KMYR 99.5 FM

Week: 06/07/75
Format: Progressive
                   KMYR 99.5  ALBUQUERQUE
                        JUNE 7, 1975
1. Triumvirat - Spartacus
2. Silver Creek - Silver Creek
3. Freddie Hubbard - Polar Ac
4. Michal Urbaniak - Fusion III
5. Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Tomorrow Belongs To Me
6. Love Craft - We Love You Whoever You Are
7. Camel - Snow Goose
8. Earl Scruggs Revue - Anniversary Special Volume One
9. Beau Brummels - Beau Brummels
10. Martin Mull - Days Of Wine And Neuroses
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 Spartacus  Triumvirat
 Two Lane Highway  Pure Prairie League
 Captain Fantastic  Elton John
 No More Changes  Nicky Hopkins
 Spirit Of 76  Spirit
 Welcome To Riddle Bridge  Brewer & Shipley
 Tale Spinnin  Weather Report
 Midnight On The Water  David Bromberg Band
 Days Of Wine And Neuroses  Martin Mull
 Beau Brummels
 Anniversary Special Volume One  Earl Scruggs Revue
 Snow Goose  Camel
 We Love You Whoever You Are  Love Craft
 Tomorrow Belongs To Me  Sensational Alex Harvey Band
 Fusion III  Michal Urbaniak
 Polar Ac  Freddie Hubbard 
 Silver Creek
 Drum Ode  Dave Liebman

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