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Jun 22, 16 RE7: 1948 additions Paul H.
More from 1948:

Humpty Dumpty Heart / Today - Hank Thompson - Capitol Americana 40065

My Best To You / Anniversary Song - Andy Russell - RCA 368

It Only Happens When I Dance With You / A Fella With An Umbrella - Frank Sinatra -
Columbia 38192

Autumn In New York / (Once Upon) A Moonlight Night - Frank Sinatra - Columbia

Alexander's Ragtime Band / My Little Boy - Nellie Lutcher - Capitol 15180

All Of Me / Sweet Nothings - Louis Prima and His Orchestra - RCA 3034

I'm Gonna Tear Down The Mailbox / 'Neath A Blanket Of Stars - Montana Slim - RCA

Hair Of Gold, Eyes Of Blue / You Call Everybody Darling - Art Lund - MGM 10258

A Tree In The Meadow / Tea Leaves - John Laurenz - Mercury 5148

Buttons And Bows / I Still Get A Thrill - Betty Rhodes - RCA 3078

Ev'ry Day I Love You (Just A Little Bit More) / Somebody Else's Picture - Blue
Barron and His Orchestra - MGM 10237

Good Rockin' Tonight / Lolly Pop Mama - DeLuxe 1093

Hair Of Gold / The Moonrise Song (It Just Dawned On Me) - Jack Emerson - Metrotone

You Were Only Fooling / It's Easy When You Know How - Blue Barron and His Orchestra
- MGM 10185

Here I'll Stay / Green-Up Time - Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra - RCA 3063

If Today Were The End Of The World / The Last Letter - Gene Autry - Columbia 20495

My Mother's Smile / Love Me Now Or Never - Ernie Lee - RCA 3084

Aha! San Antone / If I'd Only Been True To You - Rosalie Allen - RCA 2744

Blues For Dixie / I Had A Little Mule - Bob Wills - MGM 10213

Fuzzy Wuzzy / 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody? - Al Trace - National 7008
Jun 21, 16 RE6: 1948 additions Paul H.
Here's some more from 1948:

Because / If You Had All The World And Its Gold - Perry Como - RCA 2653

You Call Everybody Darlin' / Blue Bird Polka - Anne Vincent - Mercury 5155

You Can't Be True, Dear / Toolie Oolie Doolie (The Yodel Polka) - The Sportsmen -
Capitol 15077

It's Magic / It's You Or No One - Tony Martin - RCA 2862

So Tired / I Hear Music - Russ Morgan and His Orchestra - Decca 24521

You're My Girl / Can't You Just See Yourself - Frank Sinatra - Columbia 37978

You Started Something / The Click Song - Tony Pastor and His Orchestra - Columbia

Run Joe / All For The Love Of Lil - Louis Jordan - Decca 24448

On A Slow Boat To China / In The Market Place Of Old Monterey - Kay Kyser and His
Orchestra - Columbia 38301

Bluebird Of Happiness / Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart - Jo Stafford -
Capitol 15207

Apple On A Stick / Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet - Mr. & Mrs. Todd - Tempo 664

Will You Be My Darlin'? / Don't Take Your Love From Me - Jack Owens - Tower 1288

All My Love Belongs To You / I Can't Go On Without You - Patti Page - Mercury 5187

Love Don't Get You Nothin' But The Blues / I Want To Be The Only One - Jon & Sondra
Steele - Damon 11130

Buttons And Bows / San Antonio Rose - The Dinning Sisters - Capitol 15184

The Daughter Of Rosie O'Grady / Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider - Gene Kelly - MGM 30138

A Tree In The Meadow / On The Street Of Regret - Monica Lewis & Ames Brothers -
Decca 24411

A Tree In The Meadow / An Old Sombrero - Sam Browne - London 123

On A Slow Boat To China / Czardas - Freddy Martin and His Orchestra - RCA 3123

On A Slow Boat To China / By The Way - Art Lund - MGM 10269

Underneath The Arches / You Call Everybody Darling - Andrews Sisters - Decca 24490

Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart / Isn't It Romantic - Vic Damone & Patti
Page - Mercury 5192
Jun 19, 16 RE5: 1948 additions Paul H.
Here's another batch.  All from 1948:

Jivin' Boogie / Brown Skin Woman - Sunnyland Slim - Hy-Tone 32

Chi-Chi-Chicago / The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else - Nellie Lutcher -
Capitol 10108

Bye Bye Baby Blues / Song Of India - The Ravens - King 4234

T.S. Jumps / Dreamy Day Blues - T.S. Mims Combo - Hy-Tone 35

Honey, Honey, Honey / Undecided - Marion Abernathy - King 4205

Cheatin' Around / Now I Got The Blues - Memphis Slim - King 4284

Tomorrow Night / What A Woman - Lonnie Johnson - King 4201

Blue Moon / Fools Rush In - Billy Eckstine - MGM 10311

House Rent Blues / Between Midnight And Day - "Fat Man" Robinson - Imperial 5009

Floyd's Guitar Blues / I'm Weak For You - Floyd Smith - Hy-Tone 29

East Side West Side (Sidewalks Of New York) / My Old Flame - Charlie Barnet -
Apollo 3131

Puerto-Vootie / Momma's In The Kitchen But We've Got "Pop" On Ice - Slim Gaillard
Trio - MGM 10231

If I Had You / Love Is The Sweetest Thing - Red Nichols and His Pennies - Capitol

Rockin' Chair / Jack-Armstrong Blues - Louis Armstrong - RCA 2348

Beware / Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin' - Louis Jordan - Decca 23931

Underneath The Arches / I Want Some Money - The Serenaders - Columbia 38274

Johnny Appleseed Overture / Mama Macushla - Dennis Day - RCA 2943

Clancy Lowered The Boom / The Romance Of The Rose - Dennis Day - RCA 2810

The Night Has A Thousand Eyes / There's A Barber In The Harbor Of Palermo - Art
Mooney - MGM 10260

When I Write My Song / Why Can't I Forget About You? - Herb Jeffries - Exclusive

October Twilight / A New Kind Of Song - Frankie Carle - Columbia 38291

I'm In Love / It's You Or No One - Doris Day & Buddy Clark - Columbia 38290
Jun 18, 16 RE4: 1948 additions Paul H.
Here's more if you need them.  All from 1948:

The Gods Were Angry With Me / You Little Sweet Little You - Eddie Kirk - Capitol

I Love You So Much, It Hurts / I'll Take What I Can Get - Floyd Tillman - Columbia

One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart) / Wake Me In The Morning By The Swannee
River - Eddie Dean - Crystal 132

Just A Little Lovin' (Will Go A Long, Long Way) / My Daddy Is Only A Picture - RCA

Talking Boogie / Just A Pair Of Blue Eyes - Tex Williams - Capitol 15175

I'm A Fool To Care / My Daddy Is Only A Picture - Ray Smith - National 5020

Atom Bomb Baby / Wishy-Washy Woman - Dude Martin - RCA 2985

Lazy Mary / You're Mine Tonight (But Will You Be Mine Tomorrow) - Lou Hobbs - MGM

Rambling Rose / There Must Be A Way - Perry Como - RCA 2947

Just For Now / Everybody Loves Somebody - Frank Sinatra - Columbia 38225

Ah But It Happens / Hold Me - Frankie Laine - Mercury 5158

Ev'ry Day (I Love You A Little Bit More) / There's Music In The Land - Vaughn
Monroe - RCA 2957

That Certain Party / My Best Girl - Benny Strong and His Orchestra - Tower 1271

For You / On The Painted Desert - Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra - Decca 24478

I've Got A Crush On You / Ever Homeward - Frank Sinatra - Columbia 38151

We'll Be Together / Shine - Frankie Laine - Mercury 5091

I Understand / East Coast Blues - Harry James - Columbia 38059
Jun 16, 16 RE3: 1948 additions Paul H.
And still more...all 1948:

