WGF 833 AM

Week: 10/28/22
Format: Eclectic
Victor Records for Nov. 1 on Radio Tonight

The Register and Tribune radio station, WGF,
will broadcast tonight at 9:45 an hour's recital
of selected Victor records which will be released
for sale on Nov. 1.  This will be the first time
any of these records will have been heard by the public.
Following is the program:
1. Clyde Doerr Orchestra - I Wish I Knew (You Really Loved Me)
2. Paul Whiteman Orchestra - I Found A Four-Leaf Clover
3. Emilio De Gogorza - Waiting For Your Return
4. Olive Kline - Lilly Dale
5. All Star Trio - I'm Happy
6. Peerless Quartet - Away Down South
7. Ignace Jan Paderewski - The Maiden's Wish
8. Zez Confrey Orchestra - Zenda
9. Billy Murray & Aileen Stanley - All Over Nothing At All
10. "Black Face" Eddie Ross - Ross' Double Shuffle
11... (click here to view all chart data)

This article appeared in the Des Moines Register on Saturday, October 28, 1922.

All record numbers were verified by vintage Victor record catalog(s).

Contributed by: Paul David (Sunday, August 18, 2019)

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