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Jul 14, 14 KEWB San Francisco RE: 1960-04-09 / KEWB ( San Francisco, California ) J. A. Theroux
Oops, didn't check the spelling...thanks to whoever fixed my KEWB survey postings
with the MONTY Kelly 45.
Jul 14, 14 KEWB San Francisco 1960-04-09 / KEWB ( San Francisco, California ) J. A. Theroux
The catalog number for Summer Set by Monte Kelly is Carlton 527.

Jul 12, 14 CKOY Ottawa RE: 1959-03-20 / CKOY ( Ottawa, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
I noticed this too.  The CKOY charts I have were published weekly on Saturdays in a
local newspaper, with entries for the top 10 "pop" hits as well as a separate
listing for "rhythm" hits.  The feature ran for several years in the late 50's and
early 60s.    
Jul 11, 14 CKOY Ottawa 1959-03-20 / CKOY ( Ottawa, Ontario ) Geno Rice
This does not match the other CKOY entries for March 1959. This survey has 40
charted songs while the other surveys only have ten. The dates are off, too with
this survey coming one day earlier. 
Jul 5, 14 RE2: top songs Ronald Marshall
Jul 3, 14 RE: top songs K.A. Scott
After you've generated a Top Songs chart, just go to the button labelled "Help" in
the lower left corner.  That will give you a summary!
Jul 3, 14 RE: top songs CARY LINIGER
I believe it's explained in the help screens.

Cary Liniger
Jul 2, 14 top songs Ronald Marshall
Just wondering what the formula is for ranking the top songs

Thanks ron
Jun 28, 14 KYA San Francisco 1958-10-20 / KYA ( San Francisco, California ) J. A. Theroux
The Beverly Ross single Stop Laughing At Me is Columbia 41270.  Though she didn't
have a hit with this song, she did co-write such hits as Lollipop (The Chordettes),
Judy's Turn To Cry (Lesley Gore), Candy Man (Roy Orbison, co-written with Fred
"Everybody's Talkin'" Neil!), Dim Dim The Lights (Bill Haley) and Girl Of My Best
Friend (Ral Donner).
Jun 24, 14 Survey Additions Gary Pfeifer
  Surveys are being added at an unprecedented rate recently and we are fast
approaching 40,000!  I want to express my thanks and gratitude to all our dedicated
survey preparers and uploaders!!  All your contributions and hard work make this
website great!!

  A couple of gentle reminders when adding surveys to the database:

  1. Please don't forget to include all the Hitbounds, Pick Hits, Albums, etc.

  2. If both sides of a single are listed on the survey, please add each song on a
separate line so that both songs are included in the database.  The same holds true
when more than one artist is shown on the survey for the same song.  Please enter
each on its own line.

  Thanks much!

May 29, 14 RE2: WLLL Lynchburg, Va: contribute Top 40s Robin Ore

Thanks much.  I'll shoot you an email with images of the 2, and for the others I'll
type them up into your proper format and you can upload them.  Please email me back
your format.

Super Duper!!

--Robin in the Hood
May 29, 14 RE2: WLLL Lynchburg, Va: contribute Top 40s Gary Pfeifer

    You can send the images of the 1969/70 WLLL surveys to the email address I
provided. As for the others, I have no problem uploading them for you if you type
them up - however, you will need to make sure they are prepared in the proper
format, or else I would likely need to retype them again. I can send you an example
in email.

  If you'd like to upload yourself, you'll need to send an email to the aite
administrator, Tim Warden ( and request access.  Please be
aware that Tim is sometimes very occupied with real life and takes awhile to get
around to doing this.  Uploading the surveys is fairly easy and there are several
ways to do so.  They can be entered directly into the database line by line, or if
prepared in one of several prescribed formats, they are easily "auto-filled" into
the database.  There are a number of techniques you'll need to be aware of in
certain situations and those are covered in the help files you'll then see.

  Your choice, please let me know how you'd prefer to proceed.

May 29, 14 RE: WLLL Lynchburg, Va: contribute Top 40s Robin Ore

I can provide you with images of the two WLLL produced flyers for the 1969 and 1970
Top 40s.  For all the others it's probably best that I type them up from my
handwritten notes.  Since I'll have to type them up anyway, I'm open to whatever is
best and easiest for everyone, either type them up in a Word document and send them
to you, or get access to type them up directly into ARSA.  Is it relatively easy to
type them up into ARSA?  Thanks!

--Rokin Robin
May 28, 14 RE: WLLL Lynchburg, Va: contribute Top 40s Gary Pfeifer
 Hi Robin,

   Thank you for your nice comments.  Glad you are enjoying the ARSA website and
many thanks for your generous offer to share your WLLL surveys!  Apologies for not
hearing back from ARSA - I'm not sure what address the comments go to but I haven't
seen anything.  

  Are you looking to prepare and uploaded the surveys to ARSA yourself or just
provide me with copies/images of the surveys which I'll upload.  If the former,
you'll need to email the site administrator, Tim Warden, to grant you access.  If
you just want to provide copies/images, please contact me at at
arrange details.
May 28, 14 WLLL Lynchburg, Va: contribute Top 40s Robin Ore
Hi ARSA / Gary?,
I'm a newbie member, but have visited for years, this is one fab site!  Anyway, I'd
like to contribute some Top 40 lists for station WLLL am 930 Lynchburg, Va, which I
see is already in your database.  I have year end countdowns for 1971, 72, & 73.  I
have about 20 weekly lists for 1972, about 40 for 1973, plus a stray each for 1969
and 1970.  Might be able to get more later from a DJ contact.  I tried to "drop you
a line" from the link on the other ARSA page, 3 times even, but haven't heard back
from anyone yet.  WLLL was a true independent, playing boatloads of hits that never
hit the national charts, and I'm seeing a good number that haven't made it onto ARSA
yet either.  Would love to share these with all of yall.  Thanks much, Rokin Robin
of Locksley...
May 14, 14 RE: CKLW 1975 Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks for the great work, Ronald!
May 14, 14 CKLW 1975 Ronald Marshall
The year 1975 is complete for cklw.  They published charts every 2 weeks starting
mid year.  that means they do not have 52 charts for the year.  the last chart for
1975 was 12-9-1975.  This of course makes the top songs for that year on CKLW
Skewed.  For example The captain & Tennille charted for 22 weeks and was Number 1
for 9 weeks.  the every other week had new surveys but they did not print them.  
Apr 6, 14 WBLK Buffalo / Depew RE: 1982-04-05 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) Gary Pfeifer
  Thank you for all your survey contributions, Rick!  Enjoy your well earned
Apr 5, 14 WBLK Buffalo / Depew 1982-04-05 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) Rick Hy
Will be off line for several weeks sunning in Key West. See you in May.
Apr 2, 14 RE4: Message to Mr. Lee Tucker Lee Tucker

Thanks Gary.  Not sure what happened; must have been a senior moment.  Oh well,
moving on and my thanks to you, Tim Warden and the rest of the ARSA gang for
providing and maintaining this great website which has and will continue to provide
me countless hours of enjoyment.  Back next week.