09/03/59 — 3DB 1030 AM ( Melbourne, Victoria )
                    3DB 1030  MELBOURNE
                     3DB-NATIONAL TOP 40
13 Stonewall JacksonWaterloo
21 Paul AnkaLonely Boy
35 Conway TwittyMona Lisa
42 Johnny HortonThe Battle Of New Orleans
54 The ImpalasSorry (I Ran All The Way Home)
68 Johnny O'KeefeWhy Do They Doubt Our Love
79 Carl Dobkins JrMy Heart Is An Open Book
811 Elvis PresleyA Big Hunk O' Love
910 Pat BooneTwixt Twelve And Twenty
1019 Lloyd PriceI'm Gonna Get Married
117 Lloyd PricePersonality
126 Connie FrancisLipstick On Your Collar
1318 FabianTiger
1417 Duane EddyForty Miles Of Bad Road
1512 Johnny O'KeefeYou Excite Me
1628 Ricky NelsonJust A Little Too Much
1715 David Seville And The ChipmunksRagtime Cowboy Joe
1816 Tommy DeeThree Stars
1925 Buddy KnoxI Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself
2013 Steve Lawrence(I Don't Care) Only Love Me
2114 Kalin TwinsSweet Sugar Lips
2224 The Micky Mozart QuintetLittle Dipper
2322 Johnny DevlinDoreen
2421 Col JoyeBye Bye Baby
2520 Bobby DarinDream Lover
2631 Frankie AvalonBobby Sox To Stockings
2730 Dig Richard And The R JaysI Wanna Love You
2826 Dave Baby CortezThe Happy Organ
2923 The DustersCoolation
30-- The BrownsThe Three Bells
31-- Col Joye(Rockin' Rollin') Clementine
3232 Tommy ColeDate Night
33-- Frank IfieldTrue
3437 Jimmy LittleDanny Boy
3538 The VirtuesGuitar Boogie Shuffle
36-- Sarah VaughanBroken-Hearted Melody
37-- Jacky NoguezCiao Ciao Bambina
3840 Chico HolidayYoung Ideas
3934 Perry ComoI Know
4033 Martin DennyQuiet Village
PH Johnnie RayYou're All That I Live For
PH The Ames BrothersA Very Precious Love

NOTE: With the exception of the Predictions, the survey does not list 
artists. The artists shown above are a best-guess by Australian survey
collector, Ray Sinclair, based on his knowledge and research of the 
Australian radio charts of the artists who released these singles at 
the time of this survey.  Several of the songs listed may have been 
recorded by multiple artists which was a common practice at the time
of this survey. 

Survey courtesy of Ray Sinclair