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Apr 6, 14 WBLK Buffalo / Depew RE: 1982-04-05 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) Gary Pfeifer
  Thank you for all your survey contributions, Rick!  Enjoy your well earned
Apr 5, 14 WBLK Buffalo / Depew 1982-04-05 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) Rick Hy
Will be off line for several weeks sunning in Key West. See you in May.
Apr 2, 14 RE4: Message to Mr. Lee Tucker Lee Tucker

Thanks Gary.  Not sure what happened; must have been a senior moment.  Oh well,
moving on and my thanks to you, Tim Warden and the rest of the ARSA gang for
providing and maintaining this great website which has and will continue to provide
me countless hours of enjoyment.  Back next week.  
Apr 1, 14 RE2: More KLIV surveys Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks for your contributions, Rich!  Looking forward to seeing more.
Apr 1, 14 RE3: Message to Mr. Lee Tucker Gary Pfeifer

   No problem.  It's happened to me a number of times also.  We all very much
appreciate your efforts and know you strive for total accuracy.  When processing a
large number of surveys on a daily basis as you do, something is bound to slip
through eventually.  Fortunately, we have great, keen eyed users here at ARSA to
help us maintain accuracy and most corrections can be made quickly and painlessly. 
Thanks again!
Apr 1, 14 RE2: More KLIV surveys J. A. Theroux
Thanks for the note, I only have a handful of KLIV charts left to upload but I'll
hold off until you've finished with yours.

Apr 1, 14 RE: More KLIV surveys Rich Stivers
Gary and Jeff:

I'm getting back to my KLIV survey postings after finishing a project that was
taking up most of my free time. Thanks for letting us know which KLIV surveys you
already have. After a quick look, I have most of the KLIV surveys from July 1963
thru June 1965. I will try to post 1-2 each week, and maybe more time permitting.

Rich Stivers
Apr 1, 14 RE2: Message to Mr. Lee Tucker

Let me begin by apologizing for an apparent error I made a few days ago when
contributing the controversial WFIL survey under discussion.  Thanks for catching
it Craig for I, too, have and always will strive for complete accuracy when
contributing ANY survey I upload to ARSA.  Since Gary has fixed the problem and I
have deleted the image from my hard drive, I cannot research my contribution in
order to ascertain exactly how the error occurred.

The WFIL surveys I have and will continue to contribute to ARSA have been collected
through the years mainly from 3 websites in addition to anywhere else they may pop
up on the internet.  My best guess is that either I or the website from where I
downloaded the survey incorrectly paired a front and back side of the WFIL survey
under discussion or, more likely, I incorrectly dated the offending survey in my
hard drive files when I downloaded it and failed to catch it when I contributed it
to ARSA. Whatever the case may be, rest assured that I will continue to strive for
complete accuracy in ANY survey that I contribute to ARSA and I welcome any
feedback when one falls through the cracks.  ARSA is a truly great website and I
look forward to contributing  many more surveys when I get back in town next week. 
Apr 1, 14 Thanks, Craig! K.A. Scott
And a big thanks from me to Craig for all his CHUM chart data for 1977 and 1978! 
Thanks to his recent efforts, ARSA now has CHUM chart data entered for *almost* the
entire run, from '57 to '86.  (We've still yet to get the actual charts for parts of
'75 and '76 ... but I know Craig is working on it!)


- Kenn.

Apr 1, 14 RE2: Message to Mr. Lee Tucker Gary Pfeifer
  It took the new images of the July 3, 1967 survey without any problem!  Tim must
have corrected that old glitch.  Thanks Tim!
Apr 1, 14 RE: Message to Mr. Lee Tucker Gary Pfeifer
  Craig & Lee,

    It does appear that the WFIL survey submitted as July 24, 1967 is actually the
Jul 3, 1967 survey.  I'll revise the date to July 3 and remove the images.  I'll
probably have to wait a day or two to insert the correct images as an ARSA glitch
has the tendency of retaining the old images for a short period of time even after
new ones are uploaded.

  Craig, I am not quite as stringent about only posting surveys on the dates that
correspond with the dates on the survey as I had been.  This was my own methodology
of keeping things straight and making the workload manageable.  Plus, I thought the
surveys would have more meaning that way too.  Recently, however, in order to avoid
duplicating effort and overlapping with the great number of surveys contributed by
Lee, I've been adding many as I prepare them rather than waiting for the
corresponding date.  And a big THANK YOU to Lee for tremendous efforts in
submitting such a large number of surveys consistently.

