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Week: 10/08/72
Format: C&W
                       KVWO  CHEYENNE          
               1370 KH AM - 106.3 MH FM STEREO
                     OCTOBER 8  13, 1972          
   TW                                                             LW
    1. If You Leave Me Tonight, Ill Cry  Jerry Wallace           6
    2. Borrowed Angel  Mell Street                                2
    3. I Cant Stop Loving You  Conway Twitty                     1
    4. Missing  Jim Reeves                                        5
    5. Class Of 57  Statler Bros                                  4
    6. Ive Got A Womans Love  Marty Robbins                    20
    7. Claudette  Compton Bros                                    9
    8. Laurence Welk-Hee Haw Counter-Revolution  Roy Clark        7
    9. A Whole Lot Of Something  Tony Booth                       3
   10. City Of New Orleans  Arlo Guthrie                          8
   11. Dont She Look Good  Bill Anderson                        13
   12. Baby Dont Get Hooked On Me  Mac Davis                    12
   13. A Perfect Match  David Houston & Barbara Mandrell         16
   14. Garden Party  Rick Nelson                                 17
   15. I Think They Call It Love  Don Gibson & Sue Thompson      14
   16. Goodbye Again  John Denver                                21
   17. You Have Him  Jack Reno                                   23
   18. You Dont Mess Around With Jim  Bobby Bond                28
   19. Lonely Women Make Good Lovers  Bob Luman                  10
   20. It Meant Nothing To Me  Diana Trask                       11
   21. I Take It On Home  Charlie Rich                           25
   22. Lucious Grinder  Ray Sanders                              19
   23. Glow Worm  Hank Thompson                                  24
   24. Virginia  Jean Shepard                                    22
   25. The Last Time I Called Somebody Darling  Roy Drusky       29

       KVWOS PICK OF THE WEEK         
       Red Skies Over Georgia
       I Hear Your Name
       Hold On Maam (Youve Got A Honker)

       The Red Baron  Each morning at 6AM

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