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Mar 22, 17 RE3: Help for a new member Gary Pfeifer
 Hi Ken!  Welcome aboard and glad you are enjoying the website. Kenn has already
explained the sometimes delay in site admin response and we appreciate your
patience.  We'll send a reminder to Tim.  In the meanwhile, if you are just looking
to submit copies of surveys, you can send them to me at and we'll
get them prepared and entered, giving you credit for having supplied them.  If you
are looking to actually prepare and enter the surveys yourself, then you will need
to wait until admin gets you set up.  Thank you for your willingness to share some
of your surveys with us!  Much appreciated!
Mar 22, 17 RE2: Help for a new member Ken Schmidt
Thanks, appreciate the reply. The delay in the site admin responding is no problem,
I understand the situation. I have four surveys from Oklahoma City stations for
1967-69, three of them are WKY, the other is KOMA. These are the stations that
caused me to fall in love with 1960s music back when I was a teenager.

Mar 22, 17 RE: Help for a new member K.A. Scott
Hi Ken...

There's sometimes a delay as our site admin has a busy full-time consulting career
that demands his attention.  We'll send a reminder to him about your request -- in
the meantime, welcome aboard and feel free to post here on Chart Chat!  What
surveys do you have to add?


- Kenn. 
Mar 22, 17 Help for a new member Ken Schmidt
I am a new member and have a few surveys to add. I sent a message about 4 days ago
via the About page asking about the procedure. So far no reply. Do I just need to
wait longer or do something else? Thanks. This site is awesome by the way.

Ken Schmidt
Mar 13, 17 RE: Colombia Gary Pfeifer error.  Corrections have been made.  Thanks!
Mar 13, 17 Colombia frank merrill
In the "five most recently added songs" (which is a feature I don't even remember
noticing before...interesting) I note that the South American recordings as shown
on the HJKX survey, are listed as being from "Columbia."  Should be Colombia.
Mar 6, 17 RE: Proofreading Geno Rice
Hi Joel,

I really appreciate the proofreading you do for ARSA. Our goal is to be as accurate
as possible and even though it's a little bit embarrassing, I'm glad you catch the
mistakes I make.

Cheers! - Geno
Mar 6, 17 WBZ Boston RE: 1968-02-03 / WBZ ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Geno Rice
Thanks for the information, Paul. I added a note to the survey.
Mar 5, 17 WBZ Boston 1968-02-03 / WBZ ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Paul Oberlander
This was the last WBZ Hit Parade printed, before the station discontinued the Sunday
morning countdown that Dave Maynard had done for years.
Feb 28, 17 RE: WYNR 1969-01-19 Lee Tucker
Correction made - Thanks Joel.
Feb 28, 17 WYNR 1969-01-19 Joel Bernstein
This survey is really from WNYR. It got typoed.
Feb 24, 17 RE: Gary Pfeifer
 Made the correction.  Thanks for the catch, Joel!
Feb 24, 17 #11 on KGFJ survey of 2/24/1968 in error Joel Wagoner

I note that Otis Redding's "Dock of the Bay" is listed as both #11 and #13 on
KGFJ's survey of 2/24/1968.  The image of the survey shows "Lost" by Jerry Butler
as #11.

Considering the amount of manual data input involved in loading many of these
surveys, it's amazing that the data is as accurate as it is.

Joel W
Feb 20, 17 RE4: WQBR Ypsilanti MI Rob McLean
Thanks, guys!
Feb 19, 17 RADIO GUARDIAN Port-Of Spain 1966-01-03 / RADIO GUARDIAN ( Port-Of Spain, Trinidad ) Geno Rice
A great example of ARSA's ever-expanding catchment area. Very cool, Gary.
Feb 18, 17 CJSR Edmonton RE: My 10000th: 1983-02-17 / CJSR ( Edmonton, Alberta ) K.A. Scott
Thanks for the kind words, all!  I greatly appreciate your contributions, too --
every day there are always interesting new charts uploaded.  In particular, I'm
really enjoying the CKOC charts and assorted 80s surveys that Geno's been putting
up; Joel's and Lee's seemingly bottomless reserve of 60s charts; and surprises like
Gary's recent posting of charts from Sweden and Trinidad!

Here's to the next 10,000.....

Feb 18, 17 CJSR Edmonton RE2: My 10000th: 1983-02-17 / CJSR ( Edmonton, Alberta ) Geno Rice
Woo Hoo! Way to go. This is a great accomplishment. Congrats!!! 
Feb 18, 17 CJSR Edmonton RE: My 10000th: 1983-02-17 / CJSR ( Edmonton, Alberta ) Lee Tucker
Hi Kenn

Congratulations on reaching the 10,000 milestone.  I would also like to add my
thanks for all of your behind the scenes assistance & contributions as I know some
of the surveys I have uploaded have created a lot of work & research.  
Feb 17, 17 CJSR Edmonton RE: My 10000th: 1983-02-17 / CJSR ( Edmonton, Alberta ) Gary Pfeifer
 Congrats on #10,000, Kenn!  Thanks for all your assistance and contributions!
Feb 17, 17 CJSR Edmonton My 10000th: 1983-02-17 / CJSR ( Edmonton, Alberta ) K.A. Scott
Just a little personal milestone -- my 10,000th chart transcription.  

Of course, that's still about 4,000 behind Lee and 9,000 behind Gary!