Lillette / The Night Has A Thousand Eyes - Vic Damone - Mercury 5170

Bella Bella Marie / Whistling In The Dark - Larry Green and His Orchestra - RCA

It's A Most Unusual Day / Judaline - Ray Noble and His Orchestra - Columbia 38206

Cuanto La Gusta / The Matador - Carmen Miranda & Andrews Sisters - Decca 24479

Good Rockin' Tonight / Good Morning Mr. Blues - Wynonnie Harris - King 4210

Sweet Georgia Brown / Margie - Brother Bones and His Shadows - Tempo 652

On A Slow Boat To China / I Hate To Lose You (I'm So Used To You Now) - Benny
Goodman and His Orchestra - Capitol 15208

You're My Everything / Cool Breeze - Billy Eckstine - National 9052

Euphoria / If I Had You - Charlie Ventura and His All-Stars - National 9055

Basin Street Blues / Muskrat Ramble - Pee Wee Hunt and His Orchestra - Regent 133

Bongo Riff / Willow Weep For Me - Stan Kenton and His Orchestra - Capitol 15179

Just Like That / If I Can't Have The One I Love - Johnny Long and His Orchestra -
Signature 15205

You Came A Long Way (From St. Louis) / For Heaven's Sake - Ray McKinley and Some Of
The Boys - RCA 2913

Sophisticated Lady / Jitney Man - Billy Eckstine - National 9049

East Of Suez / I'll Never Be The Same - Charlie Ventura - National 9048

The Tadd Walk / A Be-Bop Carroll - Tadd Dameron - Savoy 931

Manteca / Cool Breeze - Dizzy Gillespie - RCA 3023

I Get A Kick Out Of You / I'll Wait And Pray - Sarah Vaughan - Musicraft 586

Li'l Dog / Far Cry - Buddy Johnson and His Orchestra - Decca 48076

Subdivided In F / Baby Won't You Please Come Home - La Verne's Chicago Loopers -
Jump 1

Pastel / Trio - Erroll Garner Trio - Dial 1016

Cobb's Boogie / Arnett Blows For 1300 - Arnett Cobb and His Orchestra - Apollo 781
Jun 16, 16 RE2: 1948 additions Paul H.
Here's some more...all 1948:

When I Was Young And Handsome / Sad Heart - Texas Jim Robertson - RCA 3039

Life Gits Tee-Jus Don't It / Wind In The Mountains - Carson Robison - MGM 10224

Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes / I Gotta Know (Whose Baby You Are) - A-side is
Barry Green; B-side is Peggy Payne & Barry Green - Rainbow 10090

Buttons And Bows / Can't Shake The Sands Of Texas From My Shoes - Gene Autry -
Columbia 20469

Pin-Up Polka / Gin Rummy Polka - Al Stuart - Embassy 1004

Bouquet Of Roses / Texarkana Baby - Eddy Arnold - RCA 2806

Miz O'Reilly's Daughter / Sweet Baby (Come Back Where You Belong) - Texas Jim
Robertson - Bluebird 0503

Sweeter Than Flowers / I Left My Heart In Texas - Moon Mullican - King 673

Chime Bells / Put My Little Shoes Away - Elton Britt - RCA 3090

Tomorrow's Just Another Day To Cry / Easy To Please - Ernie Lee and His
Midwesterners - RCA 2645

It's Magic / It's You Or No One - Sarah Vaughan - Musicraft 557

Heart And Soul / It's The Truth - Jerry Sellers - Crown 160

Blue Bird Of Happiness / Sunset To Sunrise - Art Mooney and His Orchestra - MGM

Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart / The Law Is Comin' Fer Ya, Paw! - Anne
Shelton & Sam Browne with The Keynotes - London 260

My Happiness / They All Recorded To Beat The Ban - Jon & Sondra Steele - Damon

You Call Everybody Darling / Hair Of Gold - Jack Lathrop and The Drugstore Cowboys
- RCA 3109

My Happiness / Tea Leaves - Ella Fitzgerald - Decca 24446

Send For Me If You Need Me / Until The Real Thing Comes Along - The Ravens -
National 9045

