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May 5, 16 RE: Beach Boys singles -- misplaced chart entries Gary Pfeifer
 Hi Gary! Glad you have enjoyed the website and thank you for joining! Appreciate
you pointing out these mismatches.  I've gotten the Surfin' vs. Surfin' Safari ones
straightened out. I'll work on the Dance Dance Dance/Do You Wanna Dance mismatches
next.  Thanks again and if you have access to New Zealand surveys you'd be willing
to share, we'd love to add them!
May 5, 16 Beach Boys singles -- misplaced chart entries Gary De Forest
Long-time enjoyer of ARSA, I've just joined today and must make this point. There
are 19 entries of the Beach Boys' first hit "Surfin'" -- dated January 5th to March
30th 1962 -- mistakenly assigned to their second hit, i.e. "Surfin' Safari".

Similarly, there are also quite a few entries of their Nov-Dec '64 hit "Dance Dance
Dance" mistakenly assigned to their March-April '65 hit "Do You Wanna Dance" -- but
I will have to look these up again to be specific.

Thanks for letting me have my say from New Zealand! 
May 2, 16 RE4: Early 1950s charts Gary Pfeifer
 Wow! I had thought for sure it was going to turn out to be a typo when I saw a 1950
survey in the listing (and before I read Chart Chat) but am very excited to learn
it's the real thing! Great find, Paul!  And Kenn has already been kind enough to
provide you with our thoughts about the addition of these DJ-picked surveys. 
Anxious to see what else you've got.
May 2, 16 KXOL Fort Worth RE: 1955-03-28 / KXOL ( Fort Worth, Texas ) Geno Rice
By George, you've got it! Thanks.
May 2, 16 RE3: Early 1950s charts K.A. Scott
Just saw your first post -- you weren't kidding with "early" 50's, Paul!  Cool!

Were these published in local newspapers, or given away as printed surveys?
May 2, 16 RE2: Early 1950s charts Paul H.
Thanks for the reply, Kenn!  I'll probably start adding some of these in the near
May 2, 16 KXOL Fort Worth 1955-03-28 / KXOL ( Fort Worth, Texas ) K.A. Scott
Pretty sure the very-difficult-to-read entry at #19 is "Fujiyama Mama" (rendered on
this survey as "Fuji Yama Mama") by Annisteen Allen, issued on Capitol in February,
1955.  Can someone else eyeball this survey and see if they agree?
May 2, 16 RE: Early 1950s charts K.A. Scott
Hi Paul...

  We discussed this very issue a few months back, and concluded that these sorts of
surveys would be a valuable addition to ARSA in cases where the station had no
overall survey published at the time.

  Accordingly, Geno and I have been adding a few 1950s DJ-picked surveys to the
database, adding the following note (or something like it) to each entry:

"This DJ-picked playlist from ((name of DJ)) represents a small sampling of
((station call letters))'s programming for the week listed, and may not necessarily
represent the station's overall programming or format."

  Feel free to tweak or amend this blurb as appropriate, as long it's clear what
the nature of the survey is.


  - Kenn.
May 2, 16 Early 1950s charts Paul H.
As I'm sure most of you know, in the early 1950s, many radio stations only
programmed music during certain parts of the day.  There were very few (if any)
music surveys as we know and love them here at ARSA.  Anyway, I've recently come
upon several published Top 10 lists from various radio station DJs across the US
from the early 1950s.  I find them pretty interesting, so just wondering if they
fall under the guidelines of being entered here at ARSA?  It would certainly
fill-in a time period when there were very few (if any) actual station surveys.  It
would also give me a break from my 1985 survey entering!  Any feedback would be
May 1, 16 RE2: 1968 Top 100 lists Joel Bernstein
I don't think so. This list is pretty pop, and XERB was R&B.
May 1, 16 RE: 1968 Top 100 lists K.A. Scott
Not sure about the SLC station.  But XERB was branding itself "The Big X" circa
68/69 ... could that help you with the source of that Top 100 list?


- Kenn.

May 1, 16 1968 Top 100 lists Joel Bernstein
I've got a survey "Salt Lake City's Top 100 of 1968" that was clipped from Go (the
music paper). By process of elimination I'm pretty sure this is from KNAK. Can
anyone confirm that KNAK was the Go station in SLC? Does anyone know of a list
anywhere of all the different stations that had their surveys in Go?

I've got another list "Big X Top 100 Super Hit Survey for 1968" that has a lot of
unusual songs on it. It may not be a radio station at all but possibly some
collector's personal list of favorites. If it is a radio station, it's probably
from the Pacific Northwest (based on some of the songs) and is definitely one with
few if any surveys on ARSA (based on some of the other songs). Does anyone know
where this list might be from?
Apr 26, 16 RE: Billy Paul and Mrs. Jones K.A. Scott
I'll have to dig that album up, too, Tim.  Prime Gamble and Huff, if memory serves. 
RIP Billy ... and let's hope 2016 now lays off for a while.

Apr 26, 16 Billy Paul and Mrs. Jones Tim Warden
I'm sure you've all heard that sad news that we lost another brother from

While he may not have garnered the same kind of admiration for creative genius as
say, Prince, Sir Paul, John, et al, he did offer us a timeless interpretation of
that classic song... I'm sure the radio (or whatever media we will be listening to)
will still be playing it in another 20 and 30 years from now.

Will have to do a 360 degree spin tonight in his honor. Haven't played that vinyl
in years.

Requiescat in pace, Billy.
Apr 25, 16 RE2: R.I.P Prince K.A. Scott
Yup, unless something else shows up! 

We only have a handful of 1978 surveys from Prince's hometown of Minneapolis. 
You'd think he *may* have charted there before anywhere else ... but maybe not.  If
anyone's got June/July '78 R&B charts from the state of Minnesota, now would be the
time to dig 'em out and post 'em!
Apr 25, 16 RE: WFIL Survey of 12/19 1967 or 1966? K.A. Scott
I do believe you're correct, the change has been made.  Thanks for the
sharp eye!


- Kenn.
Apr 25, 16 WFIL Survey of 12/19 1967 or 1966? Joel Wagoner
Hello, I believe thaat the WFIL survey of 12/19/1967 should be dated 12/19/1966. 
Hope that all is well with everyone at ARSA.  Thanks, Joel
Apr 23, 16 RE2: R.I.P Prince Paul H.
I was so shocked and saddened to hear of Prince's death.  Being a fellow native
Minnesotan, I grew up with his music.  He's been heavily featured on the hundreds
of 1980s surveys that I've added to ARSA.  RIP to a true musical genius.
Apr 22, 16 RE: R.I.P Prince Geno Rice

Without knowing you wrote such a nice eulogy yesterday, I started adding some of my
R&B charts from 1978 and 1979 to pay tribute to this great artist. The WBMX of July
16, 1978 may now be the earliest appearance of his album "For You."

Apr 21, 16 WCBN Ann Arbor RE: WCBN ( Ann Arbor, Michigan ) Gary Pfeifer
 Christopher - The corrections have been made. Thank you for keeping ARSA as
accurate as possible!