WNEW 102.7 FM

Week: 08/09/75
Format: Progressive
                   WNEW 102.7  NEW YORK 
                       AUGUST 9, 1975
1. Gary Wright - Dream Weaver
2. Bill Horwitz - Lies, Lies, Lies
3. Arthur Brown - Dance
4. The Troggs - The Troggs
5. John Hiatt - Overcoat
6. Brownsville Station - Motor City Connection
7. Mirabai - Mirabai
8. Fire Ballet - Night On Bald Mountain
9. Be Bop Deluxe - Futurama
10. Ralph McTell - Streets
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 Dream Weaver  Gary Wright
 Rising For The Moon  Fairport Convention
 More Miles Per Gallon  Buddy Miles
 Cunning Stunts  Caravan
 Destiny  Felix Cavalier
 Free Hand  Gentle Giant
 From Mighty Oaks  Ray Thomas
 Streets  Ralph McTell
 Futurama  Be Bop Deluxe
 Night On Bald Mountain  Fire Ballet
 Motor City Connection  Brownsville Station
 Overcoat  John Hiatt
 The Troggs
 Dance  Arthur Brown
 Lies, Lies, Lies  Bill Horwitz
 Taking It All In Stride  Tom Snow

Contributed by: Gary Pfeifer (Thursday, January 9, 2020)