1972-01-12 — WMAK 1300 AM ( Nashville, Tennessee )


January 12, 1972

11 Don McLeanAmerican Pie - Part I8
25 ClimaxPrecious And Few7Lead singer: Sonny Geraci, formerly of The Outsiders
33 Beverly BremersDon't Say You Don't Remember7
42 MelanieBrand New Key9There has to be more to this song than the obvious. (cont in Goodies)
57 BadfingerDay After Day6
64 The New SeekersI'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)7My late friend Pat McGeachy attended an international (cont in Goodies)
714 Betty WrightClean Up Woman6
812 The Partridge Family (Starring Shirley Jones; Featuring David Cassidy)It's One Of Those Nights (Yes Love)5
96 Jonathan EdwardsSunshine9
1023 Al GreenLet's Stay Together5
1111 The StylisticsYou Are Everything9
129 Donnie ElbertWhere Did Our Love Go8Holland-Dozier-Holland song originally recorded by the Supremes
1313 Rare EarthHey Big Brother8
1421 ThinkOnce You Understand4
1517 The Honey ConeOne Monkey Don't Stop No Show Part I5
168 Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar BandScorpio10
1730 Carly SimonAnticipation3Aka “The Ketchup Song”
1926 Charley PrideKiss An Angel Good Mornin'4
2020 Joe SimonDrowning In The Sea Of Love6
2134 NilssonWithout You3
2425 RedboneThe Witch Queen Of New Orleans5
2533 Apollo 100Joy3
2629 The Jackson 5Sugar Daddy3
2732 FacesStay With Me3
30HB CarpentersHurting Each Other1
3135 The 5th DimensionTogether Let's Find Love2
3237 Scott EnglishBrandy2English wrote this song, renamed “Mandy” when popularized by Barry Manilow, so as not to confuse it with the Looking Glass song
3336 The Addrisi BrothersWe've Got To Get It On Again2They wrote a few songs for the Association.
3440 Robert JohnThe Lion Sleeps Tonight2Solomon Linda’s family FINALLY received some of the royalties due him 38 years AFTER he died. And then only because of a (cont i
3538 Three Dog NightNever Been To Spain2Another Hoyt Axton song from 3DN
3639 Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsDaisy Mae2
37HB The OsmondsHe's The Light Of The World1Flip side of “Down by the Lazy River”; not “Brothers” since ‘70
38-- Carole KingSweet Seasons1
39HB Trade MartinI Can't Do It For You1
40-- The CongregationSoftly Whispering I Love You1In the US, billed as English Congregation. (Now) local boy Mike Curb Congregation recorded & released this later in the year

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Song notes cont:
4. If she’d written this when she was 15, ok.I mean this is
Melanie Safka. But compare “Candles in the Rain” -> “Lay Down”.
Maybe it is a euphemism for sex. My theory is that the key is
for a car. (1) You buy a new set of skates, the key is included.
(2) “Don’t drive no car…”; “… who don’t drive…” [a car?]
6. Presbyterian gathering. The only 2 songs that everybody knew were:
(1) Amazing Grace” and (2) I’d Like to Teach the World…”
34. Rolling Stone article by Rian Malan.