WMC 99.7 FM


Week: 1973-01-27
Format: Progressive
               WMC 99.7  MEMPHIS
                JANUARY 27, 1973
1. Al Anderson - Al Anderson
2. Jim Croce - Life And Times
3. Soundtrack (Movie) - Deliverance
4. Hawkwind - Doremi Fasol Latido
5. Polyphony - Without Introduction
6. Vinegar Joe - Rock 'N Roll Gypsies
7. Warlock - Warlock
8. Various Artists - Wattstax: The Living Word
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 Al Anderson  Al Anderson
 Life And Times  Jim Croce
 Deliverance  Soundtrack
 Doremi Fasol Latido  Hawkwind
 Without Introduction  Polyphony
 Rock N Roll Gypsies  Vinegar Joe
 Warlock  Warlock
 Wattstax  Various

This is a published album list compiled by Ron Michaels.

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