KRST 92.3 FM

Week: 10/24/79
Format: Progressive
                   KRST 92.3  ALBUQUERQUE 
                      OCTOBER 24, 1979
1. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Damn The Torpedoes
2. Horslips - Short Stories Tall Tales
3. Peter Green - In The Skies
4. Eagles - The Long Run
5. Styx - Cornerstone
6. Led Zeppelin - In Through The Out Door
7. Cheap Trick - Dream Police
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 Damn The Torpedoes  Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
 Short Stories Tall Tales  Horslips
 In The Skies  Peter Green
 The Long Run - Eagles
 Cornerstone  Styx
 In Through The Out Door  Led Zeppelin
 Dream Police  Cheap Trick

This is a published album list compiled by S. Cornish &
 J. Zalewski.

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