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Jul 26, 14 KFXM San Bernardino RE: 1964-12-05 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Gary Pfeifer

   I've spent considerable time over the past couple of weeks trying to track down
this Spartans track and only came up with the same references you cited.  As it
seems fairly certain that this was a legitimate release, suggest you add it in the
database without the label/number for the time being.
Jul 26, 14 KFXM San Bernardino 1964-12-05 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Tim Warden
Here's another Challenger for you!

From the Tiger Touts of Lee's KFXM 12/05/64 survey we have Mr. Moto '64 listed by
"Spartans".  It's apparently Surf music and not to be confused with Jeff Barry's 
alias The Spartans of 1962. I have not been able to find a listing or image of the
song on the web, but there are mentions, such as this one:  There's also this mention:

It would seem to be an earlier issue of the same recording reissued a few months
later by The Challengers called "Mr. Moto '65".

So what do you think?  Shall we create a new entry for a new group "The Spartans"
and add the song without label/catalog until such time as a copy pops up for

Jul 21, 14 RE: Ray Charles Modern Sounds in Country Gary Pfeifer
 Thanks for the info, Jeff.  I see Volume 1 was released in April 1962 and Volume 2
in October 1962.  I'll do some cleaning up on it.
Jul 21, 14 Ray Charles Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music Volumes 1 J. A. Theroux
Hi Gary,

When I was inputting the KEWB chart today I had to check the album charts for the
correct title of the Ray Charles album and discovered there were two volumes of his
C&W work!  So I had to figure out which one was the correct one and after digging
around on the internet I found that Volume 2 wasn't released until October 1962,
but I also noted there are several charts in ARSA from before then linking to the
Volume 2 LP. I just thought you'd like to know about this.

Jul 21, 14 CKOC Hamilton 1964-07-17 / CKOC ( Hamilton, Ontario ) Rick Hy
Hi Kenn, 

     Thanks for the info. I Bet you are right about it being that Johnny Thunder
tune. The summer of í64 I listened to CKOC while I was off from college. Keep me
honest, I appreciate it. 
Jul 20, 14 CKWX Vancouver RE: 1959-08-31 / CKWX ( Vancouver, British Columbia ) K.A. Scott
It's definitely "Chuck Berry Is On Top".  The CKWX survey gives the album title as
"Chuck Berry", but also lists the catalogue number as QUALITY V 1641 -- which is
the Canadian cat. no, for the "Chuck Berry Is On Top" LP.  I'll go ahead and make
the switch!


- Kenn.

Jul 20, 14 KDEO San Diego RE: 1961-09-08 / KDEO ( San Diego, California ) Gary Pfeifer
  Looks like the survey preparers or printers mixed some things up. The Spotlight
Albums are actually singles and the Wax To Watch are albums.  Being that these
errors were already made, I'm guessing that Del Shannon's single "So Long Baby" got
caught up in the confusion - being properly placed under Wax To Watch but with all
the other albums.  Treat it as a single only.

  So what should have been the #1 album?  I'm guessing they switched it with the
No. 1 under Spotlight Albums (but actually the new singles) of Dinah Washington's
"September In The Rain", which was both a single and an album.  
Jul 20, 14 KDEO San Diego 1961-09-08 / KDEO ( San Diego, California ) Tim Warden
The number 1 hit album on this survey is "So Long, Baby", which was released as a
single in 1961. The song apparently was never release on an album stateside. Any
suggestions? Should we leave the entry unmatched?
Jul 20, 14 CKWX Vancouver 1959-08-31 / CKWX ( Vancouver, British Columbia ) Tim Warden
Hi Kenn,

Any idea about the "Chuck Berry" album entry?  That date corresponds to "Berry Is
On Top", but before I change, would like your opinion.

Jul 20, 14 CKOC Hamilton 1964-07-17 / CKOC ( Hamilton, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi Rick:

If I remember correctly, the CKOC charts you've been entering are from your
handwritten song-title-only chart transcriptions.  Thanks for saving 'em all these

For the entry at #54, "More Move", do you think your entry could have read "More
Love"?  If so, this would probably make this entry Johnny Thunder's "More More More
Love Love Love" which was charting at this exact same time just across the border in
New York state.

