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Aug 30, 16 RE10: Early 1950s charts frank merrill
Paul H, are you reading this?

Are these surveys that you have in your own collection or possession?

If you can contact me please...

I may want to buy some of these from you.  I am talking about incredible
offers...HISTORIC offers...I'm talking about four-figure stuff in some cases.

Any chance of finding out which Stations you have represented in these?
Aug 30, 16 WBBM Chicago 1982-10-16 / WBBM ( Chicago, Illinois ) Paul H.
I've recently come across some WBBM surveys from this time period.  I can now
certainly say that the TW and LW numbers on this chart should be reversed! 
Hopefully I'll be adding a bunch of 1982/83 surveys in the coming weeks.  Thanks!
Aug 28, 16 RE4: Tender Years - John Cafferty Gary Pfeifer
 Paul,  Thank you for the additional information and clarification! I did as you
suggested and deleted the "Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin" B side listing, after
transferring the songs to the Jermaine/Michael release, of course.  Thanks for
continuing to keep ARSA as accurate as possible!
Aug 28, 16 RE3: Tender Years - John Cafferty Paul H.
Gary, "Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin'" by Jermaine Jackson (with Michael Jackson) was
ineligible to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 at the time because it wasn't
officially released as a 45 rpm single.  Despite that, like all things Michael
Jackson in 1984, it became a big hit at Top 40 radio.  Since Jermaine's album and
first single weren't to be released until mid July, Arista issued a 12" promo and
that's how radio stations played it.  The song later showed up as the B-side to
Jermaine's 1984 singles "Dynamite" (which is where those 6 others are currently
listed) and "Do What You Do" (which doesn't currently show a B-side), so that does
confuse the issue somewhat database-wise.  However, I think that by just listing it
once under Jermaine Jackson (with Michael Jackson) and by deleting it as the B-side
of "Dynamite" (after all it's not shown as the B-side of "Do What You Do") that
should take care of any future problems.  It's always nice to see all entries
listed together where they should be.  Of course, it's up to you how you want to
handle it.  Just my 2 cents!
Aug 27, 16 RE2: Tender Years - John Cafferty Gary Pfeifer
 Got the corrections made for the Cheech & Chong and John Cafferty songs.  As for
Cafferty's "Tender Years", it's all straightened out for the moment but with two
listings of the same title both in the same year, I don't see how we can prevent
additional mismatches from occurring prospectively.  Guess this is one we will just
need to revisit periodically to clean up.

 As for the Jermaine Jackson song, is the version with Michael Jackson, which is
shown as a 12" promo, the correct version that got the airplay?  I am lacking
knowledge in this and need to know a little more in order to make accurate
adjustments.  Thanks!
Aug 27, 16 RE: Tender Years - John Cafferty Paul H.
Oops, spoke too soon!  The very first chart listing under "On The Dark Side" by John
Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band (on WXLK) should be listed with the song under the
artist Eddie & The Cruisers from 1983. I'm done!
Aug 27, 16 Tender Years - John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band Paul H.
Here's another one that you may want to untangle.

Technically, only the very first chart entry listed (from 2/7/84) should be linked
to the 45 on Scotti Brothers 04327.  All the rest should go with the 45 on Scotti
Brothers 04682 as they became popular with the success of the re-release of "On The
Dark Side" (which IS handled 100% correctly in the database).

Okay, I'll stop for now:)
Aug 27, 16 Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' - Jermaine Jackson Paul H.
There are still 6 chart entries for this title under the Jermaine Jackson solo
listings in the database.  I'm pretty certain that those should be grouped with the
hundreds of other entries under the Jermaine Jackson (with Michael Jackson) entry.
Aug 27, 16 Sister Mary Elephant - Cheech & Chong Paul H.
Just noticed that some of the late 1973 charts that show "Sister Mary Elephant" by
Cheech & Chong have been sorted with the earlier 1972 "album cut" only release in
the database.  It was clearly available on a 45 by that point.  Don't know if it's
possible to untangle those, just thought I'd bring it to your attention.
Aug 20, 16 RE13: 1948 surveys Gary Pfeifer
  Paul - Thanks for all the label info and the correction has been made on the Jo
Stafford song!

Aug 20, 16 RE12: 1948 surveys Paul H.
Just a quick correction for the database...the Jo Stafford record Ev'ry Day I Love
You (Just A Little More) / This Is The Moment was released on Capitol 15139, not
Aug 19, 16 RE11: 1948 surveys Paul H.
Still more...

Hey, John / Just For Me - Galli Sisters - King 4249

You Can't Buy Happiness / Too Many Kisses - Barbara Lynn & Jimmie Clyde - DeLuxe

My Darling, My Darling / Dainty Brenda Lee - Peter Lind Hayes - Decca 24519

I'll Always Be In Love With You / Groovin' Low - Ray-O-Vacs - Coleman 100

Hey Pretty Baby / Baby, Don't Be Mad At Me - Count Basie & His Orchestra - RCA

Shoe Shine Shuffle / Love Me Or Leave Me - Pat Flowers - RCA 2930

Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes / One Sunday Afternoon - Buddy Clark - Columbia
Aug 19, 16 RE10: 1948 surveys Paul H.

