WFFX 101.3 FM

Week: 09/00/79
Format: AOR
                WFFX 101.3  GRAND RAPIDS
                     THE FOX TOP 20
                     SEPTEMBER 1979      
    1. Get The Knack  The Knack                                   
    2. Evolution  Journey                                         
    3. Nine Lives  R.E.O.                                         
    4. Candy-O  The Cars                                         
    5. Breakfast In America  Supertramp                          
    6. Live At Budokan  Cheap Trick                              
    7. First Under The Wire  Little River Band                   
    8. Discovery  ELO                                            
    9. Desolation Angels  Bad Company                            
   10. II  Van Halen                                             
   11. Monolith  Kansas                                          
   12. Strikes  Blackfoot                                        
   13. Children Of The Sun  B. Thorpe                            
   14. Go For What You Know  Pat Travers                         
   15. Turn Up Your Radio - Rockets                               
   16. Back To The Egg  Wings                                    
   17. Secrets  Robert Palmer                                    
   18. Highway To Hell  AC/DC                                    
   19. Low Budget  Kinks                                         
   20. Fight Dirty - Charlie                                      

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