Serutan Yob (A Song For Backward Boys And Girls Under 40)/ Oh! Nick-O-Deemo - Red
Ingle & The Natural Seven (technically, the A-side artist is just shown as "The
Unnatural Seven" [get it?]) - Capitol 15210

Woody Wood-Pecker / When Veronica Plays The Harmonica - Kay Kyser and His Orchestra
- Columbia 38197

You Can't Be True, Dear / Doodle Doo Do - Ken Griffin at the Organ - Rondo 228

Gloria / Oh! Man - Ray Anthony and His Orchestra - Signature 15213
Jun 15, 16 RE: 1948 additions K.A. Scott
It helps  great deal, Paul -- thanks!  We'll get to these in the next day or two.  

Can't tell you how much we're enjoying the contributions of everyone recently. 
ARSA is growing by leaps and bounds, and we're sometimes a little overwhelmed as we
try to keep up ... but we wouldn't want it any other way!


- Kenn. 
Jun 15, 16 1948 additions Paul H.
Here's the first batch.  Hope this helps.

All of these are 1948 recordings:

A Tree In The Meadow / I'm Sorry But I'm Glad - Margaret Whiting - Capitol 15122

Underneath The Arches / Just For Me - Andy Russell & The Pied Pipers - Capitol

Sleepy Baby / Little Mister Future President - Artie Wayne - Capitol 15219

Until / After Hour Stuff - Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra - RCA 3061

Hair Of Gold, Eyes Of Blue / Rambling Rose - Gordon MacRae - Capitol 15178

Maybe You'll Be There / Dark Eyes - Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra - Decca 24403

Twelfth Street Rag / Somebody Else, Not Me - Pee Wee Hunt & His Orchestra - Capitol

My Happiness / Highway To Love - Pied Pipers - Capitol 15094

You Can't Be True, Dear / Nature Boy - Dick Haymes - Decca 24439

You Were Only Fooling (While I Was Falling In Love) / A Faded Summer Love - Capitol

It's Magic / Put 'Em In A Box, Tie 'Em With A Ribbon (And Throw 'Em In The Deep
Blue Sea) - Doris Day - Columbia 38188

Cool Water / The Legend Of Tiabi - Vaughn Monroe and Sons Of The Pioneers - RCA

Ev'ry Day I Love You (Just A Little Bit More) / This Is The Moment - Jo Stafford -
Capitol 15139

Underneath The Arches / Side By Side - Primo Scala's Banjo And Accordion Orchestra
with The Keynotes - London 238

Hair Of Gold / Harmonicats Blues - Jerry Murad's Harmonicats - Universal 121

Buttons And Bows / Daddy-O - Dinah Shore and her Happy Valley Boys - Columbia

You Call Everybody Darlin' / Linger Awhile - Al Trace & His Orchestra - Regent 117
Jun 15, 16 RE3: Radio Veronica K.A. Scott
Thanks for your diligence in investigating new-to-ARSA singles, Joel.  And you too,
Geno -- we're currently working through the singles you've identified in the
"notes" column of your surveys.

Paul, the wealth of 1948 surveys you've just entered are great -- but their
unexpected presence has thrown us behind in adding new songs to the database. If
you've got any listings for the relevant 1948 singles you could post here (Artist,
A-side, B-side, label, year) it'd be much appreciated!
Jun 15, 16 RE3: HELP! K.A. Scott
450 KB is pretty large...sometimes the images we're working with are kind of small
and/or blurry to begin with!

Anyway, thanks for the WIXY add.  Always great to see surveys with cool
local/regional hits!
Jun 15, 16 RE: WMEX 1964-09-10 K.A. Scott
Must have been a temporary glitch -- it seems fine now.  Let us know if it happens
again, and we'll investigate!
Jun 14, 16 RE3: Radio Veronica Geno Rice
That's great Joel. It knocked five off my job-to-do list! I think it'll be worth the
extra effort to keep the international flavor of this enterprise growing. 

