KMYR 99.5 FM

Week: 06/21/75
Format: Progressive
                   KMYR 99.5  ALBUQUERQUE
                        JUNE 21, 1975
1. Camel - Snow Goose
2. Le Orme - Beyond Leng
3. John Renton - Half In And Half Out
4. Nucleus - Snakehips Etcetera
5. Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger
6. Michal Urbaniak - Fusion III
7. Robert Klein - New Teeth
8. Synergy - Electronic Realizations For Rock Orchestra
9. Pablo Cruise - Pablo Cruise
10. Earl Scruggs Revue - Anniversary Special Volume One
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 Snow Goose  Camel
 Metamorphosis  Rolling Stones
 Trouble In Paradise  Souther, Hiller, Furay Band
 One Of These Nights  Eagles
 Midnight On The Water  David Bromberg Band
 Anniversary Special Volume One  Earl Scruggs Revue
 Pablo Cruise
 Electronic Realizations For Rock Orchestra  Synergy
 New Teeth  Robert Klein
 Fusion III  Michal Urbaniak
 Red Headed Stranger  Willie Nelson
 Snakehips Etcetera - Nucleus
 Half In And Half Out  John Renton
 Beyond Leng  Le Orme
 Drum Ode  Dave Liebman

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