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May 16, 16 RE: Lew Burdette Gary Pfeifer
  That named popped out at me also and when I saw the song title, knew it had to be
the baseball pitcher.  I'm sure I have some old baseball cards of Lew yet from
those I bought as a kid. :)
May 16, 16 Lew Burdette Joel Bernstein
I saw him recently added to the database as an artist, and being an old baseball fan
the name jumped out at me. Lew Burdette was a star pitcher for the Milwaukee Braves
and the MVP of the 1957 World Series. How appropriate that two months later he had
a Top 30 hit in Milwaukee with something called Three Strikes And You're Out. A lot
of baseball players in the 50s and 60s also made records, and I like to collect
them, but I didn't know about this one.  
May 16, 16 RE: Gary Pfeifer
 Paul - Made the correction to the George Cates song.  Thanks!
May 16, 16 "Chug-A-Lug" - George Cates Paul H.
Gary, I noticed a typo for this song in the database.  The label should be Coral,
not Capitol.  Thanks!
May 16, 16 RE5: Lengthy Delays Paul H.
I'm surprised to hear that you guys are having problems.  If anything, the site has
been better for me in recent weeks.  Perhaps you may want to try switching
browsers?  I know that things really sped up for me when I switched from Internet
Explorer to FireFox.  Just a thought...
May 16, 16 RE4: Lengthy Delays Lee Tucker
Hi Rick

Sorry To hear that but if it's any consolation, it was even worse this morning.  
May 15, 16 RE3: Lengthy Delays Rick Hy
Iíve had the same problems and this morning was the worst. Just like you
experienced, Lee. 
May 15, 16 RE2: Lengthy Delays Lee Tucker
Thanks Gary & Gino; at least I know it's not my router.  This was the worst morning
yet as I gave it up after 5 very short surveys which took almost 3 hours.  Hope Tim
can fix it soon.
May 14, 16 CKRW Whitehorse RE: WBBM ( Chicago, IL ) K.A. Scott
Paul, I've made the station I'd just like Richard to double check the
transcription against the actual survey.  Richard, let me know if my theory (that
the LW and TW columns are accidentally transposed) is right!
May 14, 16 CKRW Whitehorse WBBM ( Chicago, IL ) Paul H.
I noticed that a survey was entered for this station recently for the week of
10/16/82.  There's a couple of problems here.  First of all, there's already an
entry for this station (it's actually at 96.3).  Secondly, the numbers on the
survey for 10/16 don't seem to match-up with the one that Lee Tucker posted for
this station, dated 10/23/82.  The "last week" numbers on the 10/16/82 survey
appear to be the same as the "last week" numbers on the 10/23/82 survey.  I always
love to see new 1982 surveys posted, I'm just a little puzzled over this one.
May 14, 16 CKRW Whitehorse 1982-10-16 / WBBM ( Chicago, IL ) K.A. Scott
Welcome aboard, Richard Gardner!  Thanks for posting this WBBM survey from 1982.

Richard, could I get you to double check the original chart?  I suspect you
inadvertently reversed the TW and LW columns in this transcription.


- Kenn.

May 14, 16 RE: Lengthy Delays Gary Pfeifer
 Lee & Geno - These lengthy delays have been occurring the last year or so and I
have even experienced them around 1 and 2 AM Arizona time when I would think
activity would be at a minimum. These delays have been reported to and discussed
with Tim.  He said certain functions on the website (the Top Songs, Top Artists
buttons for example) consume a very significant amount of resources which could
cause a slow-down. Plus the function will need to be completed before the next
action can be started possibly causing the error messages.  He stated he would look
into it further.

  I find it best to prepare the surveys I enter offline and then input using the
Autofill function.  That way, if an error message is encountered when inputting,
the data can just be copied over again rather than need retype everything.
May 14, 16 RE: Lengthy Delays Geno Rice
I'm experiencing the same, Lee. It seems familiar to the time last year when
Hoffmann was making all his books. 

May 14, 16 Lengthy Delays Lee Tucker
Just wondering, has anyone else been experiencing lengthy delays or, worse yet,
getting an error message or being denied access to the database (and having to
retype entries) when sending data upline?  Perhaps it's our router, the time of day
I do my inputs (typically 7-10 AM EST) or the increase in surveys being input
lately, but the last few days I've experienced numerous occurrences of these
incidents, especially yesterday & today.       
May 13, 16 RE: Johnny Desmond record Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks Paul! The correction and addition have been made.
May 13, 16 Johnny Desmond record Paul H.
Gary, just FYI, the Johnny Desmond record released on MGM 10736 is titled "Pigalle"
(not "Pagalle")...also, the full B-side is titled "Stars (Are The Windows Of
Heaven)".  Thanks!
May 12, 16 RE: The group, The Hard Times Gary Pfeifer
 Thanks, Rob!  The Hard Times song has been added. 
May 12, 16 The group, The Hard Times Rob Ellis
Itís incredible to me how Gary and others can find information on all the obscure
songs that show up.  The song on the WSGN survey for  5/6/66 by the Hard Times
appears to be giving trouble.  This group was from Birmingham, Al.  Information for
the record is:

The Hard Times - Losing You b/w You Couldn't Love Me   Label is Ultimate (SoN
May 11, 16 RE: Rondels vs. Ron-Dels Gary Pfeifer
 Been corrected.  Thanks, Joel!
May 11, 16 Rondels vs. Ron-Dels Joel Bernstein
The database says that the (Original) Rhythm Rockers became much better known as The
Ron-Dels. This is not correct. They became better known as The Rondels (no hyphen)
recording the hit Back Beat No. 1.
  The Ron-Dels with hyphen were a Texas duo of Ronnie Kelly and delbert McClinton.
McClinton had already achieved a fame of sorts by playing the harmonica intro on
Bruce Channel's 1962 international smash "Hey Baby", and then,  while touring  
England with Channel, giving harmonica lessons to a guy in the opening act. A guy
named John Lennon. McClinton has had a long solo career as a blues/rock/country