A Little Bird Told Me / What Did You Do To Me? - Blue Lu Barker - Capitol 15308

If I Steal A Kiss / Adios Muchachos - Capitol 15287

The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) / Laguna Mood - King Cole Trio -
Capitol 15201

Siesta / Goodnight Ladies - Sportsmen - Capitol 15295

Anything Goes / That Old Black Magic - Mel Powell - Capitol 15056

Lovely Lady / My Darling - Ted Weems - Mercury 5128

White Christmas / Silent Night - Jo Stafford - Capitol 319 (released in 1946)

Monica Lewis & Ames Brothers - If I Live To Be A Hundred / Where The Apple Blossoms
Fall - Decca 24447

Lemon Drop / Crown Pilots - Chubby Jackson Sextet - Rainbow 10093

Bewildered / Nobility Boogie - Red Miller Trio

How High The Moon / Tea For Two - Gene Krupa - Columbia 38345

Wrapped Up In A Dream / The Wise Old Man - Do Ray And Me - Commodore 7505

Oklahoma Sweetheart / I Heard About You - Bud Hobbs with His Trail Herders - MGM

A Heart Full Of Love (For A Handful Of Kisses) / Then I Turned And Walked Slowly
Away - Eddy Arnold - RCA 3174

Whistle Bait / Blonde Fiddle Blues - Spade Cooley - RCA 2742

Blue Christmas / Dear Mr. Santa - Doye O'Dell - Exclusive 65

Dog House Boogie / I Can't Tell My Broken Heart A Lie - Hawkshaw Hawkins - King

Pleasing You (As Long As I Live) / Feel So Lonesome - Lonnie Johnson - King 4245

Blues For The Red Boy / Sportree's Jump - Todd Rhodes - King 4240

It's Too Soon To Know / Lonesome Morning Blues - Lee Richardson - DeLuxe 3196
Aug 16, 16 RE9: 1948 surveys Gary Pfeifer
 Thanks, Paul! 
Aug 16, 16 RE8: 1948 surveys Paul H.
Here's some more...

Bublitchki / Always - Ziggy Elman - MGM 10277

Blues After Hours / I'm Still In Love With You - Pee Wee Crayton - Modern 624

Black And Blue / Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams - Frankie Laine - Mercury 1026

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World / You Do Something To Me - Ted Straeter -
Senora 1207

Down Among The Sheltering Palms / I'm Headin' For A Shotgun Weddin' - George Olsen
and His Orchestra - Rondo 164

Down By The Station / (I Don't Stand) A Ghost Of A Chance - Slim Gaillard and his
Trio - MGM 10309

Hold Me / I Wanna Go Where You Go, Then I'll Be Happy - Peggy Lee - Capitol 15298
Aug 14, 16 RE7: 1948 surveys Gary Pfeifer
 Got it added - thanks, Paul!
Aug 14, 16 RE6: 1948 surveys Paul H.
Forgot to add the flip side to the Eve Young & Jack Lathrop's titled
You're The First Cup Of Coffee.
Aug 13, 16 RE5: 1948 surveys Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks, Paul! Got them all added and correction was made on the Vera Lynn song.
Aug 13, 16 RE4: 1948 surveys Paul H.
Here's some more...

Cuanto Le Gusta / Cornbelt Symphony - Jack Smith - Capitol 15280

Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) / Down Among The Sheltering Palms - Sammy Kaye - RCA

At The Flying "W" / Sissy - Hal Derwin - Capitol 15160

Christmas Dreaming / The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) - Dick Haymes -
Decca 24169

Irene / Beside A Babbling Brook - Ted Weems - Mercury 5186

My Darling, My Darling - Eve Young & Jack Lathrop - RCA 3187

You're All I Want For Christmas / Merry Christmas - Frank Gallagher - Dana 2026

Somebody's Lyin' / Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes - Al Trace - Damon 11215

I've Only Myself To Blame / But Beautiful - Frankie Laine - Mercury 5096

Don't Smoke In Bed / Everybody Loves Somebody - Peggy Lee - Capitol 15151

You, You, You Are The One / More Beer - Ames Brothers - Coral 60015

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles / Baby, Baby, All The Time - Charlie Ventura - National

Wabash Blues / High Society - Pee Wee Hunt - Capitol 15299

Tell Me Why (Do You Cry) / Last Night Was A Long Time Ago - Ray Dorey - Gold Medal

Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!) / One Sunday Afternoon -
Evelyn Knight - Decca 24530

Play The Playera / Will You Promise? - Jerry Sellers - MGM 10308

It's Whatcha Do With Whatcha Got / Yes, We Have No Bananas - Pied Pipers - Capitol

Lillette / Bella Bella Marie - Johnny Desmond - Columbia 38269

I also noticed a typo under Vera Lynn's listings..."Lavender Blue" should be listed
as London 310 (not 3106).
Aug 9, 16 RE3: 1948 surveys K.A. Scott
Done.  Thanks so much, Paul -- and feel free to keep 'em coming!


- Kenn.