WHHM 1340 AM


Week: 1954-01-09
Format: C&W
DJ: Sleepy Eyed John
1. Andy Griffith - What It Was, Was Football
3. Onie Wheeler - Run 'Em Off
4. Eddy Arnold - I'll Never Get Over You
5. Eddy Arnold - I Really Don't Want To Know
6. Arlie Duff - You All Come
7. Pee Wee King - Changing Partners
8. Pee Wee King - Bimbo
9. Rusty Keefer and The Hillsiders with Merv Shiner - I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
10. Jan August - Cow Cow Blues
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On the original printed chart, "Deacon" Andy Griffith's track "What It Was,
Was Football" is listed in two parts (Parts I & II) at chart positions 1 and 2.

Contributed by: K.A. Scott (Saturday, 2021-01-09)