Let me know if this seems plausible to you!


- Kenn.

Jul 17, 14 RE: WPGC Surveys Geno Rice
I'm sorry to hear this. It's an excellent resource. Any future ones I input will be
in text format only.
Jul 17, 14 WPGC Surveys Gary Pfeifer
   This is very important.  We no longer have permission from the administrator of
the amandfmmorningside website to use the WPGC survey images from that site on
ARSA.  All WPGC images obtained from that website have been recently removed from
ARSA.  Use of a text file of the survey is fine as are WPGC survey images obtained
from elsewhere. Everyone please refrain from using any images from

  Thank you!
Jul 16, 14 RE4: 40,000... Just a shot away... 0
Hi Kenn

Thanks for the kind words.  The reason I decided to go ahead and input #40,000 was
that it was 6:00 AM local time and rather than wait around for someone to input
#40,000, I decided to go ahead and do it so we could all continue with our daily
contributions with #40,000 a done deal. I have stepped up my daily contributions
lately as we sold our home and will be moving shortly which will probably put me
off line for 4-6 weeks in mid September-October.  Thanks again and please keep the
Canadian surveys coming, especially the 80's

Cheers -  Lee      
Jul 16, 14 40,000 Surveys! Rick Hy
Congratulations to Tim, Gary and all of the ARSA contributors. This site is a treat
for me on two levels. I check every day to see what new surveys have been added.
And, I enjoy contributing those charts from my collection which often trigger
memories as I type in a certain title of a song that brings back a memory or two. 
Thanks to Gary for that last WKBW (Buffalo) survey as I didnít have it in my
collection and not in the station playlist form presented.  
I also have a special WKBW survey that may be appropriate for the 50,000 survey
celebration  (especially since WKBW was often called the 50,000 watt juke box).
Around that number will do just as well in case someone else has something special
planned.  In any case , onward to 50,000.
Jul 15, 14 RE5: 40,000... Just a shot away... J. A. Theroux
Congratulations on 40,000 surveys, and thanks to everyone for making this site so
awesome! On to 50,000...
Jul 15, 14 RE4: 40,000... Just a shot away... K.A. Scott
Oh, and thanks to Rick Hy!  (Knew I missed at least one regular...)  
Jul 15, 14 RE3: 40,000... Just a shot away... K.A. Scott
Lee, you've been inputting a LOT lately, so it's only fitting you input survey
#40,000 -- congratulations!

This site's an incredible resource, and I'd like to say thanks again to the people
who make it that way, especially site regulars Gary, Tim, Lee, Geno, Craig, Ronald,
J.A., Tracy, Cary and anyone I may have inadvertently missed.  Can't wait to see who
will get to input survey #50,000!


- Kenn.  

Jul 15, 14 RE2: 40,000... Just a shot away... Gary Pfeifer
  Another major milestone!  Thanks, Lee, for stepping up and selecting a most
appropriate survey for #40,000!!  

  Thanks for Tim, Kenn, Lee, Rick, Tracy, Geno, Ronald, Cary, Roy and everyone else
who's ever contributed a survey!  Also big thanks for those who may not upload
surveys directly, but who have graciously supplied survey copies/images and allowed
me to upload - especially Eric, John, Craig and Robin.

  Onward to 50K!
Jul 15, 14 KIKX Tucson RE: 1976-10-22 / KIKX ( Tucson, Arizona ) Lee Tucker
Wow, Tucson is your hometown!  I knew Las Solanas was located there but - your home
town.  Even better!!  Congratulations and onward!
Jul 15, 14 KIKX Tucson 1976-10-22 / KIKX ( Tucson, Arizona ) Tim Warden
It's Official!  Survey #40,000.  From my hometown, no less.  Thanks, Lee!  And now,
on with the countdown!