For the past few months, I've basically kept to a Rick Hy posting strategy of just
surveys of the same day and month. That paces the difficult ones and the ones from
years I'm not too crazy about. 
Jun 14, 16 RE2: Radio Veronica Joel Bernstein
On the backside of the real Radio Veronica Top 40's is another 30 track list called
Tip Parade, which in our normal terms are hitbounds, although they are ranked in
order 1-30. 

I have a bunch of Veronicas from the last survey of 1970 thru July of 1971. I
intend to put up the Tip Parades as well (numbering them 41-70). I think it is
worth the extra work because, while we are loaded with charts from UK, South
Africa, and Australia, the European continent (as well as Japan) has been largely
neglected. I will do them one at a time, researching one completely before going to
the next one.
 So Geno or anyone else, please don't enter any Veronicas from early 1971 because
you'll prevent me from adding the Tip Parade tracks.
Jun 14, 16 RE: Radio Veronica Geno Rice
Hi Kenn, Gary & Joel,

I saw Joel's Veronica and became very curious so I started finding some (36 so
far!) posted on blogs. While inputting the one today, I had to research some of the
songs and I should have included the information from those searches in the notes
column. I'll go back and add info to the one I posted. I promise to add info as a
matter of course from now on. 


Jun 14, 16 RE2: HELP! Joe Madigan
Thanks, K.A. Scott!

I Wish we could upload larger images so we can read the images better! I took me a
few attempts but I got it up there! There's still plenty missing from WIXY from
1966, but I'm happy that I found another one to add. It'd be nice to see some June
1966 surveys from WIXY.

Jun 14, 16 WIXY Cleveland 1966-05-30 / WIXY ( Cleveland, Ohio ) Joe Madigan
Song #60 was cut-off on my copy of the survey.

Plenty of regional hits including:

Terry Knight: Better Man Than I (Detroit group on the Lucky 11 record label, they
played Cleveland often, and appeared on the Upbeat Show, which aired locally on

Tidal Waves: Farmer John (Released on the Hanna-Barbera Record Label (yes, the
company that produced the Flintstones!) Another Detroit, Michigan group).

Tim Tam: Cheryl Ann was the follow up to Wait A Minute, a song that was a big hit
in Cleveland and Detroit on CKLW.

G.T.O's: She Rides With Me (Beach Boys-like record, but with a horn solo instead of
a cool guitar solo). The group was formerly known as Joey & The Continentals.

The New Order: You Got Me High - Charted #21! Such a very cool yet obscure record! 
Jun 14, 16 RE: HELP! K.A. Scott
Hi Joe...

Two common problems are that the file is too big, or in the wrong format.  The file
should be 450 KB or less, and in the JPEG format.

Jun 14, 16 HELP! Joe Madigan
I'm trying to upload an image of a survey and it's not working. 

How exactly do I upload images on this site? It's been a while for me. Thanks!

Joe Madigan
Jun 14, 16 Radio Veronica K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

Thanks for continuing to post so many great surveys!  With regard to the Radio
Veronica surveys you've recently posted -- we've had access to some RV surveys for
some time, but haven't posted them because we don't currently have the resources to
research the numerous foreign-release singles that would need to be added to the
ARSA database. 

Joel Bernstein has recently agreed to research and share with us the info for
new-to-ARSA singles on any Radio Veronica chart that he posts, and we've been
updating the database with this information.  We ask that you do the same for the
charts you've posted and any other RV surveys (or other foreign language surveys)
you post going forward.  You can post the singles data here on Chart Chat, or in
the "Notes" column of the individual charts -- and once you do, please give us a
few days to process the data before posting another chart from the same station.

Hope you understand where we coming from...we want ARSA to be as complete and
accurate as possible, but we also need to target our limited resources effectively.
 Thanks again, and please keep posting!


- Kenn (and on behalf of Gary).
Jun 13, 16 WMEX 1964-09-10 Joel Bernstein
This is kind of bizarre. I clicked on this survey and it showed a Top 20 from the
1970's. Then when I clicked on list chart data the correct 1964 Top 15 came up.