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Week: 1983-04-11
Format: Rock
                   WIMZ 103.5  KNOXVILLE   
                          ROCK 104   
                    WIMZ TOP 20 ALBUMS
                       APRIL 11, 1983       
    1. Thriller  Michael Jackson                                  
    2. 1999  Prince                                               
    3. The Final Cut  Pink Floyd                                 
    4. Pyromania  Def Leppard                                    
    5. Blinded By Science  Thomas Dolby                          
    6. Frontiers  Journey                                        
    7. Eliminator  Z Z Top                                       
    8. Rio  Duran Duran                                          
   10. Cuts Like A Knife  Bryan Adams                            
   11. Kilroy Was Here  Styx                                     
   12. Not Guts. No Glory  Molly Hatchet                         
   13. Outside Inside  The Tubes                                 
   14. Kihnspiracy  Greg Kihn Band                               
   15. Naked Eyes  Naked Eyes                                    
   16. I Eat Cannibals  Total Coelo                              
   17. Billy Idol  Billy Idol                                    
   18. Pleasure Victim  Berlin                                   
   19. Arcade  Patrick Simmons                                   
   20. After The Snow  Modern English                            

       David Bowie
       Jim Capaldi
       Gary Moore

NOTES: There is no #9 album listed on the survey.

    The song titles and artists shown above are presented exactly
    as they are shown on the printed survey.  Any typos, spelling 
    errors and/or other anomalies are as they appear on the printed 

Contributed by: Gary Pfeifer (Wednesday, 2018-06-20)

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