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Feb 5, 16 KIMN Denver RE: 1984-12-07 / KIMN ( Denver, Colorado ) Gary Pfeifer
Hi Paul.  Got both Cafferty entries corrected for you!
Feb 5, 16 RE2: Grass Roots Gary Pfeifer
 Found that there were six "Grassroots" songs entered in the database.  Those have
all been corrected to "Grass Roots".  Thanks for bringing this to our attention! 
Feb 5, 16 KIMN Denver 1984-12-07 / KIMN ( Denver, Colorado ) Paul Haney
Hi Gary and/or Kenn, the John Cafferty song at #33 on this particular chart should
by Tender Years, NOT "On The Dark Side".  I mistakenly entered the wrong title for
this chart and the next week's chart (12/14), both should be Tender Years.  Thanks!
Feb 5, 16 RE: Grass Roots Lee Tucker
Hi Mark

For some reason, both "Bella Linda" & "Lovin' Things" are listed under "The
Grassroots" rather than the "Grass Roots" Artist Listing.  Hope this helps

Feb 5, 16 Grass Roots Mark Stegall
I've noticed that under the Grass Roots artist listing you have neither Bella Linda
nor Lovin' Things listed and both of those charted Billboard as well as WLS Chicago
and other midwest stations. I noticed it when searching for Lovin' Things which was
#49 nationally. I discovered A Melody For You (uncharted nationally but #6 on WYND
Sarasota) which I was unaware of. Thanks for the site, it's great. 
Feb 4, 16 WCOL Columbus RE2: WCOL ( Columbus, Ohio ) David Hayman
WCOL had sent me several surveys from 1971 and early 1975 when I wrote to the
station sometime in the 90's. I had started collecting them myself starting on June
2, 1975 when I discovered the wonderful world of pop music during a long, summer
family vacation. Anyway, I went through my surveys through 1976 and found 30 that
are missing from ARSA. I will borrow my sister's scanner and begin to submit them.

Feb 4, 16 WISN Milwaukee RE4: 1955-00-00 / WISN ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) Geno Rice
Will do! Thanks Gary.
Feb 4, 16 WISN Milwaukee RE3: 1955-00-00 / WISN ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) Gary Pfeifer
 Sounds like a very reasonable resolution! However, please include a clear notation
that the list reflects a particular DJ's selections and are not necessarily
representative of the station's official survey.
Feb 4, 16 WISN Milwaukee RE3: 1955-00-00 / WISN ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) Geno Rice
Thanks Kenn. I agree. I'll post a WFOX from 1/8/56 to show as an example. I'll also
keep researching to try to determine when (and if ever) WEMP and WMIL started
issuing station-wide charts.


Feb 4, 16 WISN Milwaukee RE2: 1955-00-00 / WISN ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) K.A. Scott
It's case by case, I suppose ... but generally I'd be okay with adding a DJ-selected
chart *if* the DJ's station was issuing no other form of chart at the time.  It at
least gives us a partial window into a vital segment of the station's programming.


- Kenn.  
Feb 4, 16 WISN Milwaukee RE2: 1955-00-00 / WISN ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) Geno Rice
It looks like WFOX started printing station-wide charts in January 1957. Rick Hy
inputted Vol. 1, No. 37 from October 1957. 

I have 22 of the WFOX DJ-selected, charts from 1956. I'd like to add these 22 and I
could certainly include a disclaimer saying that they are just a sampling.
Feb 4, 16 WISN Milwaukee RE: 1955-00-00 / WISN ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) Gary Pfeifer
 Hi Geno.  I have always avoided adding DJ selected survey lists and have just added
official station charts.  Any thoughts from Tim and Kenn on this? 
Feb 4, 16 WISN Milwaukee RE: 1955-00-00 / WISN ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) Geno Rice
OOPS, I was wrong about there being no WFOX charts. There are some. 
Feb 4, 16 WISN Milwaukee 1955-00-00 / WISN ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) Geno Rice
Hi everyone,

I need some advise. I found many of these late-1950s Top Ten lists in the Sunday
editions of the Milwaukee Sentinel newspapers using a Google newspaper search. From
looking at them, they appear to be DJ selected lists that reflected each DJ's
particular programming rather than station-wide charts. I think that WISN, WOKY and
WRIT may already have started printing their own charts, so there might be conflicts
if I added these to the ARSA database.

The other three stations, WEMP, WFOX, and WMIL don't have any other charts in ARSA,
so these might be the only charts out there, and they certainly would be the first
to be added to ARSA.

Any thoughts? 

Thanks, Geno

Feb 4, 16 WCOL Columbus RE: WCOL ( Columbus, Ohio ) Lee Tucker
Hi David:

Good to hear you enjoyed the WCOL surveys.  The website where I found most of them
is a great WCOL Tribute website.  Although I never lived in the Columbus area, I
spent a lot of time at Rickenbacker AFB while I was in the Air Force and really
like the area.  My wife is originally from the Columbus area and was even a member
of the WCOL Chicken Man Club! If you need any assistance in contributing any of
your WCOL surveys that ARSA is missing, just let me know and I'll be glad to help. 
Feb 4, 16 WCOL Columbus WCOL ( Columbus, Ohio ) David Hayman
Hi Lee. These are great postings! I have several WCOL surveys from the 70's. I loved
the different colors each week and I would walk several miles to Woolworth to pick
up the latest copy. Unfortunately I didn't make it every week. I can look through
my prized collection and see if I can fill in some of the gaps.

Thanks again!

Feb 2, 16 WCAU Philadelphia RE: 1984-11-29 / WCAU ( Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ) Gary Pfeifer
 Hi Paul.  Made the correction to the Dan Hartman song.  Thanks for keeping us as
accurate as possible!

Feb 2, 16 WCAU Philadelphia 1984-11-29 / WCAU ( Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ) Paul Haney
Gary - Just a slight typo on this particular chart..."We Are The Young" by Dan
Hartman, the LW column should read 24 NOT 23 (it's shown correctly on the actual
chart scan).  Thanks!
Feb 2, 16 RE: Any volunteers for survey posting? Lee Tucker
Hi Joel and welcome to the wonderful world of ARSA!  Like Geno & Gary, I would also
be happy to assist you with getting any surveys you want posted to the ARSA
website.  I've pretty well exhausted posting my 60's survey collection and would
welcome the opportunity to post additional 60's (or any other surveys) you wish to
contribute to ARSA.  Either E-mail images or mailed regular copies of the surveys
would be fine with me.  Let me know if you're interested and again, welcome to
Feb 1, 16 RE: Any volunteers for survey posting? Gary Pfeifer
 Hi Joel and welcome to the website! Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself here! 
Thank you very much for your willingness to share your surveys with us! Very kind
of you and much appreciated.  I am very willing to assist in preparing and entering
any surveys you'd like.  Scanned images thru email or photocopies via regular mail
are fine. Please contact me when you are ready.  Thanks again!