WHCN 105.9 FM

Week: 08/25/73
Format: Progressive
                  WHCN 105.9 - HARTFORD
                     AUGUST 25, 1973
1. Allman Brothers - Brothers And Sisters
2. Gene Parsons - Kindling
3. Shuggie Otis - Freedom Flight
4. Soundtrack - American Graffiti
5. Etta James - Etta James
6. The JSD Band - Travelling Days
7. Matthew Fisher - Journey's End
8. Chuck Berry - Bio
9. Peter Banks - Two Sides Of Peter Banks
10. Thunderclap Newman - Hollywood Dream
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 Brothers And Sisters  Allman Brothers
 Two Sides Of Peter Banks  Peter Banks
 Bio  Chuck Berry
 Journey's End  Matthew Fisher
 Travelling Days  The JSD Band
 Etta James  Etta James
 American Graffiti  Soundtrack
 Freedom Flight  Shuggie Otis
 Kindling  Gene Parsons
 Hollywood Dream  Thunderclap Newman
This is a published album list compiled by Paul Payton.

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