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May 27, 16 CFRA Ottawa RE6: 1963-06-07 / CFRA ( Ottawa, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Makes sense to me...I just didn't want to unilaterally delete without a discussion!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to those in the US!
May 27, 16 CFRA Ottawa RE5: 1963-06-07 / CFRA ( Ottawa, Ontario ) Tim Warden
Thanks, Gino. Yes, Gary -- agreed. Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone.
May 27, 16 CFRA Ottawa RE4: 1963-06-07 / CFRA ( Ottawa, Ontario ) Geno Rice
I deleted the survey. After examining the line-up of the 1963 CFRA charts already
entered, many of the singles' LW positions didn't align. Plus, the day of the
survey was one day off. It's gone. Thanks for the catch, Kenn.

May 27, 16 CFRA Ottawa RE3: 1963-06-07 / CFRA ( Ottawa, Ontario ) Gary Pfeifer
 I've always avoided adding any charts that are not officially associated with a
particular radio station so I would be inclined not to include it.  Tim?
May 26, 16 CFRA Ottawa RE2: 1963-06-07 / CFRA ( Ottawa, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
As far as I can determine, the Canadian Music News chart (rather grandly named for a
local Ottawa area chart!) was independent of any radio station.  It would
sporadically go in and out of production, and eventually morph into the Swing Set
chart.  The Swing Set chart by 1966 *would* be adopted by CFRA as their official

Gary and/or Tim, any thoughts on what we should do with this orphan chart?    
May 26, 16 CFRA Ottawa RE: 1963-06-07 / CFRA ( Ottawa, Ontario ) Geno Rice
Hey Kenn,

I found the image in a facebook group called Lost Ottawa. Here's the caption: 

"David Sampson, ‎Lost Ottawa, July 22, 2015
Thought I'd dig up one of these Ottawa charts. Canadian Music News was the
predecessor to the Swing Set chart. Published by McKeen publishing." 

I guess I interpreted that to mean it was from CFRA. Now in looking closer at it,
it looks like a compilation. I think I should delete it.
May 25, 16 CFRA Ottawa 1963-06-07 / CFRA ( Ottawa, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  This is an interesting survey, and it's definitely from the Ottawa area, but
unless I'm missing something I don't see any connection to CFRA.  Maybe you've got
more info on this survey from another source?


  - Kenn.

May 23, 16 RE: Curly Putman, not Putnam Gary Pfeifer
  Took care of the Curly situation.  Thanks, Joel! 
May 22, 16 Curly Putman, not Putnam Joel Bernstein
The artist listed as Curly Putnam is also correctly listed as Curly Putman. The same
record - My Elusive Dreams - is listed under both names and splitting the chart
  This error happens in a lot of places because Putnam is a much more common name,
but he really is Putman (and a very successful songwriter, although not much as a
recording artist).
May 22, 16 RE: Incorrect titles K.A. Scott
Both are now fixed -- thanks, Joel!
May 22, 16 Incorrect titles Joel Bernstein
Prepping a country survey from 1967, I noticed two of the songs are in the database,
but with slightly off titles that would keep them from matching up.
   The Bonnie Guitar song in the database as You Can Steal is really You Can steal
   The Hank Snow song in the database as Down In The Pawn Shop is supposed to be
Down At The Pawn Shop.
   Both titles are confirmed in Whitburn.
May 21, 16 WJLB Detroit RE2: 1991-08-19 / WJLB ( Detroit, Michigan ) Geno Rice
Thanks guys. I was mistaken earlier. According to Ken Coleman's book about Detroit
radio, WJLB jumped to FM in the early 1980s.
May 21, 16 WJLB Detroit RE: 1991-08-19 / WJLB ( Detroit, Michigan ) Gary Pfeifer
 Geno - Moved this one to WJLB-FM.  I'm not sure if the ones from the late 70's
should be moved also.  If you know which ones belong to the FM station, please list
them and we'll get them moved.  Thanks!
May 21, 16 WJLB Detroit RE: 1991-08-19 / WJLB ( Detroit, Michigan ) K.A. Scott
I've moved this one over, Geno.  Not sure which others need to be moved -- if you
have any definite mismatches, please let me know.  Thanks!

May 21, 16 WJLB Detroit 1991-08-19 / WJLB ( Detroit, Michigan ) Geno Rice
Hi Gary & Kenn, 

Could you please move this survey into the WJLB FM station list? I think there are
several others that need to be relocated from WJLB AM. Thanks. 
May 19, 16 RE: Rock My Soul - Mr. Google Eyes Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks, Paul. Had a difficult time finding anything on that single. Will make the
May 19, 16 RE: Norma Jean K.A. Scott
Hi Joel...

  Thanks for the tip!  I've separated these two artists, and have added a whack of
of records by Norma Jean (the country artist) to the database.

May 19, 16 RE8: Lengthy Delays Lee Tucker

That was me (Lee Tucker) below.
May 19, 16 RE7: Lengthy Delays 0

Might be something to it or maybe it's just a combination of circumstances in my
case.  I am also still using Windows 7 and encountered the same Windows 10 install
packet you did & also deleted it.  Just prior to this, Gary was kind enough to
share his offline survey preparation format with me which I am now using; thus, I
am not on the site nearly as long as I previously was.  When I am on the site to
upload offline prepared surveys, I'm  not having nearly the issues I previously was
although it still has it's moments.  Either way, the site is currently more
user-friendly for me & hope it continues.  
May 19, 16 Rock My Soul - Mr. Google Eyes Paul H.
Gary, even though Joe August did record for Columbia, I show the record "Rock My
Soul" b/w "Cryin' For You" as being released in 1950 on Domino 350.  Also, the
artist on the actual record is just shown as Mr. Google Eyes.