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Week: 04/18/70
Format: T40
                      WPEP  TAUNTON, MA
                      1570 ON YOUR DIAL 
                           TOP 15
                    WEEK OF APRIL 18, 1970       
   1. Let It Be  The Beatles                                      
   2. ABC  Jackson Five                                              
   3. Spirit In The Sky  Norman Greenbaum                    
   4. Love Grows  Edison Lighthouse                            
   5. American Women  Guess Who                                      
   6. Easy Come, Easy Go  Bobby Sherman                             
   7. Up The Ladder  The Supremes                                   
   8. House Of The Rising Sun  Frijid Pink                         
   9. Celebrate  Three Dog Night
  10. The Bells  The Originals                                     
  11. Long Lonesome Highway  Michael Parks                         
  12. Reflections Of My Life  The Marmalade                        
  13. Love Or Let Me Be Lonely  Friends Of Distinction             
  14. Woodstock  Crosby, Stills & Nash                             
  15. Tennessee Birdwalk  Blanchard & Morgan
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