CFNY 102.1 FM

Week: 01/12/85
Format: Alternative
1. Tapps - Runaway (With My Love)
2. The Cult - Ressurection Joe
3. Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok
4. Carrara - Shine On Dance
5. Scary Thieves - Tell Me Girl
6. Virgin Dance - Are You Ready (For That Feeling)
7. Parking Meters - Ambigu
8. Strawberry Switchblade - Sunday Morning
9. Mercy Mercy - It Must Be Heaven
10. Nick Heyward - Warning Sign
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NOTE:  Through 1988 or so, CFNY always had a devil-may-care attitude towards
charts, freely listing albums and singles together. 

For Ministry, note that they did not issue a self-titled album.  The release we
suspect this refers to is the single "All Day"/"Every Day (Is Hallowe'en)", a 
two-sided hit issued around this time.  

Contributed by: K.A. Scott (Saturday, January 12, 2019)

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