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Week: 10/21/76
Format: Progressive
                WRNW 107.1 - BRIARCLIFF MANOR 
                      OCTOBER 21, 1976
1. Electric Light Orchestra - A New World Record
2. Sanford-Townsend Band - Sanford-Townsend Band
3. Stevie Wonder - Songs In The Key Of Life
4. Earth, Wind & Fire - Spirit
5. Prelude - Back Into The Light
6. Elton John - Blue Moves
7. Tom Waits - Small Change
8. Phoebe Snow - It Looks Like Snow
9. Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same
10. Boston - Boston
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 A New World Record  Electric Light Orchestra
 The Song Remains The Same  Led Zeppelin
 It Looks Like Snow  Phoebe Snow
 Small Change  Tom Waits
 Blue Moves  Elton John
 Back Into The Light  Prelude
 Spirit  Earth, Wind & Fire
 Songs In The Key Of Life  Stevie Wonder
 Sanford-Townsend Band

 This is a published album list compiled by WRNW jockey Bob Marrone.

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