03/14/58 — CJBC 860 AM ( Toronto, Ontario )

4 Vic DamoneGigi
6 Vanda KingRandy
2 The ChordettesLollipop
8 Steve LawrenceUh Huh, Oh Yeah
1 Stan KentonTequila
9 John ZacherleDinner With Drac
5 Jerry Lee LewisBreathless
7 Don GibsonOh, Lonesome Me
3 Connie FrancisWho's Sorry Now
10 Betty JohnsonThe Little Blue Man

On Fridays in 1957 and early 1958, the Toronto Telegram printed a weekly, 
DJ-picked, Top Ten list from CJBC, with the DJ changing each week.  

The list is from this source, and does not represent overall programming 
on CJBC.