  I can also vouch for the thoroughness and accuracy of any surveys and/or other
information supplied by Craig.  He has been a great contributor also. 
Apr 1, 14 Message to Mr. Lee Tucker Craig Pucci
Dear Mr. Tucker,
   I noticed that the WFIL hit parade of July 24, 1967 that you contributed to ARSA
sadly had the incorrect chart data of July 3, 1967. I submitted the correct data to
Mr. Pfeifer because he has the privilege to add and update hit parade data whereas
I cannot directly submit to ARSA unless I submit hit parade data thru Mr. Pfeifer.
   Even though I appreciate the fact that Mr. Pfeifer takes the time to analyze and
have the hit parades that I submit posted to ARSA, he will only post hit parades on
the day of the dated hit parade. For example, if I were to submit a hit parade of
September 5, 1966, I must submit this hit parade that day or the night before. 
   More importantly, if you need help posting hit parades to ARSA where the date
does not greatly matter, I will be ultra-happy to submit any hit parade to you so
that I may ease your workload.
   If you feel comfortable with my offer, please notify me at
whenever you can because your cooperation will be to the utmost appreciated. If you
have any doubts about my accuracy of hit parades, please contact Mr. Pfeifer and as
a second reference, Mr. Scott so that they may verify the accuracy of my hit parade
                      Thank you and God bless,
Mar 25, 14 KLIV San Jose 1965-01-01 / KLIV ( San Jose, California ) J. A. Theroux
The catalog number for The Spearmints single Little One is Autumn 7
Mar 23, 14 KRUX Phoenix 1964-03-22 / KRUX ( Phoenix, Arizona ) Rick Hy
Thanks for your help in this matter. I, too, like to see all of the Beatles hits
that occupied the charts. I particularly like the WSPR charts as they not only
included the current hit singles, but also included favorite album cuts. I imagine
WORC did as well, I just donít have any of their charts from that period. Enjoy the
Beatles !
Mar 22, 14 KRUX Phoenix RE2: 1964-03-22 / KRUX ( Phoenix, Arizona )Beatles Dilema Tim Warden
Hi Rick!

I guess I would agree with Gary ó don't "guess", even if the guess is accurate,
it's still a guess.  Go ahead and enter the entry as it is and one of us will add
it as an entry.  And yes, of course I would prefer to see the chart dominated by
Beatles tracks as it was then... but we don't have enough data in the chart to tell
us which songs were the "Beatles Hits" they grouped togehter.


Mar 22, 14 KRUX Phoenix RE: 1964-03-22 / KRUX ( Phoenix, Arizona )Beatles Dilema Gary Pfeifer
 Hi Rick,

   Thanks for bringing this up.  While I am sure that some of the Beatles songs can
be figured out to a reasonable degree, since the chart does not list specifics,
these would be just educated guesses.  I'd rather not have suppositions on our part
entered into the database as that could cause even more inaccuracies into a song's
chart run history than just grouping as "Beatles Hits".  At least, that's my
opinion.  Would Tim or anyone else care for chime in?

  I guess some stations grouped all the Beatles songs into one entry to preclude up
to a third or so of its chart consumed with just Beatles songs. Personally, I
enjoying seeing that March/April 1964 charts packed with Beatles songs!
Mar 22, 14 KRUX Phoenix 1964-03-22 / KRUX ( Phoenix, Arizona )Beatles Dilema Rick Hy
Before I key in this KRUX chart I have a problem.  Beginning with the chart and all
of those in April KRUX groups all Beatles hits into one chart number. BUT they
donít identify which ones they are. In May they go back to identifying which songs
they are and they are a totally different group from March. Iím sure I can figure
out one or two charts, but the problem is not knowing when a particular song ended
its chart run and when did the newer ones begin? It would be easy to just put
ďBeatles HitsĒ but it wonít help you with being accurate with each songs chart run.
Have you come across this before? WJET does the same, but they identify each song
included in their groupings. Yeah Yeah Yeah !
Rick Hy  
Mar 11, 14 WKBW Buffalo RE: 1979-00-00 / WKBW ( Buffalo, New York ) K.A. Scott
Congrats on #3000!  I always enjoy your contributions, Rick, and am looking forward
to many more.

Mar 11, 14 WKBW Buffalo RE: 1979-00-00 / WKBW ( Buffalo, New York ) Gary Pfeifer
Rick - Thank you very much for all your dedication and effort!!  We greatly
appreciate all the surveys you've shared!
Mar 11, 14 WKBW Buffalo 1979-00-00 / WKBW ( Buffalo, New York ) Rick Hy
This WKBW Year End 1979 Top 100 survey marks my 3,000th keyed in survey. Had to pick
a Buffalo survey to commemorate this entry. I have so many great memories of
listening to early Buffalo radio Top 40 with Danny Neaverth, Tom Shannon (Wild
Weekend Theme), Joey Reynolds and Dick Biondi. Great times! Now on to 4,000