02/01/81 — KCCN 1420 AM ( Honolulu, Hawaii )
                   KCCN 1420 – HONOLULU      
                      HAWAIIAN RADIO 
                   FEBRUARY  1 - 15, 1981   


1 The Brothers CazimeroHawaii, In The Middle Of The Sea
2 The Peter Moon GroupMalie
3 Keola And Kapono BeamerHonolulu City Lights
4 Gabby PahinuiThe Best Of Gabby
5 Palani VaughanLa'Oe E Ka La Volume IV
6 Andy BumataiAll In The Ohana
7 The Brothers CazimeroWaikiki, My Castle By The Sea
8 Country ComfortThe Best Of Country Comfort
9 The Brothers CazimeroHo'ala
10 Leon And MaliaMokulanaTIE
10 Moe KealeSouth Sea Island MagicTIE
 The Beamer BrothersIsland Night
 The Fabulous KrushThe Fabulous Krush
 Melveen LeedMelveen With The Best Of Slack Key
 Sons Of HawaiiGrassroots Music

    1. Hawaii, In The Middle Of The Sea – The Brothers Cazimero
    2. Malie – The Peter Moon Group
    3. Honolulu City Lights – Keola And Kapono Beamer    
    4. The Best Of Gabby - Gabby Pahinui 
    5. Ia Oe E Ka La, Vol. Iv – Palani Vaughan
    6. All In The Ohana – Andy Bumatai
    7. Waikiki, My Castle By The Sea – The Brothers Cazimero  
    8. The Best Of Country Comfort – Country Comfort
    9. Ho’ala - The Brothers Cazimero 
TIE10. Mokulana – Leon And Malia
   10. South Sea Island Magic – Moe Keale

       Island Night – The Beamer Brothers
       The Fabulous Krush – The Fabulous Krush
       Melveen With The Best Of Slack Key – Melveen Leed
       Grass Roots Music – Sons Of Hawaii

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