10/04/74 — Springbok Radio — FM ( Johannesburg, Transvaal )

1418 Andy KimRock Me Gently
1515 BadfingerApple Of My Eye
86 Dennis EastA Rose Has To Die
1311 George Baker SelectionOver And Over
34 George McCraeRock Your Baby
1616 Gerry GraysonDon't Break This Heart
2019 Glenys LynneMy Hart Het 'N Kleine Venster
913 Hues CorporationRock The Boat
1820 John DenverAnnie's Song
11 Kris KristoffersonWhy Me
1717 Leo SayerOne Man Band
57 Olivia Newton-JohnIf You Love Me (Let Me Know)
45 Paper LaceThe Night Chicago Died
22 The ArrowsTouch Too Much
108 The RubettesSugar Baby Love
19-- The Three DegreesWhen Will I See You Again
129 Tommy OliverJust An Ever Lovin' Woman
712 WalkersJack O' Diamond
63 WingsLet Me Roll It
1110 WingsBand On The Run