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Aug 9, 16 RE2: 1948 surveys Paul H.
Here's some more from 1948:

It's Whatcha Do With Whatcha Got / It's Up To You - Gene Krupa & His Orchestra -
Columbia 38296

Siesta / Canadian Capers - Jack Fina & His Orchestra - MGM 10289

The Silver Wedding Waltz / You're The One I Care For - Vera Lynn - London 232

Red Roses For A Blue Lady / Somebody's Lyin' - Mercury 5201

I Don't Care Who Knows / You Had Better Change Your Ways - Buddy Johnson - Decca

Corn Bread / Plug For Cliff - Hal Singer Sextette - Savoy 671

I Want To Cry / Someday - Savannah Churchill and The Four Tunes - Manor 1129

Skylark / Your Red Wagon - Jackie Paris Trio - MGM 10114

The Wildest Gal In Town / Boulevard Of Memories - MGM 10069

You Are The Only One / Over The Sea - Henry Pierre - Continental 1251

Mickey / The Martins And The Coys - Mercury 5062

In The Still Of The Night / By The Way - Jo Stafford - Capitol 15218

Deep Purple / I Only Have Eyes For You - Paul Weston - Capitol 15294

How High The Moon / Interlude - Stan Kenton and His Orchestra - Capitol 15117

All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) / Happy New Year - Spike Jones &
His City Slickers - RCA 3177

Evolution / I Can't Wed You - Ruth Wallis - DeLuxe 1184

Down Among The Sheltering Palms / You Were Only Fooling (While I Was Falling In
Love) - Eric Whitley & The Green Sisters - Columbia 38323

A Strawberry Moon (In A Blueberry Sky) / There's A Quaker Down In Quaker Town -
Blue Barron & His Orchestra - MGM 10297

I Want To Be The Only One / Gloria - Mills Brothers - Decca 24509

Tailgate Rhumba / Sister Kate - Wingy Monone's Dixieland Band - Capitol 10024

Honkin' The Horn For Honey / Maybe I'm Dreaming - Freddy Nagel - Raymor 5003

Queen For A Day / If I Could Be With You - Art Kassel's Orchestra - Mercury 5200

Ain't Doin' Bad Doin' Nothin' / Ida I Do - Bing Crosby - Decca 24476

Smilin' Through / Ave Maria - Jo Stafford - Capitol 15291

Hindustan / I Wonder Where That Man Of Mine Has Went - Ted Weems - Mercury 5139

On A Slow Boat To China / Melancholy Minstrel - Snooky Lanson - Mercury 5191

Bella Bella Marie / Pedro The Fisherman - Gracie Fields - London 319
Aug 9, 16 RE: 1948 surveys Paul H.
Kenn, I have no problem posting the 1948 record info and will start to do so again
this morning.
Aug 8, 16 1948 surveys K.A. Scott
Hi Paul..

  Been holding off entering the most recent spate of 1948 singles into the database
... will you be posting the singles info here on Chart Chat?  Don't want to
duplicate efforts!


  - Kenn.
Aug 7, 16 RE3: WNHC entered twice Paul H.
Thanks, Tim!
Aug 6, 16 RE2: WNHC entered twice Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks, Tim.  When I added the WNHC-FM station a couple of weeks ago, I must have
hit the Apply button too hard or twice accidentally, as it created two station
Aug 6, 16 RE: WNHC entered twice Tim Warden
The reason is likely called a "misteak". :-)  I've just corrected it and deleted 3
other duplicates while I was at it.
Aug 6, 16 WNHC entered twice Paul H.
Is there a reason why WNHC (99.1 FM) New Haven, CT was entered twice under the radio
station listings?
Jul 25, 16 RE: Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue Gary Pfeifer
Got it corrected. Thanks, Paul! 
Jul 25, 16 Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue Paul H.
Just a quick correction for the database.

Under the 1985 version of "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue, there's one 1991 entry
that should be put under the "Home Sweet Home 1991" version.
Jul 19, 16 RE2: Survey dates need changing Geno Rice
You're welcome. I'm proud to be part of this great endeavor along with all the other
hard workers!
Jul 18, 16 RE: Survey dates need changing Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks Geno for the information and thanks, Kenn, for making the corrections
before I even saw them! 
Jul 18, 16 RE: Survey dates need changing K.A. Scott
Good eye, Geno!  All have now been fixed.  Thanks for bringing these to our
attention -- and for your continuing tireless work on entering surveys!

Jul 18, 16 Survey dates need changing Geno Rice
WCFL 1968-12-31 needs to be changed to 1968-00-00.

WSGN 1969-01-03 needs to be changed to 1968-00-00.

WSGN 1967-12-29 needs to be changed to 1967-00-00.

WVOK 1967-12-31 needs to be changed to 1967-00-00.

WRKO 1974-12-27 needs to be changed to 1974-00-00.

If I find any others, I'll post them.
Jul 18, 16 WSGN Birmingham RE2: 1966-12-31 / WSGN ( Birmingham, Alabama ) Geno Rice
There seems to be another one like it: WBOW 12/30/66. The way I found this is by
tracing a popular song in the summer to its last appearance in the year. In this
case, Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" which was popular July of '66. 

Should I do this for all years and submit a list?
Jul 18, 16 WSGN Birmingham RE: 1966-12-31 / WSGN ( Birmingham, Alabama ) Gary Pfeifer
Geno - I made the change to 1966-00-00. Thanks!  The survey was originally entered 8
years ago - most likely before the 00-00 was commonly adopted for identifying the
Year End charts.
Jul 18, 16 WSGN Birmingham 1966-12-31 / WSGN ( Birmingham, Alabama ) Geno Rice
This survey appears to be a year-end chart and should be renamed 1966-00-00. Was it
entered in before you had the 00-00 designation?
Jul 15, 16 8TOP Darwin RE2: 1978-07-12 / KRBE ( Houston, Texas ) Geno Rice
Hi Kenn,

I went back a few pages of stations and added USA to many of the stations I've
recently added. I guess I thought "USA" was a default. I'll do better from now on.

Jul 14, 16 RE4: Technical question Joel Bernstein
Thanks Gary.
Jul 14, 16 RE3: Technical question Gary Pfeifer
 HA! I spoke too soon!  Just found on a Radio Insight discussion board that the
frequency of KYOR-AM was 1450.
Jul 14, 16 RE3: Technical question Gary Pfeifer
 Both of the stations have been added.  Like you, I was only able to find the
frequency of KYOR-FM and not of the AM station.  If the info is found at a later
time, we can add it then.