Week: 04/13/82
Format: T40
1. Vangelis - Chariots Of Fire-Titles
6. Bertie Higgins - Key Largo
7. Paul McCartney And Stevie Wonder - Ebony And Ivory
8. Stevie Wonder - That Girl
9. Kenny Rogers - Through The Years
10. Olivia Newton-John - Make A Move On Me
11. Quincy Jones And James Ingram - One Hundred Ways
12. Paul Davis - 65 Love Affair
13. Deniece Williams - It's Gonna Take A Miracle
14. Rick Springfield - Don't Talk To Strangers
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NOTE:  Towards the end of their run as a top 40 station, WABC surveys
routinely omitted several numbers from their weekly hit countdowns.  These
numbers represented songs that were charting on the hit parade nationally
(or regionally) but were not being played by WABC.  At this time, WABC
played few if any "rock" songs, as they moved towards a more adult 
contemporary feel.  

On Monday, May 10, 1982, at 12 noon, WABC officially ended its twenty-two 
year run as a Top 40 station, adopting a talk format.

Contributed by: K.A. Scott (Sunday, April 10, 2016)