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Week: 1972-01-12
Format: T40

January 12, 1972
1. Don McLean - American Pie - Part I
2. Climax - Precious And Few
3. Beverly Bremers - Don't Say You Don't Remember
4. Melanie - Brand New Key
5. Badfinger - Day After Day
6. The New Seekers - I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)
7. Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
8. The Partridge Family (Starring Shirley Jones; Featuring David Cassidy) - It's One Of Those Nights (Yes Love)
9. Jonathan Edwards - Sunshine
10. Al Green - Let's Stay Together
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Survey notes: Survey missing; recreated from 1/19.
Songs at the missing chart position numbers are unknown.
Hitbounds: (unknown)
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Cover: (unknown)

Song notes cont:
4. If she’d written this when she was 15, ok.I mean this is
Melanie Safka. But compare “Candles in the Rain” -> “Lay Down”.
Maybe it is a euphemism for sex. My theory is that the key is
for a car. (1) You buy a new set of skates, the key is included.
(2) “Don’t drive no car…”; “… who don’t drive…” [a car?]
6. Presbyterian gathering. The only 2 songs that everybody knew were:
(1) Amazing Grace” and (2) I’d Like to Teach the World…”
34. Rolling Stone article by Rian Malan.

Contributed by: Doug Dean (Saturday, 2022-11-05)