter it
into the database on numerous occasions, and for stations that list *both* tracks I
have dealt with it as a two-sided hit.  This meant that I created separate chart
entries (with identical chart placings) for both "This Beat Goes On" and for
"Switchin' To Glide".  The database picks up on both of these entries.

  The situation is similar to the Queen two-sided hit "We Will Rock You" and "We
Are The Champions", which many stations wound up playing back-to-back as a medley
(as it appears on the album News Of the World).  Again, ARSA lists both tracks
separately, and treats it as a double-sided hit.

  Hope that clears things up!


  - Kenn.


Jul 13, 13 CIHI Fredericton 1980-12-12 / CIHI ( Fredericton, New Brunswick ) Derek Nichols
There are a handful of songs that cause nightmares for catalogers.  The Kings aong
This Beat Goes On-Switchin' To Glide definitely qualifies as one!

The song first charted as Switchin' To Glide. In actuality, that was only part of
the song and the full song was This Beat Goes On-Switchin' To Glide. It recharted
as the full single.

It was released in varies forms, with Switchin' To Glide and This Beat Goes On as
A/B sides, and vice versa. The full single was also released as an A side with the
B side being  My Habit.

Radio stations played various incarnations of this song over the song's radio
lifespan. The cross border US/Can copyright and releases also help cloud the

When this first charted on CIHI, it was as Switchin to Glide and is linked to that
song in the ARSA db.  After a few weeks it recharted as the full release. That
isn't linked in, as per this chart.  

So after all the rambling, how this should be linked in is the question.  Then,
I'll enter it appropriately so it does on future charts.


Jul 13, 13 KNDE - 1470 AM - SACRAMENTO SACRAMENTO'S HIT 30 JULY 14, 1973 Ben E. McCoy
dear Lee,

like, WHERE-ever in the blue blazes did you get your hands on that old KNDE survey,

totally blew me away when i saw it because that was the era when i worked there at
"Rock KANDIE 147".

still have some very good memories during my times at KNDE,  especially during this
particular survey date!!

ben e. mccoy.
Jul 11, 13 WBLK Buffalo / Depew RE: 1983-07-11 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) Gary Pfeifer

  In an ideal world, everything would be added, but as you noted, tracking down all
these obscure disco titles takes a very significant amount of time and too much
effort ends up being devoted to one station/survey.  I would say just keep doing it
the way you have - the top 40 singles is what's most crucial.

  Another alternative would be to add all the obscure 12 inch singles and albums in
text format under the Goodies section without adding them to the database.  That
way, someone can view everything that was included on the survey.  And if I ever
have the extra time and get ambitious enough, they can always be added to the
database at a later time.

Jul 11, 13 WBLK Buffalo / Depew 1983-07-11 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) Rick Hy
Some of the WBLK charts that I have also list 12 inch single music of the
dance/disco period on the back of the chart.  Most of these songs don’t get the
elusive Dot when keyed in, causing you much extra work. Do you want me to include
these songs or leave them off? They also have a long list of album titles in no
particular order.  I am assuming that these also are obscure titles. Do you want
these added to the album list even though there is no numerical degree of
Jul 10, 13 RE: CKOC Charts Gary Pfeifer

  Thank you very much for your willingness to share your surveys with the ARSA

  If you are looking to type up, prepare and upload the surveys yourself you will
need to contact the web administrator, Tim Warden, and he can set you up. His email
address is:

Jul 10, 13 CKOC Charts Peter Maurin
I'd like to start adding CKOC surveys/charts to the database. How does one get
started? The majority of my charts are from 1975-1985. 

I've been collecting since I was 12. Always looking to trade CKOC charts too. 

Jul 9, 13 CIHI Fredericton 1980-06-27 / CIHI ( Fredericton, New Brunswick ) Derek Nichols
Countin' On You / If You Really Need Me
RCA PB 50573
Jul 4, 13 CIHI Fredericton 1980-01-25 / CIHI ( Fredericton, New Brunswick ) Derek Nichols
Baby & The Blues / Mansion of the Wind
(Posterity) PT-107
Jul 4, 13 RE: Surveys Gary Pfeifer

   Thank you very much for your generousity in being willing to share your surveys
with ARSA!  Please contact me at and we'll work out the details.

Jul 4, 13 Surveys Bruce Bonner
July 4, 2013 

Hi gary:

I have some surveys I'd like to contribuye but I don't know where to send them.

Jun 28, 13 KMEL San Francisco KMEL ( San Francisco, California ) J. A. Theroux
Just a quick note...the frequency for KMEL is 106.1
Jun 14, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE5: FBI Virus Lee Tucker
Tim, Gary

I too am glad to hear you've checked the site and that it's clean. I was afraid
that maybe I had infected the site as it was shortly after I had sent a survey
image upline to the site that the virus reared it's ugly head. I deleted the survey
and survey image shortly thereafter via another computer, but you never know and
it's good to know I didn't infect the site and that it's clean.  Lots more surveys
to come.  Cheers.

    - Lee       
Jun 11, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE5: FBI Virus Lee Tucker
Tim, Gary, Ken and all

Thanks for your kind words the past couple of days and I'm certainly glad no one
else in the ARSA gang has had to deal with the FBI Virus as it's quite a pain. I've
been off site the last couple of days as the Best Buy Geek Squad has had our
computer to clean it up.  It appears that our Webroot Spyware failed us and left us
vulnerable to the FBI Virus which we contracted from some booby trapped website or
social media site. We're all cleaned up now and I plan to be back on site tomorrow
AM.  Cheers!

     - Lee   
Jun 11, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE4: FBI Virus Gary Pfeifer
 Thanks, Tim!  I suspected the site was clean but best to be 100% sure.  Keep the
surveys coming, guys!
Jun 10, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE3: FBI Virus Tim Warden
Guys, I've done a cursory check of the site and I can assure you there are no
viruses or Trojan horses lurking.  The site is clean and free (knock on wood) of
viri.  If there were an intruder, it would be evident in the logs and file names
and mod dates.... everything is clean, so I think the virus you discovered was from
some other site.  While I may not spend a ton of time on this particular part of the
site, I can assure you is clean.  Best regards. -- Tim