92 KWFM Tucson A tribute site to Tucson's first rock station. KWFM rocked Tucson through the 70s and into the 80s. Lots of airchecks and goodies here.
440: Satisfaction 440:Satisfaction is a web site for seasoned professionals and geeks like me that wished we had extended our stay in radio beyond our college days.
ReelRadio ReelRadio — Lots of goodies, many quick scopes from the past you can listen to online. Absolutely worth a look, a listen, a bookmark!
Broadcast-Airchex Discussion of broadcast airchecks and radio memories. Gary Pfeifer & several others have contributed hundreds of playlists in text form here.
Old Radio The Broadcast Archive is an excellent site dedicated to the history of broadcasting, maintained by Barry Mishkind, "The Eclectic Engineer" of Tucson, Arizona (my hometown!). If you're from Tucson (heck, even if you're not), his "history" pages are a must read.