Week: 10/01/79
Format: T40
1. Lobo - Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love
2. Earth, Wind & Fire - After The Love Has Gone
3. Dionne Warwick - I'll Never Love This Way Again
4. Maureen McGovern - Different Worlds
5. Michael Johnson - This Night Won't Last Forever
6. Herb Alpert - Rise
7. Chris Thompson & Night - If You Remember Me
8. Kenny Rogers - You Decorated My Life
9. Toby Beau - Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
10. Charlie Rich - Life Goes On
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Survey image courtesy radiowest.ca

NOTE: Several incorrect LW positions are printed on the actual survey;
they have been corrected in the above transcript. 

Contributed by: K.A. Scott (Thursday, October 1, 2015)

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