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Week: 07/30/58
Format: T40
                    WWL 870 - NEW ORLEANS 
                          TOP TUNES
                        JULY 30, 1958
1. Domenico Modugno - Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu
2. Sophia Loren - Bing Bang Bong
3. Doris Day - Everybody Loves A Lover
4. Andy Russell - A Certain Smile
5. Nat King Cole - Come Closer To Me
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    1. Nel Blu Dipinto Bi Blu  Domenico Modugno
    2. Bing Bang Bong  Sophia Loren
    3. Everybody Loves A Lover  Doris Day 
    4. A Certain Smile  Andy Sussell   
    5. Come Closer To Me  Nat King Cole

This is a published Top 5 chart compiled by WWL DJ 
Sid Noel.
    Survey courtesy of Frank Merrill.

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