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Feb 24, 15 WKXI Jackson 1972-08-18 / WKXI ( Jackson, Mississippi ) Geno Rice
Hi Tim, 

This survey chart is blank and inaccessible. The images show, but not any chart
entries. If you delete the whole thing, I would be willing to start a new input as
I've saved the images in an image folder. 
Feb 24, 15 WRKO Boston RE5: 1978-10-06 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Paul Haney

I figured that would be a tricky one to fix.  I just wanted to make sure that all
of the WRKO ones were coming out together.  Thanks for getting it sorted!  I won't
even bring up the two 1978 releases of "Paradise By The Dashboard Light":)
Feb 24, 15 WRKO Boston RE4: 1978-10-06 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
  Looking at this again, there are a number of survey entries from Australian
stations during the first half of 1978 which probably should be matched to the 1977
release. (It was released in Australia in Nov. 1977, a month after the intial US
release.) I can force these over to the 1977 release but don't see how future early
1978 entries can be automatically matched by the database to the 1977 release.
Feb 24, 15 WRKO Boston RE3: 1978-10-06 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
  Don't want to combine the two entries as there were two legitimate, different
releases - an initial release in 1977, then on a different label in Oct. 1978. 
This later release was incorrectly identified as a 1979 release in the database,
which more than likely caused some of the 1978 survey entries to improperly match
with the 1977 release.  The release date has now been corrected to 1978 and all the
surveys now match to the later release.  I see no survey entries from 1977 would be
match to the initial release but it remains in the database in case of a future
occurence.  Thanks!
Feb 23, 15 WRKO Boston RE2: 1978-10-06 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Paul Haney

Thanks for making those corrections.  There's still a slight problem as the two
separate entries for "You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth" in the database
aren't sorting correctly.  Perhaps just combining them into one entry will solve
Feb 23, 15 WRKO Boston RE: 1978-10-06 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
  Cutting/pasting the wrong song gets me into trouble again! :) Thanks, Paul - it's
been corrected.
Feb 23, 15 WRKO Boston 1978-10-06 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Paul Haney

The Meat Loaf song at #20 on this survey should be "You Took The Words Right Out Of
My Mouth" NOT "Paradise By The Dashboard Light".  It also needs to be corrected for
the next week's (10/13/78) WRKO survey at #17.  It's shown correctly on both of the
actual surveys.

Feb 18, 15 RE: Canadian Geno Rice
Hey Kenn,

So glad you're enjoying these! I found the Manitoba music museum on-line and it has
some very interesting pages about at least 100 musicians, including Winnipeg's
favorite sons, The Guess Who. 

Just so you all know, I'm going on a short holiday and will resume inputting more
next week. Cheers!
Feb 18, 15 Canadian & NZ surveys 0
Hi all...

  Really enjoying the newly-posted Canadian surveys today, courtesy Geno and Gary! 
Winnipeg was a real rock and roll town, and that Belleville survey has a lot of way
cool, obscure garage-y stuff.
  And there was a sudden welcome influx of New Zealand surveys a few days ago (from
Lee and Gary) ... there were more NZ surveys posted in a single day than ARSA had
seen in the previous 10 years!  

  And while I'm at it, Paul, I'm also really enjoying the plethora of 80's surveys
you've been inputting!  


  - Kenn.   
Feb 16, 15 WRKO Boston RE: 1978-06-09 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
 Corrected! Thx!
Feb 16, 15 WRKO Boston 1978-06-09 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Paul Haney

Another small typo to fix, if possible.  The song at #8 on this survey ("With A
Little Luck" by Wings)...the LW position should be 2 not 12 (it is correct on the
actual survey).

Thanks again!
Feb 11, 15 WRKO Boston RE: 1977-10-14 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
 Made the correction - thanks!
Feb 11, 15 WRKO Boston 1977-10-14 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Paul Haney

The song at #13 on this survey ("Jungle Love" by Steve Miller) has the wrong
position in the LW field.  It should be 17 not 15 (it is listed correctly on the
actual survey).

Feb 9, 15 Welcome George Laterra! K.A. Scott
Hi George...

  Just want to welcome you aboard, and thank you for the WHB surveys you've been

  Just a quick FYI, by the way, about the "green check mark" system Tim Warden has
implemented.  After you've entered a survey, if an singles entry doesn't have a
green check mark beside it, it's probably because you need to re-enter it with a
corrected spelling or title.  So, for instance, a single entered as by "Barbara
Streisand" won't match up to what's in the database, because she spells her first
name "Barbra".  Similarly, an incorrectly titled entry for The Bobby Fuller Four's
"Love's Made A Fool Of Me" won't match, because the record is actually "Love's Made
A Fool Of You."  But just re-enter the line with the correct title/artist, and the
check mark should appear...

  Of course, sometimes you'll have entered a single that we haven't yet got in the
database...though for an American top 40 station from '65-'69, that's pretty rare! 
But if you do hit one of those, don't worry -- we'll get around to entering things
and matching everything up.

  Once again, welcome aboard...I look forward to seeing what other surveys you'll
be inputting!

Feb 6, 15 WCFL '74 year end chart Ben E. McCoy
p.s. -- when i first viewed the teeny printing on those 1t page photos, i thought
they were the names of the individual artists -- of course, because those lines
were so difficult to see clearly! 
Feb 6, 15 WCFL 1975 YEAR END Ben E. McCoy
yeah, i just now made out the song titles on that 1st page within the photos
although, yeah, it's a might hard to read, so i will refer to the CHART you posted,
Feb 6, 15 RE2: WCFL END OF YEAR SURVEY Geno Rice
Also, both pictures are showing. The page with the artists' pictures have the song
titles #2 through #12. They're a bit hard to read.
That's strange. I see all 40 song listings when I display the chart. Is anyone else
having a problem?
Geno Rice:

i noticed you recently posted a copy of WCFL's "Super Hits of '74", but only showed
positions #13-40 on your posts.
what happened to the page showing positions #1-12?
can you post this missing page, please?

ben mccoy.
Feb 4, 15 WTRU Muskegon RE: 1971-02-21 / WTRU ( Muskegon, Michigan ) Gary Pfeifer
 Date corrected.  Thanks!